Birth Chart Rectification

If you do not know what time you were born, it can be worked out by a process called rectification.  Rectification is a process where an astrologer can determine the time of birth of a person by taking five to ten major events in the person's life, preferably each several years apart and examining how these events would have appeared in relationship to the natal chart of the person. In this way we work backwards to find an accurate natal chart.

The kinds of major life events include: Birth of a younger sibling, Major family moves, Major illnesses, Surgery, Accidents, Graduation, Marriage, Birth of your own children, Divorce, Change of career; start of a new job or promotion or the date you were fired from a job, Death of a family member, Any other dates which are important to you for whatever reason. For birth chart rectification the day, month, year and location of each event is also important. 

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