The Astrology of Volcanoes

Volcanoes generally follow Solar eclipses, in a similar way to earthquakes, and they are also usually associated with T-Square formations between the Sun, Mars, and/or Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune.

The interaction between these planets and the Earth causes the earths crust to rupture, allowing lava or ash to escape.

When planetary transits cause a malefic alignment between themselves and the natal chart of a country, the effect can be felt geographically.

When the planets in a country's natal chart occupy certain sensitive degrees, transiting planets can cause disasters when they move into those degree positions.

By examining the natal chart of a country, an astrologer can begin to predict when and where an volcano will occur, and the more data is collected about previous volcanoes, the more accurately they can predict future volcanoes.

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24 Aug 0079 Vesuvius, Italy
27 Oct 1660 Quito, Ecuador
12 Aug 1749 Mt Taal, Phili'
15 May 1754 Mt Taal, Phili'
19 Jul 1865 Mt. Etna, Italy
27 Aug 1883 Krakatoa, Indo'
8 May 1902 Mt Pelee, Mart'
1 Jun 1912 Katmai, Alaska





6 May 1938 Telica, Nicarag'
21 Jan 1951 Mt Lamington.
23 Jan 1973 Heimaey, Icelan'
26 Apr 1973 Kilauea, Hawaii
18 May 1980 Mt St Helens.
15 Jul 1991 Mt Pinatubo, Phi'
23 Dec 2002 Lokon, Indonesia
7 Mar 2003 Canlaon, Phillipines




8 Mar 2003 Mt. Etna, Italy
10 May 2003 Anatahan Isl, Pac'
23 May 2003 Villarrica, Chile
10 Jul 2003 Aso, Japan
29 Aug 2003 Chillan, Chile
12 Sep 2003 Lokon, Indonesia
22 Sep 2003 Masaya, Nicaragua
26 Oct 2003 Manam, Pap New G'





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