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World Famous Events

20th Century Chart

Abortion Pill is Licensed in US
Alamo - Mexico Attacks Texas
Antitrust Act - Sherman
Antitrust Hearing M&A

Bank Failure NY-1873
Baseball on TV

Cable Act 1992
Cablephone RFP
Cellular Trading
Challenger Shuttle Explodes

Defence - Israel/McDonnell

EEC Established
EEC #2

FCC - Reed Hundt
FCC IXC Access Open 8/93

Gatt Agreement Signed
German PTT Private Allowed
German Telco Competition
Germany + France Franc
Germany Landen Bank

Harvard College
HBO Starts Programming
HLT Guidelines

International Islamic Front Fatwa
IMF Established (fixed)
Income Taxes Authorized
Income Taxes Ratified

Market Crash 1907
Market Crash 1929
Market Crash - Gold Corner

NAFTA - Washington DC
NAFTA Vote Yes

Oil Spill - 1989


Reagan Inaug
Reagan - Tax Cuts

S. Africa, 1st Race Election
Satellite - 1st Commercial
Satellite - 1st Geostationary

Telecom Bill Comm OK
Telecom Bills Dingell etc
Telegraph - First message

UK Suspends Gold Standard
USA Congress Articles

VPN - NYN initial Waiver

Water Quality Act
World Trade Centre Attack
WW2 Ends - Cease Fire

21st Century Chart

Arab-Israel War
Asia Pacific/US Summit
Assassination, JFK

Bay Bridge completed

Chernobyl Nuclear Accident
Chicago Fire
China - Open Door
Clayton Antitrust Act

Einstein Relativity Test
EMS Starts

FCC to Review Pioneer
FCC to Review PP

Germany - Unification
Germany - Wall down
Gold - UK Standard
Gold discovered CA
Gold Standard return 1900

Hong Kong 1st Elections
Hoover Dam Begun

Intel beats AMD in suit
International Telco Discount Svc
Iraq Invades Kuwait

Marshall Plan
Mexico - US Declares War

Natural Products Net
New York Ceded to UK
New York - Dutch Purchase

Oil Well - 1st, 1859

PCS - FCC Rules

Roe - Wade Decision

Saudi - Boeing order
Silver Demonetized
Singapore - Independence

Telephone - First
Telephone - First Call
Three Mile Island

USA Constitution

WW2 Ends - Surrender

AT&T Divestiture
ATM Trend - TWX starts
Atomic Bomb - First

Brazil - New Currency

Clean Air Act
Clinton - 1st Inauguration

ERM Currency
European Devaluation

FDA Passed
Freedom Tower Begins

Gold Standard dropped by FDR
Golden Gate Bridge
Gulf War
Gulf War Starts

Hoover Dam Completed
Hussein - Iraq Presidency

Israel Invades Egypt
Israel PLO Pact
Italy elects Berlusconi

Moon - 1st Man on
Motion Picture - 1st
MTV - 1st Airing

News Corp - 1st NFL
NY Stock Exchange - alt

OPEC formed

Pearl Harbour 1941

Russia - IMF Associate

Sputnik Launch
Statue of Liberty
Suez Canal Seized

Tokyo - Bank of Japan
Treaty of Versaille
TV - First broadcast

US Dollar - Gold Standard

WW2 - Japan Surrenders

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