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The Natal Birth Chart for: Diamanda Galas

Diamanda Galas was born on August the 29th, 1955, in San Diego, California, U.S.A.

Diamanda Galas , is an American soprano sfogato, composer, pianist, organist, performance artist, and painter. She has received international recognition for creating highly original and thought provoking political performance works. She has been described as "capable of the most unnerving vocal terror". Her works largely concentrate on the topics of AIDS, mental illness, despair, injustice, condemnation, and loss of dignity. She has worked with many avant-garde composers, including Iannis Xenakis, Vinko Globokar and John Zorn, and also collaborated with jazz musician Bobby Bradford, and John Paul Jones, former bassist of Led Zeppelin.

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The Birth Chart of Diamanda Galas born August 29th 1955 San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Diamanda Galas's Natal Chart is made up of all the Planets, the Sun, the Moon, the Rising Sign and the Midheaven. The placements of these components are recorded on the Wheel of 12 Houses. The Rising Sign or Ascendant is the constellation that was on the Eastern horizon at the time of Diamanda's birth and determines the beginning of the first house. The other 11 houses are placed anticlockwise around the wheel. Each planet has a relationship to the other heavenly bodies in Diamanda's natal chart.
These relationships are measured in angles and degrees and are termed ASPECTS. Symbols are used to denote the relationship. Each planet and sign is said to 'Rule' a particular house.