Vesta Transits

Transiting Vesta


Transiting Vesta conjunct Natal Sun

You may project your enthusiasm on work and career goals at this time. You could feel an eagerness to reach top performance in working toward any personal goals or business assignments that you are dedicated to carrying out. If you are gainfully employed, you can effectively sharpen your intellectual skills, as well as bring out your inner creativity in all of your work endeavors and tasks. In your domestic life, the spotlight is on promoting your own self-interests, amusements and pleasures. However, the hard work and commitment you are applying toward your job requirements may take precedence over any leisure activities you would enjoy with your mate or family at the moment.

Transiting Vesta opposite Natal Sun

You may feel like rolling up your sleeves and getting some important work accomplished now. In your determination to achieve recognition and self-importance, it is essential that you are not indifferent to the needs and desires of others. If you concentrate wholeheartedly on your own purposes, you may succeed in attaining your goals, but at the expense of alienating yourself from close relationships. Family members and loved ones may feel that you have substituted work or other commitments for times of fun, play and entertainment with them. Disagreements can arise if you try to cover up or make excuses for your behavior. You may seem so intent on your personal fulfillment that you attract difficulties with co-workers, superiors and authority figures who challenge your work ethics or principles.

Transiting Vesta square Natal Sun

You may experience frustration or confusion in carrying out the duties and obligations of your work requirements. Although you persevere through the daily grind, you find it difficult to direct and focus your energies to effectively achieve your goals and objectives. In order to make progress, you will have to tap into your inner strength and fortitude to bring you through this period. On another level, you may become almost fanatical in your attempts to single-handedly accomplish projects and fulfill your own self interests, causing you to distance or separate yourself from intimate relationships.

Transiting Vesta trine Natal Sun

You may strive for personal excellence in your vocational or career endeavors. You can make considerable progress in your work now, as you will be able to accomplish important tasks that require concentration and dedication. You sense a purpose and meaning behind your achievements, and may want to put your best efforts forth to gain the recognition and respect you require now. Although you might want to take all the credit for yourself, you can still effectively join with others now to tackle the duties and chores of your job. A male co-worker or superior may provide you with beneficial help or cooperation, or you may be rewarded for your enthusiastic approach. On a personal level, you may be feeling warmhearted and devoted toward your loved ones and family members. Be sure to set aside some time now to demonstrate your concern and care for them.

Transiting Vesta sextile Natal Sun

During this period, there may be several opportunities to make great strides in personal or professional endeavors. Luckily, your vitality and commitment to your goals are at a high point, and you should take advantage of directing these energies toward accomplishing your objectives. The men in your life, superiors, or authority figures may be of benefit to you in certain ways, mostly by providing you with further encouragement and support for your efforts. Your ability to “outshine” other individuals in your work environment may become noticeable because you are completely focused on reaching top performance in in your career.

Transiting Vesta quincunx Natal Sun

There may be several adjustments or choices to make with regard to your career or personal goals. For example, if you have been overzealous in your plans to achieve your professional goals and have allowed this dedication to overshadow your personal life, then you will need to alter your behavior to give more attention to your close relationships and other meaningful areas of your life. Whether or not work is your primary goal in life, you may find you have alienated the important individuals in your life because of the belief that your own sense of purpose is all that matters. You might have to sacrifice some of your own self-interest in order to achieve balance in your intimate relationships.

Transiting Vesta conjunct Natal Moon

Work ambitions may be put aside while you turn inward to focus on personal issues at this time. This is a favorable time to prove your devotion and commitment to your loved ones and also to put your own emotional needs into perspective. Relations with the women in your life can help you to bring out your sensitivity and sympathetic responses to others, and you appreciate their warmth and assurance. You may reflect on matters of the past and feel an urgency to dedicate yourself to working on resolving these issues. This is a good time to apply your efforts to maintaining secure and healthy emotional attachments with others.

Transiting Vesta opposite Natal Moon

Personal or emotional issues in your relationships may arise. You may experience a need to detach yourself from the situation to allow for soul-searching and introspection. You may even choose to devote yourself to your work or other personal endeavors rather than deal with the emotional ramifications of the problems in your private life. Domestic responsibilities can make you feel limited, and you find excuses to be away from home or dig into your work in order to meet your emotional security needs. It may be difficult to avoid confrontations with the women in your life, especially if you have been placing your loyalties and enthusiasm elsewhere. Allow yourself to be more receptive and sensitive to the emotional needs and desires of your loved ones and try to appropriately channel your inner motivation.

Transiting Vesta square Natal Moon

You may attract difficulties with other people, especially women, either in your domestic life or in the workplace. Since your instinctual responses might not be as sharp as usual, you may unwittingly involve yourself in tense emotional exchanges, and then withdraw from the battle with coolness and indifference. The underlying cause of your reactions may be that your emotions seem out of reach and you are unable to bring out your inner sensitivity and awareness. Before dedicating yourself to a specific task or purpose at work or at home, be very careful to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, especially if you have turned away their help or involvement. The people who depend or rely upon you may need further reassurances of your loyalty and commitment toward them.

Transiting Vesta trine Natal Moon

Much of your emotional fulfillment comes from work or career achievements at this time. You may have an increased awareness of your inner motivations and can commit yourself to accomplishing any personal projects or aims that you set your sights on. You put your heart and effort into all you undertake and find purpose and meaning in your assignments. Women can be very helpful to you now, and you find comfort in knowing they approve and support your intentions. In a personal relationship, you might feel more dedicated and devoted to your partner. You can easily focus on your mate’s emotional needs and desires and are happily obliged to set aside time for domestic relations.

Transiting Vesta sextile Natal Moon

You might become emotionally attached to a certain cause or goal which you feel obligated to carry out. Whether this project is work-related or a personal objective, you will most likely encounter help and cooperation from other individuals, especially women at this time. Your instincts are sharp, and you can zero in on a target or direction that provides you with insight into accomplishing a cherished goal. In personal relationships, you may feel deeply committed to strengthening the emotional involvement with your mate and take your responsibilities and loyalty much more seriously.

Transiting Vesta quincunx Natal Moon

Loved ones may demand more attention from you now. You may need to divide your loyalties between your work responsibilities and your personal life more equally at this time. Your mate or family members may feel that your work has replaced your affection for them and believe you are emotionally indifferent to their needs. You need to devote more time to your domestic or intimate attachments while still maintaining your dedication to a good job performance. Past difficulties in your work or a close relationship may come to the surface and demand your attention. This is a good time to work on getting in touch with your inner feelings and to contemplate making changes to improve emotional connections with the people you care about.

Transiting Vesta conjunct Natal Mercury

Your knowledge can help you attain job perfection at this time. You should use this period to build upon your technical or mental skills in your work routine, as your ability to concentrate and key in on your objectives is very concrete. You feel a need to express your dedication and commitment to your work endeavors or to your own personal goals and desires. You can plan your projects in an orderly, logical manner and focus your attention on the smallest of details. You are eager to communicate your ideas and opinions to the individuals that you work with. This can be quite a busy and fruitful period with meetings, phone calls and much on the agenda. Important news or information about your career directives or personal projects may come to you at this time.

Transiting Vesta opposite Natal Mercury

You may need to work extra hard to outline the ideas, plans and goals you have formulated in your mind. Carrying out your commitments and obligations in both your career and personal life requires deep thought on your part and the ability to process the information you receive from other individuals. Unfortunately, this is a time when miscommunication is likely if you overlook important details and make decisions before you have all the facts and have a chance to think them through. You might get upset at yourself for the smallest mistake and put yourself under pressure with self-imposed deadlines. Try not to overcommit yourself to accomplishing a great deal, and instead, wait for a time when your thoughts are more concentrated on your objectives.

Transiting Vesta square Natal Mercury

You may feel irritated by interruptions and disorder in your work environment. You have a tendency to be in a hurry, racing against the clock to finish your projects and assignments. Arguments may occur at work or in your personal life because you get very impatient with anything that takes too long or with slow-moving people. While in the process of working on something that you feel committed to, you must pay close attention to information you receive from other persons, especially if it requires thorough mental planning, as you are prone to miss important facts and data at this time. You might leap into a project in which you are only interested in the final results and neglect the necessary phases of its proper development.

Transiting Vesta trine Natal Mercury

You tend to put more thought, time and energy into your work endeavors or in personal projects which are of importance to you at this time. It is vital that you see the concrete results of what you do and take on the responsibility of your obligations with dedication and single-minded determination. If you take advantage of the opportunities this time period can afford, a great deal of work can be successfully achieved, especially if your job requires mental concentration, precise research or problem-solving.

Transiting Vesta sextile Natal Mercury

Your work and responsibilities may engage much of your attention at this time. Keeping up-to-date on business correspondence, filing, and telephone communications is favored now. Your mind is centered on productivity and devoting yourself to doing the best job possible. You should take advantage of this opportunity to improve upon your writing and comprehension skills, as this time period may allow you to quickly process information and effectively broadcast your thoughts and ideas.

Transiting Vesta quincunx Natal Mercury

Confrontations, misunderstandings or a minor crisis in your work surroundings may arise at this time, causing you to feel anxious and mentally edgy. You are most apt to repress your thoughts or break off communications with individuals who attempt to change or interfere with your work and daily activities. Business correspondence and telephone conversations need to be carefully handled and monitored, as important facts or information can be omitted. If you feel an urgent need to make an important decision or choice regarding your work, it is best to hold off until your thoughts are organized and properly focused on your ambitions.

Transiting Vesta conjunct Natal Venus

You may strive to keep peaceful and friendly relations in your work environment, even if it requires sacrifice or compromise on your part. Since you feel more devoted to proving your self-worth to your supervisor or peers, you may be looked upon as a dependable and trustworthy employee. Material security is also important to you and a good deal of your attention may be focused on increasing your earning capacity or improving your financial earnings in your line of business. You can also demonstrate great skill in your creative endeavors, especially if your vocation is in the artistic or musical field. If there are conflicts with an important love interest or marriage partner, you might sacrifice work interests and resign yourself to dedicating your energy and effort into accommodating the needs of the relationship.

Transiting Vesta opposite Natal Venus

Discord and tension can occur in your personal life if work and career involvements take up too much of your attention. Your mate or a loved one might feel that you have placed too high a value on your work and have ignored their needs for intimacy and togetherness. Arguments may arise if you withdraw from social occasions, using your job or work duties as an excuse not to attend. You will have to work extra hard to patch up any problems or difficulties in the relationship. You must make an effort to take care of your share of the responsibilities and obligations of your partnership. On the other hand, this period can cause tension and instability in your financial world. Exercise caution when handling your own finances and other people’s money or possessions now.

Transiting Vesta square Natal Venus

There may be an unpleasant state of affairs either at work or in an intimate relationship. At work, you may feel blocked in your creative expression or have difficulty in engaging in work responsibilities that you sense are meaningless and unsatisfying. In your personal life, there may be disagreements over financial affairs or trust and commitment issues with loved ones. Problems will arise if you are less affectionate than usual toward loved ones or leave them out of your social or professional life. On some occasions, this period can indicate a time when a loved one is enduring pressure and difficulties on the job, and you are called upon to sacrifice your own interests in order to strengthen your dedication and loyalty to the relationship.

Transiting Vesta trine Natal Venus

Work will need to have value and meaning to hold your interest now. There is a tendency to feel more relaxed at work, although you are still devoted to fulfilling your obligations and commitments. Professional relationships with co-workers and supervisors should run smoothly. This is also a good time to concentrate on financial affairs or work which involves creative activity. Creating a more attractive and appealing work environment will please you now. In your personal life, romantic partnerships are favorable, and you feel dedicated and loyal to your responsibilities in the relationship. You will compromise for the sake of peace and harmony in both your personal life and your work environment.

Transiting Vesta sextile Natal Venus

This may be a pleasant period for work and professional matters. Financial concerns may be favored and the outcome of such matters should prove beneficial and to your liking. Social exchanges at work may be harmonious and cooperative. If a problem demands your attention, you will handle it in a thorough and diplomatic manner. Your work environment will be important to you, and you may spend time decorating or rearranging your office to suit your needs. You will be dedicated to anything you value highly, especially personal or romantic relationships. Your devotion and trust is pleasing to your mate and loved ones and you can enjoy friendly relations and sharing in social activities together.

Transiting Vesta quincunx Natal Venus

You may feel slightly confused over a problem in a personal or professional relationship. You are more determined to resolve any ongoing dilemma in order to restore a sense of loyalty, trust and security in your work or social environment. Either you or a loved one may be going through a difficult period of change or adjustment which takes up most of your time and attention. You may need to give up some of your own personal or professional time to work on fostering better relations with your partner. On the other hand, work and financial matters need your focus and concentration and, should you need to involve other individuals or ask for favors, it is best to use diplomacy and gentle persuasion.

Transiting Vesta conjunct Natal Mars

You may feel stimulated to take on the challenge of new projects or work assignments. You are inclined to become impatient with boring and tedious tasks and would rather apply yourself to an activity which is stimulating and totally absorbing. You will need to have sufficient opportunities to engage in industrious or purposeful work and to have a direct outlet to satisfy your energy and desires. Otherwise, you may engage in intense or confrontational issues at work or in behavior which is aggressive, overly assertive and competitive. On another level, you are apt to take the initiative in intimate sexual encounters, yet your focus would be on fulfilling your own needs and desires.

Transiting Vesta opposite Natal Mars

Work matters require self-control and patience at this time. You become very eager to tackle work assignments and responsibilities; however, you must take care not to push yourself to the limit in order to prove your dedication and commitment to your job. In fact, if you want to accomplish something, you will attack it vehemently, separating yourself from others who do not comply with your way of doing business. Confrontations with fellow employees are apt to occur if you approach others in an aggressive manner in your struggle to work independently and without concern for their needs or involvement.

Care must be taken to avoid becoming too fanatic or obsessive toward your work to the point that you distance yourself from loved ones, creating resentment or hostility in your intimate relationships.

Transiting Vesta square Natal Mars

A situation at work can irritate you now; however, you remain responsible and loyal to your objectives. You strive hard to put forth your best efforts, but can meet with frustrating obstacles or have your goals thwarted by someone who challenges you. For example, the dedication you have shown toward your work-related goals is met with indifference from superiors or those in authority. Competitive behavior or resentment from co-workers is likely to surface, causing you to rely upon your own resources to complete work assignments. You might fluctuate between feelings of intense anger and coolness toward the individuals who hamper your drive and perseverance, all the while remaining focused on your own intentions. In your personal life, this period can prove slightly difficult, mainly in the area of intimate relationships. Problems can arise in expressing your sexuality and desires to your mate, as well as in issues of mutual commitment and loyalty in the partnership.

Transiting Vesta trine Natal Mars

You have more energy and the inner resources to devote yourself to work and business-related assignments. You feel a strong determination to apply yourself to purposeful tasks and chores in your work environment. Although others may feel isolated by your self direction, you work with more efficiency and concentration when alone. In fact, you have an unbelievable capacity for enduring hardship and obstacles now and outwardly project to others that you can handle just about anything. Therefore, recognition or advancements in your work are possible, if you seize the opportunity to act on your ambitions.

Transiting Vesta sextile Natal Mars

You can intensely focus and concentrate on your work responsibilities and are motivated to take on challenging and competitive activities. There is a greater chance that you will not only initiate projects but will also show dedication and persistence in all work endeavors. You will use whatever power or means you have available to achieve your goals, even if it infringes upon the amount of attention you give to your personal relationships. However, this astrological influence will not necessarily bring out negative “workaholic” behavior. This can be a very positive time, when you are inspired and stimulated by work assignments and job opportunities and can be especially effective if you have previously felt less motivation and purpose on the job.

Transiting Vesta quincunx Natal Mars

During this period, you may be asked to make important decisions or changes in your work or career. It is essential to control your impulse to act in haste with regard to your employment, especially if other people are provoking confrontations and discord in the work environment. You may feel you are being pushed to your limits, specifically because you may be working hard but receiving little appreciation from others. You would probably prefer to work alone just now but you inadvertently invite competition, as others feel jealous or resentful of the sheer determination and effort you put into your work activities.

Transiting Vesta conjunct Natal Jupiter

An abundance of work, projects and business-related activities will keep you busy and involved during this period. Your approach to work will be enthusiastic and dedicated, and you focus your attention on accomplishing work that will bring future growth and expansion in your career. You have a greater need to seek out prominent or influential professionals who can assist you in your efforts to expand or improve upon your work or line of business. Contacts with international organizations or business travel will be especially fortunate for you now. Also, you will be setting high standards for yourself as far as work and career are concerned. You may judge yourself on how deeply committed you are to your work and, if necessary, search out new possibilities if your needs are being unfulfilled. In your personal life and intimate relationships, you rely upon your principles and faith to support your intentions at this time. You feel it essential to associate with individuals who are loyal and trustworthy to the end, while still allowing you enough freedom to explore new horizons.

Transiting Vesta opposite Natal Jupiter

You need greater freedom and expansion in your work and personal endeavors. You will work very hard for what you believe in at this time but will also need permission to play, travel, and seek out new adventures. If you exaggerate the importance of your work to the point of overloading your system without receiving equal compensation, then difficulties will arise. The urge to break away from responsibilities will be strong, and, if acted upon, will only lead to your distancing or separating yourself from meaningful work or important relationships. It is essential just now to balance your professional life and your personal life, avoiding overindulgence or irresponsibility in either area. Try to control your tendency to make a big deal over minor problems which surface at work or in your domestic environment, as everything has the tendency to get blown out of proportion.

Transiting Vesta square Natal Jupiter

You can handle a great deal of work and responsibility, but it is apt to take its toll on your personal life and need for freedom. Professionals and influential persons in your work place may view you as a devoted and enthusiastic employee and therefore might overload you with additional work. Discord can arise in your private domain, especially if you have been avoiding your duties and obligations there. If a confrontation arises now, you are apt to overreact, thereby further alienating your loved ones through excessive involvement in your work. Although you feel more industrious, it is best not to promise more than you can deliver with regard to both work and personal relationships.

Transiting Vesta trine Natal Jupiter

Pleasant and beneficial opportunities may arise in your work/career endeavors. Even if work takes some enjoyment away from your personal interests and relationships, you are optimistic that everything will work out for the best. Engaging in meaningful work, especially that which brings travel, more prestige, or overall expansion of your skills and knowledge will appeal to you. You can devote an enormous amount of time and effort to a work-related goal and, at the same time, thoroughly enjoy the experience. Co-workers as well as influential people will notice your dedication and high aspirations, and rewards or promotions may be forthcoming.

Transiting Vesta sextile Natal Jupiter

This period favors business travel, legal work and professional activities within your work environment. You may take on more duties at work and have meaningful contact with higher-ups and professionals in your organization. At this time, you put your faith and trust in hard work and determination to accomplish your ideals and aspirations. Utilizing your knowledge, planning ahead, and making the most of opportunities will be of most concern to you. Overall, this should be a lucky and expansive period for work, as well as a beneficial time to become involved in educational, religious or travel pursuits. In your personal relationships, you will need the devotion and support of your mate and other loved ones, provided they allow you the liberty to indulge as much as you wish in your work or other area of interest.

Transiting Vesta quincunx Natal Jupiter

There is a possibility that you will need to adapt to a new work situation or to unsettling challenges on the job. For example, you may be putting a great deal of effort into your work now, only to discover that your enthusiasm is met with indifference from superiors or co-workers. You can easily overestimate your abilities, leading to conflicts with others if you promise more than you can deliver. Your work ethics and principles will undergo a change or need to be re-examined. If you always set high standards for your work, then you may be forced to adjust to new conditions which are less than ideal. On the other hand, if your outlook and expectations are lower, then this period challenges you to set new goals for future growth and progress.

Transiting Vesta conjunct Natal Saturn

This is a good time to organize your work and career activities. Projects and business endeavors should prove profitable. However, you may have to dedicate yourself to hard work and self-discipline in order to achieve success. Detailed, methodical work and adhering to rules and regulations will be your specialty now. You take a more serious, mature approach to your work, as well as to your objectives and ambitions. Due to your commitment and purpose, a long-awaited goal may be achieved now. You may be more concerned and focused on your public image and your need to receive recognition for your efforts. An increase in your work load is highly probable, but you have the ability and perseverance to keep everything running smoothly. With so much of your enthusiasm directed toward work and career, make sure you allow enough time for your personal life and the loved ones who depend upon you.

Transiting Vesta opposite Natal Saturn

At this time, your work efforts or administrative abilities may be restricted or challenged by those in higher positions. You will have to work ambitiously and with enormous dedication if you are to receive recognition for your labor. This period requires you to adhere to strict rules and regulations, so you must strive to be organized and scrupulous in your endeavors. This is not the best time to seek favors or recognition from those in your work environment, and it may be necessary to work in solitude on important assignments. Work projects or goals to which you have devoted yourself can suffer delays or prove disappointing. In your intimate relationships, you may feel overly inhibited or impersonal and might use your job as an excuse to avoid close and affectionate relating.

Transiting Vesta square Natal Saturn

You may separate yourself from intimate involvements in order to pursue career and work ambitions. At this time, you may find you have committed yourself to a heavy work load which requires a great deal of responsibility and perseverance before you can achieve your goals. If you can withstand the delays and limitations in your daily work environment and make a conscientious effort to work in a constructive, patient and organized manner, you will be more equipped to manage your duties and obligations. Contact with administrative persons or those in leadership roles may require careful handling now, as you are more likely to feel insecure and inhibited in your dealings with them. In your personal life, you may be so self-involved with work and professional challenges that you turn your attention away from loved ones and those who need you. It will be important to re-establish and redefine the emotional connections in your private and personal life.

Transiting Vesta trine Natal Saturn

A practical and dedicated approach to your work-related matters may benefit you at this time. You can put your nose to the grindstone and feel satisfied with your abilities to effectively manage your work requirements. You will be more comfortable if your work environment is structured and organized, and you may strive to achieve completion of long-term plans and ambitions. A responsible and serious attitude toward your work is indicated, and those in higher-up positions in your organization are more appreciative of your dedication and loyalty. Career advancement or assuming administrative functions in your employment is possible.

Transiting Vesta sextile Natal Saturn

Hard work is rewarding, rather than burdensome, for you at this time. You can apply steady effort and dedication to accomplishing your work duties and obligations without much difficulty. Authority figures and superiors are cooperative and helpful to you as they sense your ambitious and responsible attitude. If you have an opportunity to work in an administrative or executive position, your reputation will be highly respected. A methodical and mature approach to work will be likely and you will want to follow the proper guidelines and rules of your organization or work place. You will be especially good at completing projects or tasks which demand perseverance and determination.

Transiting Vesta quincunx Natal Saturn

Adjustments in your work situation are necessary at this time. You might have to perform work that is not to your liking or that interferes with your personal affairs. It is possible that this period brings both uncomfortable changes and a chaotic work environment where you are forced to prove your loyalty by working long hours and taking on extra responsibilities. This is not a favorable time to make an important decision regarding your employment, unless you have thoroughly and realistically reflected upon your alternatives. In even the best situation, you might have to detach yourself from the instability and tension surrounding your work and focus on the positive conditions of being gainfully employed. Those individuals in your personal life who depend upon you and need your acceptance may sense your pessimistic view and withdrawal of attention. If possible, strive to set aside time for your loved ones.

Transiting Vesta conjunct Natal Uranus

You are attracted to work assignments or duties which are unique, different, or progressive. Freelance or humanitarian work may appeal to you now, or any undertaking which focuses on new ideas and interests. You might find that you have to work unusually long or non-standard hours in your work place, which takes time away from personal affairs. Try to avoid behaving indifferently or unpredictably toward loved ones, as you may be unaware of the ramifications of your behavior. Positively, this period brings new excitement and changes in your work atmosphere, allowing you greater expression of your individuality. This is a time when renewal and reform in your duties at work can result in unexpected rewards and professional success.

Transiting Vesta opposite Natal Uranus

You may need to prepare yourself for unexpected or unusual disruptions in a work project or goal which you have undertaken. Changes in your job routine or a restructuring of your work duties are apt to occur, interfering with your progress and creating an unstable and disorganized work environment. You might be more temperamental and defiant than usual, and therefore demonstrate a detached or non-committal approach to your job responsibilities. Positively, if you can condition yourself to handle sudden or changeable circumstances at work, you will be able to lay the foundation for implementing new and original ideas or solutions at work. The breakdown of your old or out-dated work habits can lead to new ventures which afford you with greater independence and individuality.

Transiting Vesta square Natal Uranus

Unforeseen situations may suddenly bring changes or disturb your work or professional duties. Greater responsibility or working unusual or long hours is possible, especially if you are involved in the process of the planning, organization and restructuring of your place of employment. It may be best to work alone at this time, distancing yourself from chaotic conditions in order to concentrate on original and inventive ways to handle problems and target new and purposeful solutions. You may feel an urgent need to move ahead and in the process will discard work which is not functional or useful to your future directions and goals. On the other hand, this period can bring about zealous involvement with humanitarian or social organizations. Whether you are focused on a special cause or a work project, you should avoid alienating loved ones and important people in your personal life at this time.

Transiting Vesta trine Natal Uranus

Exciting or sudden circumstances may bring you greater independence in your work or career pursuits at this time. If you are unemployed, a sudden opportunity can arise for employment. Or if you have a job, a new work environment or more interesting assignments and duties may change the usual routine or structure of your job. Whether your work is already established or just beginning, this period may give you an opportunity to discover new options and techniques, as well as meeting innovative people who inspire you with their unique and original insights.

Transiting Vesta sextile Natal Uranus

You may enjoy working on a vocational project or personal endeavor that continually changes and offers new challenges. It is very likely that you will bring fresh insight and innovative planning into your work or occupational pursuits, perhaps even breaking new ground with your original ideas and aspirations. Progressive and highly individualized work is appealing to you, and you can work independently on any task or assignment in which focus and dedication is necessary. Also, if you have been feeling that your work is uninteresting, a sudden change may help to lift you out of a boring and dull routine.

Transiting Vesta quincunx Natal Uranus

Minor incidents at work may cause you to feel temporarily unsettled or disturbed. Other individuals may unexpectedly interfere with or change your work assignments, forcing you to adapt to awkward situations. You may feel you have little choice but to adhere to new conditions in your work environment. Fortunately, if you use this time to re-examine your goals and objectives, you may effectively release outdated concepts or work habits which no longer serve a purpose. If you have been too attached to your work, neglecting your personal life and relationships in the process, then you will need to reassess your priorities and commitment to loved ones.

Transiting Vesta conjunct Natal Neptune

You may be attracted to work that brings your creative imagination and inspiration to the fore. If you work hard for your ideals, then you can devote your energies to fulfilling your dreams and ambitions. You can willingly sacrifice much of your personal and private time for the sake of service and commitment to work duties. However, this would not be a good time to become so absorbed in the job that your intimate relationships suffer in the process. You may also have an urge to perform your work in solitude during this period. If you choose to work alone, then you must pay careful attention to other individuals in your work environment, as you may be too trusting of their intentions or unaware of behind-the-scene activities. This period favors involvement with volunteer service, charities and hospitals, as your sensitivity is heightened and your dedication is apparent.

Transiting Vesta opposite Natal Neptune

Confusion regarding your work duties and responsibilities can interfere with your job performance. There is a tendency to be disillusioned or disappointed with work conditions, activities, and individuals in your professional environment. For example, you may be subjected to criticism from others if your work methods are inefficient or impractical. Or it may require a struggle to bring creative ideas and mental focus to your job. It is also likely you will vacillate between impassioned effort and passive indifference toward your daily chores. You might feel a need to retreat or withdraw from working closely with other people for fear of being victimized or becoming overly dependent upon them. Your imagination can run wild, so be sure you have listened attentively to others before you make any assumptions. You must try to sort your way out of this confusing period by remaining levelheaded and concentrating more fully on realistic goals and directions in work assignments.

Transiting Vesta square Natal Neptune

You are more prone to delusion and deception in your work environment at this time. You may be putting in a great deal of time and effort toward a specific task, only to discover you might not receive any compensation or rewards for your labor. Circumstances can arise that cause misunderstandings or misconceptions about the work you are attempting to accomplish. For example, a boss or one of your peers may give instructions for a project or undertaking where you might be unable to clearly define or understand what is required. Or conditions prevail where you must sacrifice your ideals and personal concerns in order to hold the job. Even if you become overly engrossed in your work, you should still make every attempt to remain attentive to your intimate relationships; otherwise, your indifference will be quite disappointing to your loved ones.

Transiting Vesta trine Natal Neptune

This is a favorable period to clear away any imperfections in your work routines and endeavors. You may need a work environment free of distractions and chaos in order to work with more productivity and efficiency. If your creative energy and imagination is given room to flourish, then you will truly feel dedicated to your job responsibilities and duties. You may envision greater possibilities or yearn for idyllic work conditions where your dreams are automatically fulfilled. Since you are highly susceptible to the influence of others, you may be swayed by their ideas and schemes. If the plans and designs of other individuals are based in reality, you can benefit now from their inspirations. However, it is important that you discern between fact and fiction in your dealings with others.

You can achieve greater satisfaction now if you devote your efforts to volunteer service, charity work, hospitals, or spiritual organizations.

Transiting Vesta sextile Natal Neptune

At this time, you may want to devote your efforts to working on activities that center on your creative imagination and aspirations. In your work endeavors, you will adhere to high standards and principles and could have the determination necessary to bring your ideas into reality. Also, this is a favorable period for working with social service organizations and hospitals or doing volunteer work, because your increased sensitivity and compassion will allow you to make extraordinary sacrifices for the needs of others. Although you may find more fulfillment in working for your ideals and serving humankind in general, you should try to remain dependable and attentive to your personal, intimate relationships.

Transiting Vesta quincunx Natal Neptune

You may need to concentrate more diligently on work at this time. Your performance can be lacking in both focus and inspiration because of confusion or anxiety about your work obligations. Other people may attempt to undermine or frustrate your efforts, leaving you prone to deception and disappointment at work. You may discover you are sacrificing your own personal interests with regard to your work or intimate relationships. The reverse is also likely, as you might choose to retreat from heavy responsibilities and commitments and take a more emotionally detached or aloof approach to your work or personal relationships.

Transiting Vesta conjunct Natal Pluto

You may involve yourself intensely in either a work or private matter at this time. You could build upon or reawaken the dedication and commitment to your work or toward a certain personal objective. You might reach a point where your behavior and motivation borderlines on obsession, so you must be careful not to sacrifice too much in other areas of your life in order to devote yourself to one particular goal. You might also have to deal with issues of power and control in your professional as well as personal relationships. Either you may have to forfeit some of your authority, or you could make a zealous attempt to gain greater authority. In the area of work, you will likely leave no stone unturned until you have thoroughly completed your objectives and goals. If you use the positive side of this astrological influence, you can use your will-power to overcome any obstacles or challenges in your work or personal life.

Transiting Vesta opposite Natal Pluto

Power struggles are likely to occur in your work environment. You may become so determined to accomplish your work objectives that you are apt to arouse negative reactions from individuals in your work place. If you undertake an important project, you will work with dedication, concentration and purpose. Even if you have to deal with coercive or manipulative people, you should strive to cooperate with your co-workers for the benefit of the group or organization. Otherwise, you might have to deal with angry, jealous or spiteful behavior directed toward you. You must also be aware that your own anger may be just below the surface, and it could take just a minor incident or disagreement at work to trigger your temper. On the other hand, compromise may be essential in your personal affairs, and it can be necessary to devote more effort into balancing both career and your primary relationships.

Transiting Vesta square Natal Pluto

You may take an all-or-nothing approach to your work or personal endeavors. You can be very clear as to what your own intentions are and may be ready to sacrifice anything to accommodate your plans and goals. You might have an eager interest in gaining control over your professional pursuits; however, you could behave more forcefully than you realize. In your restless quest for meaningful work and personal fulfillment, you can easily be intrigued or enticed into an unfavorable situation by a colleague or co-worker who has hidden motives. Thoroughly investigate the true intentions of people who try to exert pressure or influence over you. Be aware of individuals who may be dishonest or attempt to misrepresent themselves to you. They might take advantage of your services or abilities and try to get you to engage in underhanded activities. On the other hand, personal relationships may entail heavy obligations and commitment now. If you insist on having your own way, problems will arise in this area. Compromise on your part may be called for if you have been avoiding responsibility or intimate relating.

Transiting Vesta trine Natal Pluto

This is a favorable time for making changes in your professional and personal life in order to have greater control and to advance your ambitions. You can work well with a group or team effort to cooperate on common goals, or even work in solitude on a long-held or passionate interest that you want to develop. Your will and better judgment guides you to work on productive activities which create opportunities for growth or power. This can be a period of exciting transition in your work endeavors or personal interests where you can discover what you truly find meaningful and important. Changes that take place in your personal life may increase your awareness of the need to heal past issues and distribute power more equally in your relationships.

Transiting Vesta sextile Natal Pluto

You may take an in-depth approach to your work or the projects which arouse your interest. Joint endeavors can be cooperative, and you can do well in situations where the focus of work is for the benefit of groups, organizations or society in general. You are aware of your personal power but understand when it is appropriate to compromise and let others share the role of leadership or control. If your work absorbs your attention, it can be a source of excitement or can fill a great void in your life. On the other hand, you should use this opportunity to rediscover or regenerate your commitment and dedication to the affairs of your personal life, especially important relationships which you cherish.

Transiting Vesta quincunx Natal Pluto

Your goals and ambitions are likely to undergo a change or transformation at this time. There may be a need to rebuild or make adjustments to your work or personal objectives in order to accommodate the needs of other individuals, groups, and organizations or society as a whole. That which is no longer working productively may have to be given up or sacrificed in order for you to achieve greater growth in your work and personal affairs. On the other hand, this may indicate a period when you are subjected to power struggles with others over your work or in other areas of your life. When devoting service to people in your work environment, you might want to take control or manipulate others to do things your way. On the positive side, if you compromise your true motivations in a way that benefits others, then unresolved issues in your work or intimate relationships can be brought to the surface and healed.

Transiting Vesta conjunct Natal Ascendant

Your personal energy and effort may be focused on your work during this period. You might labor intensely on projects and assignments that are important to you. Since your attention is mostly aimed at fulfilling your own needs and ideas, you may inadvertently cause some discord and unfriendliness in your personal life. It is essential to balance your strong commitment to work with your loyalty to the intimate and long-standing relationships in your life. Although you may resist interference from others, you will achieve greater satisfaction and accomplish more work if you have the support and concern of your loved ones.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Vesta opposite Natal Ascendant

You might sacrifice some of your own personal desires to prove your commitment and dedication to the primary relationships in your life. You can appear very devoted to your mate, but you may focus more on the intricate workings of your partnership than on the individual you are relating to. If you deny your own interests to the extreme just now, you may obsess over issues in your one-to-one relationships. You have to find a balance in your need to be of service in your primary relationships. On the other hand, if your passion is work and career, you may spend this time avoiding intimacy and closeness in your partnerships.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Vesta square Natal Ascendant

Demands or obligations in your work or personal life can cause you to avoid relating on an intimate basis with others at this time. There may be a lack of support or indifference to your own needs which you sense on either an internal or external level. You are not interested in wasting your energy on work or relationships that conflict with your personal ambitions or your well-being. But it is difficult to determine at this time if it is your own insecurity or other people who cause you be unclear as to your personal goals. Hard work is indicated if you are to apply your efforts with concentration and commitment. You might have to justify your need to work alone to those persons who rely upon your involvement and attention.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Vesta trine Natal Ascendant

This is a favorable period to dedicate yourself to turning your professional and personal objectives into real opportunities. Fortunately, you come across to others as if you have fully carved out your intentions and are ready to take on the commitment and sacrifices necessary to make use of your talents, either for someone else’s profit or your own. If you are unemployed or searching for a new direction, this can be a “lucky” time for interviews and expressing your potentials to others. On the other hand, if you are happily working in your chosen profession, this can be a time when you know how to make the most of your abilities.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Vesta sextile Natal Ascendant

You may have the advantage of keeping other people from getting in the way of your work and personal goals now. Their contact would be helpful now, but you may determine it is best to keep certain facets of your business and personal affairs to yourself. It may be that you are more focused and devoted to your own well-being, so any commitment or dedication outside of your personal or vocational needs has no purpose for you. However self-absorbing this sounds, it can still be a fortunate period in which to find your own satisfaction and rewards in your work and personal endeavors.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Vesta quincunx Natal Ascendant

This can be a frustrating period when impossible demands may be placed on your time and energy. A work or relationship situation can leave you drained or hinder you from pursuing your own self-interests. You may need to analyze your job situation to determine if you are lacking personal gratification and fulfillment. Personal relationships can bring additional strain as loved ones may feel you have put more emphasis on work and less attention on their needs. This can be a confusing period in which you experience difficulty in making a definite commitment on any matter. There can be a lack of concentration on your own objectives due to tension and apprehension over expressing your personal concerns to others.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Vesta conjunct Natal Midheaven

Greater dedication and commitment toward your work and occupation is highlighted. If you balance this with your personal goals in life, you can achieve an enormous sense of satisfaction and higher prestige at work. This can be a time when career matters take major precedence over your personal affairs. However, no matter how strong your ambitions are there may be a price to pay in your primary relationships. Caution should be exercised if loved ones are feeling alienated and ignored. Also, a new job could begin during this period or a change of career direction is possible.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Vesta opposite Natal Midheaven

Your focus and attention may be directed to the more private areas of your life. You can be very devoted and committed to family matters and will make personal sacrifices if necessary. You tend to shy away from public affairs and heavy work obligations. You may put your efforts into making your home life a safe sanctuary from the pressures of job and society. Personal affairs can overshadow your work ambitions and interfere with your professional standing. In some instances the reverse is also true, but even if you are a workaholic, you will still try to be faithful to your promises and obligations in your domestic life. Clearly, there is a need to balance your dedication to both home and work interests.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Vesta square Natal Midheaven

Strong professional desires may inhibit your interest in domestic matters or intimate relationships at this time. If you are overly eager or zealous in your attempts to establish your career and work objectives, you may lose sight of your personal affairs and thus sacrifice important areas that need your attention. Those in authority can create roadblocks to your success, leaving you to feel you have been denied fulfillment of your cherished goals. You might need to discipline yourself to accepting less than what you had hoped for in terms of your business and professional contributions. Long-range plans and ambitions should be put off until career matters are in clear focus.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Vesta trine Natal Midheaven

This is a favorable period in which to focus on your career ambitions and professional responsibilities. A fortunate opportunity can arise for you to assume a more administrative or leadership position in your organization. Contributing to social causes or working with public agencies will be rewarding and beneficial to your career pursuits and worldly ambitions. If you are unemployed or searching for a new career direction, this is a good time to seek favors from those in positions of authority. Your reputation may be highly regarded and respected by others now, and your interest focused on achieving social and business success.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Vesta sextile Natal Midheaven

There can be opportunities for professional advancement or rewards in your career now, usually aided by people in positions above you. You will have a clearer awareness of your life’s goals and objectives, as well as your public image and reputation. If you take advantage of this favorable time, you can effectively pursue your ambitions with zeal, perseverance and dedication, increasing your chances to achieve respect and recognition for your accomplishments.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Vesta quincunx Natal Midheaven

Circumstances may arise where you are called upon to analyze some of your career plans and ambitions. For example, you might be asked to assume a great deal of work that requires commitment and dedication, but without the promise of advancement or recognition for your efforts. On the other hand, you may feel you have “paid your dues” to your organization or society with nothing to show for it and choose to look into other avenues for fulfilling your vocational interests and objectives. Positively, if you work hard with patience and perseverance, you can finish old tasks and assignments which have previously weighed you down. Career directions may take a different turn altogether, and you apply yourself to adapting to a new work climate. Taking the time to reflect upon your past accomplishments may help boost your spirits and enthusiasm at this time.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.