Saturn Transits

Transiting Saturn

In astrology, Saturn represents restriction and limitation. Saturn reminds us of our boundaries, our responsibilities, and our commitments. It brings definition to our lives. Saturn makes us aware of the need for self-control and of boundaries and our limits.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Sun

Increased responsibilities, obligations, perseverance, and hard work are the key issues for this time period. This is a difficult time when pressures and demands can lead to considerable stress. Do not try to run away from the work that needs to be done. This is a time when you may be putting in long hours of work in order to complete a project before a definite deadline or to pay expenses and debts. There is also the possibility of a job change that confers on you added responsibility, obligations, stature, income, authority, and stress. Although the new responsibilities are difficult, you will come out a stronger, more mature person in the end if you do your best to meet them.

You will probably have to temporarily suspend some hobbies and entertainments as you will not have time for these things. Also avoid taking on any unnecessary responsibilities at this time. If you spread yourself too thin, the accompanying stress makes you feel very tired and susceptible to illness.

Try not to become discouraged and self-deprecating. You are very self-critical at this time, and you expect more of yourself than usual. You see through your own foibles, hypocrisies, superficialities, and inadequacies now, and you may not always like what you see! Try to keep a sense of humor. You tend to take life too seriously now.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Sun

Frustrations in relationships, particularly with employers, government officials, or other authorities, make this a difficult time period. Your plans, ideals, and goals meet with opposite Natal. Others express little interest in the issues that are important to you, making you feel alienated and frustrated. You may become profoundly discouraged and feel weary from the struggle. You may also develop a negative attitude towards society in general.

Your goals, values, and career decisions are thrown into question. Due to the obstacles you encounter, you are forced to objectively evaluate how worthwhile your projects, plans, and values really are. You may need to come to the painful realization that some of your treasured ideals and attitudes towards religion, politics, and your own personal goals and objectives now need some adjusting. Organizations or agencies that you have had faith in may now exhibit weaknesses and inertia that you did not believe were possible.

You will need to let old and outworn beliefs and commitments that no longer serve a purpose die away, and you will need to persevere with the things that you want to continue. If you are willing to do this, the changes that occur now will be very beneficial to you, and you will later look back at this time as one that forced you to trim the fat from your life and make changes that enabled you to mature and grow in ways that you cannot foresee at this time.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Sun

Frustrations, trials, and difficult, critical decisions are key issues at this time. Others are not receptive to your ideas and they do not express interest in your work. This is a time to increase efficiency and hold back the reins. If you have a business, for example, you probably want to cut down on advertising and slow down on expansion, or even cut down on production, employees, and expenses. Look for areas of waste and cut down in these areas. You may think that you should be doing something exciting and grandiose to stir up more interest in your services, but such measures are likely to only increase the problem.

Difficulties with employers or other authority figures may arise. For example, a new supervisor or colleague at your place of work may be rigid and authoritarian. Your first reaction may be a feeling of frustration and hopelessness. However, a slight change in attitude and approach can often benefit tremendously. By trying to keep a sense of humor and a hopeful attitude, you may find that you get along reasonably well with this person despite his/her personality and rigid policies. Also, some hard-nosed, objective reasoning about the situation may reveal some alternatives that you have overlooked. Perhaps you can transfer to a different department or assume different responsibilities that allow you to interact with this difficult person less often, and perhaps even enable you to focus more on the work you really want to do. Many of the obstacles you face now, although perhaps not obvious to you, test you to see what you really want to do with your life, and you need to focus your energies on the kind of work that is most meaningful to you and cut out anything superfluous.

At this time the frustrations can become so great that you may doubt whether the line of work you are in and the things you have been working for are really worth the trouble, and you may feel inadequate to meet the tasks at hand. You must continue to believe in yourself and maintain your commitments to the things that are really important to you. The old and useless things must be discarded. Unfortunately, only you can decide what is really valuable to you. Others will offer advice based on their own priorities and values, which more often than not, are different from yours.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Sun

You are very well-organized and disciplined at this time. Your concentration and dedication to a task are very strong, and there are fewer obstacles than usual, allowing you to accomplish a tremendous amount of work now. This is a time of sustained effort and dedication to work that is not likely to bring any spectacular events (unless other astrological influences at this time indicate them). However, progress is solid and steady. Use this time to strengthen your position in life.

Although this is a positive time, inertia can prevent you from taking full advantage of the situation. For example, suppose that you are a writer or student, or perhaps you enjoy carpentry and have been thinking about making repairs and improvements in your home when you have the time. Now you do have the time and you are relatively undistracted, so you can really buckle down, accomplish a great deal, and enjoy the work as well. However, you may only half-heartedly make the attempt, due to laziness and force of habit. Not only will you be happier with yourself if you use the time wisely, but the results of your efforts will help establish a solid foundation for the future.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Sun

Good relationships with employers, supervisors, government agencies, parents, and other authority figures assist you now. A person of authority or influence may help you in your work, you may receive recognition or a promotion, or you may sign a contract or agreement of major importance. In any case, this is a positive time when you are able to dedicate yourself to worthwhile causes and the work that is most meaningful to you. This astrological influence is not of dramatic proportions so do not expect a major change in your life, but you can expect your life to take a solid, even if modest, step in the right direction.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Sun

This time period is characterized by feelings of being restricted, blocked, or delayed, and great patience and endurance will be required of you. An increased concern about aging, the passage of time, and the limitations of your body make you more serious and more earnest about doing what is important and essential. You may have less energy or a health challenge at this time which forces you to choose what is really important to you. An older person, mentor, or parental authority figure may disappoint you or be particularly harsh and demanding. In your own role as parent or boss, you may well be seen as an ogre or tyrant (and for good reason)! In other ways, this is apt to be a dry spell for you, and a sense of meaninglessness or struggling oppresses you. This is a good time to reassess how you are living your life and begin to realize yourself and your true purpose and joy in life.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Moon

Self-doubt, self-criticism, and feelings of isolation and alienation are key issues at this time. This is a difficult time when you may feel the need to leave your familiar surroundings, and you feel distant from most of your family and friends. You feel like others do not really understand you, and you need to break from many of your old habits and attachments. However, new doors do not open before you, and you are not sure what to do.

You need some time to be alone now. Taking long walks and having quiet times at home can help tremendously. Others may encourage you to get out, socialize, and party in order to break your mood but this is not likely to help. This is a time of self-introspection and reflection. However, do not allow yourself to become morbid and despairing. Try to maintain a sense of humor! This time will pass so don’t waste it by feeling sorry for yourself. Utilize it to discard old, familiar patterns that no longer serve you well and begin developing new habits.

If you feel guilty and inadequate, try to clearly formulate in your mind exactly what aspects of yourself are most bothersome to you. Strive to forgive the mistakes of the past and be grateful for the opportunity to start fresh. This is easier said than done, but this is the challenge of this time period that you must have the inner strength to meet.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Moon

The responsibilities and demands of family members may seem overwhelming at this time. You may feel that others are unreasonable in their demands, and that they do not appreciate all that you do for them. This is probably true but you are also very sensitive to criticism at this time, and the extra demands that are placed on you are stressful and can cause you to easily become annoyed and despondent.

Balancing career and domestic needs is difficult now. You may decide to cut down on your working hours so you can devote more time to family, or you may make a decision to not have more children so that family demands can be kept in balance.

You are likely to feel that others do not really understand you, and that they are inflexible and uncompromising. However, the demands that they make on you arise because this is a time when you must give a little more and take care of past negligence. A large amount of sacrifice and selfless dedication to family responsibilities is needed at this time and, if you are unwilling to do it, a major crisis in your close relationships is likely to erupt. Even if you do your best, difficult adjustments in home life and close relationships are likely at this time.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Moon

Your home life and sense of personal security are threatened or undergo a critical change at this time. A problem with a family member may arise that requires special attention, or some familiar and dear possession may be lost or damaged. Perhaps a good friend moves away or construction of a parking lot on your favorite neighborhood park begins. In some way, something that you are dearly attached to or very accustomed to is now threatened. You need to decide whether it has served its purpose and it is now time to discard it, or whether neglect and lack of care and attention is causing it to die away. Metaphorically speaking, “weak links” are now exposed. People and situations that are not securely bound may crumble or expose their weaknesses at this time.

You may react to problems at this time by feeling sorry for yourself, isolating yourself from others, and becoming emotionally depressed. Solitude and quiet times alone are very good for you now but avoid self-pity and feelings of alienation. Maintain your sense of humor and try to meet your responsibilities and challenges without becoming overly concerned, worried, and anxious about them.

You may try to break an old, bad habit at this time – like overeating, smoking, poor health habits, etc. You can, in fact, make an important change in your habits at this time. Obviously, any ingrained habit is difficult to break, but now is the time when you can make a major change. You may not be able to sustain the new habits once this astrological influence is over but with determination it is possible.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Moon

Your daily routine and personal habits are very positive, healthy, and productive at this time. You are able to keep your house in order, accomplish all of your chores, and get your life in good working order. You are likely to make many minor repairs and improvements in your home, land, tools, etc. You catch up on general maintenance and tidy things up. You also find it relatively easy now to alter bad habits you may have, like a poor diet, smoking, indulgence in alcohol, etc. However, this astrological influence is not particularly motivating and you may be a little lethargic at this time (unless other astrological influences indicate otherwise).

Your life feels secure and you feel good about yourself. You feel comfortable with your current situation, and you are emotionally stable, calm, and contented. Your overall judgment and discrimination are good, and you are able to make wise decisions and provide good advice to others. You may decide to make a long-term investment for the benefit of your family at this time that will prove to be a sound, secure investment.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Moon

You are feeling at peace and very good about yourself now. Others express appreciation for the help and support you have given them, which makes you feel that your efforts have been worthwhile. Your daily life and activities run smoothly and everything is in good working order. You are particularly well-organized now and your domestic life is harmonious.

You may decide to invest in real estate, make improvements in your home, or make other long-term investments. These are wise and sound decisions that will provide security for the future.

Cooperation and teamwork among family members, friends, and members of an organization or club are excellent now, and a successful collective accomplishment is also likely now.

This astrological influence is not extremely powerful, but does bring significant benefits, as described above.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Moon

Emotionally you are prone to feeling congested or inhibited or to experiencing pervasive worry over real or imagined responsibilities. Physically, you may notice poor digestion, decrease in appetite, and an overall lessening of energy and vital force.

Taking time for yourself is essential at this time. Solitude, quiet, and nurturing activities will comfort you more than company, and you may even find yourself avoiding people. You really need to be listening to what your body and emotions need and getting adequate rest, especially if you have been putting work or other duties before your physical and emotional needs.

Extreme exhaustion, vague anxious feelings, and so on, indicate you have been ignoring and depriving yourself and some tender loving care is needed! Talking to a trusted friend, confidante, or counselor can be part of this self-care program too.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Mercury

You are very serious-minded now, and you ask probing questions that strike to the heart of the matter. This is a good time for reading, studying, and disciplined, concentrated thinking and research. Your deep thought and analysis can lead you to an important discovery, realization, or decision. Your best work now is on very specific problems or technical issues. You are also able to perfect a technique, such as would be used in a trade, craft, or artistic endeavor.

Your thinking on larger, more philosophical issues, like politics and religion, tends to be very narrow and one-sided in scope, much more so than you are likely to realize. You tend to simplify complex problems and issues into simple terms that have simple answers, and you tend to feel indignant or self-righteously superior when others point out alternatives to your ideas. Try not to oversimplify complex issues.

In general, communications are difficult. This time period is better for personal analysis and research rather than for sharing ideas. Others will usually take little interest in your ideas now, and you will be disappointed by the lack of response.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Mercury

Avoid attempting communications with large numbers of people at this time, as the response will be disappointingly small. Public speaking, mass media communications, and advertising are all very ineffective at this time. Your ideas do not project well at this time, and they meet with obstacles. You are able to solidify an agreement with someone only if all the details have already been worked out and you are really just making the agreement official. But proposals and discussions on more enterprising issues and ideas are likely to be met with indifference and disinterest.

Criticism from friends, family members, critics, and authorities at this time may be unfair, and you can become extremely discouraged by the lack of support and interest in your work and ideas. Try to maintain a positive attitude, extract what is accurate and useful from the criticism, and keep working on your plan which you can present again later at a more favorable time. Maintain a sense of humor and don’t give up on the things that are important to you.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Mercury

Making important and difficult decisions is a key issue of this time period. You question important issues in your life and try very hard to come to crystal clear, simple solutions to problems. You now feel that some viewpoint you have held for a long time needs to be examined; you think about it deeply, and attempt to clearly formulate new opinions. The issues of your concern can span a wide range of topics from politics, religion, personal choices and decisions to highly technical issues in an area in which you have expertise.

Unfortunately, others show little sympathy or interest in the issues that concern you, and you find that talking to others usually does not help. In fact, you discover that your point of view is different from the other person, and this can create a rift in relationships, making this an extremely trying and difficult time for you. Communications of all kinds are difficult for you now and are likely to meet with obstacles. You find it difficult to get others to understand you clearly, particularly if the topic is complex, involves intuitive understanding, and is non-technical. The only areas in which you have any hope of successful communication are in clearly defined, unambiguous areas.

In general, it is best to use this time for analysis, reading, and clarifying issues that are important to you personally. Avoid trying to reach out with your ideas, such as in public speaking, advertising, or promotions of any kind. Also avoid discussions on broad, complex topics like politics, religion, or philosophy. It is better for you to think, analyze, and absorb rather than speak. It is time to be a student rather than a teacher.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Mercury

Mental concentration is excellent now. This is an optimum time for reading, writing, analyzing, and researching. The opportunity for quiet, disciplined activity presents itself now, and you should take full advantage of it. Do not waste this opportunity by drifting about aimlessly when you have this opportunity to study, learn, improve skills and deepen your knowledge and understanding. If you take advantage of this time period, you can increase your mental discipline and receive training and experience that will benefit you immensely in the long run.

Your thinking is clear, objective, and thorough at this time and you are inclined to make wise, intelligent decisions in both personal and business matters. Because mental discipline, concentration, and objectivity are high, you also perform well on mental tests and examinations of an academic nature.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Mercury

Mental objectivity and concentration are excellent now. You are able to communicate effectively now, especially on subjects that require precise, articulate formulation of principles. Your approach is well-organized, clearly structured, very matter-of-fact and not very intuitive.

You are able to reach agreement with others regarding rules, regulations, and proper procedures, and, consequently, any organizational meetings at your place of work are likely to run smoothly and concrete decisions can be reached.

This is a time when ambiguous or unclear communication with others can be cleared up and resolved, both in the business world and in your personal life. Take advantage of this opportunity by “setting the record straight” with anyone with whom you have not been able to reach a mutually clear understanding. This is also a good time for receiving advice and assistance from a consultant or expert. The reverse is also true; you may be called upon to consult someone in an area where you have a lot of experience, and the consultation will be very successful.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Mercury

Interrupted, delayed, or frustrated communication will make this a trying time. You may experience lost or misdirected mail, messages which are forgotten or not relayed until it is too late, or breakdowns in cars or other forms of transportation. There are numerous minor fiascos and adjustments which have to be made.

Written agreements or verbal promises go awry, negotiations are painstaking or broken off altogether, and in general it would be better to postpone such matters. Your own reflexes or mental acuity may be slowed down now too.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Venus

Making a decision in a love relationship is the key issue now. Your feelings about what you want in a mate become very clear to you now. Your tastes have probably gradually changed over the years, and now you have a new image of the kind of person that appeals to you. If you are married or deeply involved with someone whose tastes and interests no longer match yours, the relationship will become very strained at this time, probably to the point of breaking. However, honest, sincere, and deep communication of feelings and attitudes, some of which may have been kept secret, can bring about a rebirth in the relationship, making it deeper and stronger than ever. The relationship is tested to see what is really holding it together.

There is a strong interest in developing lasting, secure relationships at this times, which makes any separation from a loved one even more painful. It also explains why couples who have been living together for a long time often decide to marry at this time. This astrological influence tends to bring people together or break them apart and is guaranteed to at least change the quality of the relationship. The effects also extend to friendships, and you may form close, long-lasting friendships with people of either sex at this time, or a friendship may dissolve.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Venus

A difficult time in love relationships is virtually unavoidable at this time. Areas which you have neglected in your relationship come back to haunt you now. For example, if you have been inconsiderate, domineering, or forgetful of the other person’s needs, you may find that your mate is now completely tired of trying to coerce you into cooperating, and a feeling of distance develops in the relationship. You are likely to find that you now need to devote more time to helping the other person and giving more to the other person, rather than simply enjoying his/her company and taking him/her for granted.

During this time period you attempt to “restructure” your love relationship. Traits in the other person that previously were minor annoyances now seem like major obstacles. You become very picky about the other person, and you see him/her as too demanding or too independent, too domineering or too passive, lacking in romance and style, or else too mushy and corny. You are very difficult to please now because you’ve decided what you want in your relationship and you want it now. Your mate may be pressuring you in a similar way to act differently. You must come to grips with what you really want in a relationship and whether the relationship you are in is right for you. If you become sufficiently frustrated, a separation will occur or you will become increasingly lonely, feeling distant from others and unfulfilled in your love needs. On the other hand, if the two of you feel like you have found what you are looking for, then the relationship will become even stronger and the commitment to support and help each other even greater.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Venus

A sobering experience in a love relationship occurs around this time. You may be rudely shown ways in which your attitude and behavior towards a loved one is based on misguided principles. You may discover that for a long time you have been expecting the other person to play a role that fits a concept of yours, but is stifling for the other person. Now you must learn to let the other person express his/her nature more fully, and you must adjust to it. The opposite situation may also occur; you realize that you have been playing a role to meet the expectations of others and you want to be more genuine and have a more genuine relationship with others. You are also likely to discover that you have some “fair weather friends” that let you down when you need them most. You also discover some “real friends” who take an interest in your deeper concerns and interests.

This is also a time when parties and social festivities seem to disappear. You may have a good heart-to-heart talk with someone, but very few jovial, light, carefree and happy times. You need to think about your relationships and attitudes towards love and romance seriously and decide how to handle your current relationship. If you are not involved in a relationship now, then you are thinking seriously about what you want in a relationship, or whether you want one at all. Do your homework well because your ideas and intentions now will strongly affect your decisions later!

Your financial situation may be difficult now also. Some reorganizing is needed and you need to cut out extravagances and waste. This is relatively easy for you to do now because luxurious, expensive, beautiful things have less power over you now than usual. You are searching for something of deep and lasting satisfaction, rather than “skin-deep” beauty. Your usual pleasures do not interest you now, and you can become emotionally depressed. Allow yourself time to get away from the usual demands of your life and engage in quiet, peaceful activities. You will find this refreshing and rejuvenating, and you will come away much clearer about what you really want in love relationships and friendships, and what material possessions are most satisfying and important to you.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Venus

If you are married or involved in a love relationship, a deepening of the relationship is likely at this time. You gain an even greater appreciation of each other, and you respect each other more than ever. Mutual understanding and cooperation on topics of importance make you feel very close.

If you are involved in a new relationship, it will deepen and feel more permanent. The relationship will take on the definition and quality that is appropriate, which may be romantic or may be simply a friendship. In either case, this relationship will grow into a very good one.

This astrological influence is very positive for relationships of all kinds, particularly romantic attachments and close friendships. It does not, however, confer a lot of excitement and pizzazz. The effect is more subtle, and the increased depth of the relationship is likely to grow so gradually that you hardly notice the transition. Nevertheless, the results are very real and your relationships will be deepened and strengthened.

You may also decide to make new investments or change current ones at this time. You are conservative, prudent, and discriminating in your handling of money at this time, and you are likely to take some smart steps in ensuring a prosperous future for yourself and family.

This is also a good time for beautifying your environment, doing creative art work, and cleaning up around the house. You may decide to paint, rearrange furniture, buy some new clothes, etc., all of which will be done in good taste and work out nicely and prove to be good investments.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Venus

Excellent cooperation in partnerships and friendships is highlighted now. The effect of this astrological influence extends to virtually all relationships, including romantic and personal relationships, friendships, and business associations.

In a marriage or romantic relationship, you feel that you and your mate are really helping each other meet the goals that each of you has, and you understand each other. Relationships in the business area work out nicely too, and any dominance-passivity problems are assuaged at this time. Don’t just sit back and watch. Take advantage of the opportunity to straighten out any difficult personal relationships in your life. You will find that you can get others to understand and appreciate your point of view now. This can be beneficial for communicating technical, impersonal issues as well, but by far the greatest benefit is in communicating issues of personal concern and emotional impact.

Agreements and contracts signed now work out nicely for all parties concerned. Gambling or risky ventures are not affected. This is a time for strengthening existing relationships and important associations in your life.

This is also a good time for creative art or cleaning up and beautifying your home. You may decide, for example, to paint, rearrange furniture, landscape, or buy some new clothes, all of which will be done simply but tastefully and you will happy with the results.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Venus

Awkwardness, shyness, or embarrassment in a social or romantic situation can be acutely distressing at this time. Parties and get-togethers disappoint you, and you may find yourself becoming anti-social or critical of other people. You are also acutely aware of others’ possible criticism or rejection but are very likely exaggerating it! One friend in particular may show the less than honorable or loving side of their nature, and rifts in friendships are indicated. This is a time to assess your relationships and try to put them right if possible. Beware of becoming hypersensitive; do not exaggerate rebuffs or indications that you are not important or wanted.

Financially, this is a good time to curtail spending and be conservative. Past excesses may come back to haunt you at this time.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Mars

Hard work and concentrated effort are the key issues for this time period. You are faced with tasks that are tedious and difficult but which must be completed at this time. Fortunately, you have the mental concentration and stamina to tackle the tasks now but the demands are still more than you would like to cope with. This is a difficult time period, but at least your work is cut out for you. You are likely to discover flaws in your creative projects, neglected aspects of projects you are involved with, and tedious, detailed work that you have been putting off. Writers find that they need to now carefully edit and proofread their work, construction workers discover that some work has been done carelessly and must be redone, and teachers now have lots of exams to grade or other tedious work. In some way or other, you have to buckle down now. If you have had big plans to travel or expand in other ways, you may find that you need to forego these pleasant diversions and take care of immediately pressing needs. Do not try to shirk your responsibilities as you won’t be able to forget about them.

You may feel that hard work is a euphemism for what you are experiencing, and the obstacles you face may be very frustrating. Try not to become emotionally depressed or angry because of the demands. It is best to take a positive attitude toward the work that needs to be done and realize that there will be other times for more expansive, pleasurable activity.

This time period is not necessarily difficult, although it is for most people. Some people, particularly workaholics with an ascetic streak in them, enjoy the undistracted dedication, perseverance, and effort needed. Successful completion of a long-term, major undertaking can be achieved, and the start of an even larger and more comprehensive project than the previous one may be started now.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Mars

Relationships with co-workers and colleagues undergo some changes at this time. A reorganization or change of responsibilities at your place of work may also occur, or a new supervisor or employer may replace the old one at this time. In one way or another, your work is affected by a change in responsibilities and a change in relationships with others.

These changes involve trimming the fat from work operations and greater focus on the work that needs to be done. It is likely that your responsibilities will increase, and you will need to focus more on the nitty-gritty, detailed work that is required. If you have been avoiding the tasks at hand, by enjoying extended coffee breaks, sweeping the dust under the rug, etc., this will be a sobering and unwelcome time for you when you are forced to buckle down to the work at hand.

Dominance-passivity themes often arise in relationships at this time. Someone may be trying to control you, or vice versa. If you are responsible, dedicated, reliable, and have a strong sense of self-integrity and appreciation of others’ unique qualities, then such problems are not likely to arise.

Hard work and concentrated effort are required at this time. If you are able to meet the demands placed on you now, you may be able to complete a task that has been hanging over your head for a long time, and you may receive recognition and appreciation from others. However, this is definitely a difficult, challenging time and these rewards will come only as the result of constant dedication to your work. Even with dedication and perseverance, the rewards may be meager compared to what you feel that you deserve.

If you have been thinking about relaxing and taking it easy during this time period, you probably should rearrange your plans. This is a time when there is much that needs to be done. Trying to run from these responsibilities will not work as you will not be able to forget about them. Try not to become emotionally depressed or angry because of the demands. It is best to take a positive attitude to the work that needs to be done and realize that there will be other times for more expansive, pleasurable activity.

Although this is a difficult time, there can be some benefits. Your ability to persevere and complete tasks now makes it possible to bring long-term, major efforts to a successful completion. This can be a time when you complete a major task and begin plans and designs for a new project.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Mars

Long-term projects and important work reach a critical point at this time. You are faced with new obstacles that make you reconsider the direction of your work and career. The frustrations that you face now can cause you to become very discouraged and emotionally depressed. Do not let yourself become so discouraged that you give up on work that is important to you and that you have invested many hours in! On the other hand, do not blindly and stubbornly persist without considering alternative ways of approaching your work. Some change in approach, combined with good old-fashioned elbow grease, will help you get through the challenges of this time period.

Some of your cherished hopes and dreams meet sobering realities now. Response to your ideas, creative work, and efforts is very meager now. Don’t try to gain attention and promote yourself or your work now; concentrate on what you are doing and how you are doing it. There are lots of repairs, maintenance, fine tuning, and corrections to be made in your creative work, home, tools, machinery, etc. at this time, and it is best to concentrate on these problems now.

This is not a good time for fun-filled and exciting activities, so don’t plan big parties and exciting events at this time. The mood is serious. A get-together with friends now is likely to end up being a serious discussion of work and responsibilities, which is not bad if this is what you want. However, too many entertainments at this time actually irritate you, as you are unable to forget about the pressures and concerns that need your attention.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Mars

Your work is exceptionally well-organized now, and you are able to accomplish a great deal. This is a time when you work patiently and perseveringly, and you make enormous progress in any task or undertaking that you put your mind to. You are able to concentrate on the essentials and the nitty-gritty details now. Use this opportunity for accomplishing practical tasks and achieving concrete results. You are able to work long hours without fatigue and enjoy your work as well.

Your career and employment are stable now. There are not likely to be many big surprises and everything works smoothly. You might be tempted to lay back and coast for awhile but, rather than feeling relaxed by doing this, you will only feel bored and uninspired. This is a time to apply yourself and continue making steady progress and effort. The work you do now is appreciated by others, but the greatest benefits will be reaped much further in the future, when the progress you make now will help fortify your position in the world and strengthen your assets and resources.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Mars

Cooperation and harmony with co-workers and colleagues is highlighted. Any club, organization, team, or group that you are a part of now will work together effectively. Teamwork and coordinated effort is indicated. Business and organizational meetings run smoothly, and the group is able to come to decisive agreements and pursue goals with a clear strategy. Discipline, self-control, and concentration are particularly emphasized, and the group is able to focus on important issues, rather than be distracted by unrelated issues.

You work well with others in groups and partnerships now, largely because you are very clear about what you want to do, are ready and willing to tackle the work that needs to be done, and are confident, well-prepared, and willing to cooperate with others.

You are able to work long hours now without the usual stress or fatigue that would accompany prolonged effort. This is a good time to concentrate on tasks and organize affairs in both your personal life and your career. Projects and business partnerships started now are likely to have a stable, long, practical, and successful life.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Mars

Tension with competitors and frustrated or unexpressed anger which turns into resentment can create health problems for you at this time. Also, be very careful with knives and sharp tools, as accidents are also possible. Overall, you are apt to feel pressured and become bitter when your will and desires are blocked. Certainly your patience and stamina will be tested.

Try to be gentle with those innocents who may be in your environment. If you vent your bile upon them it will only make you feel worse! Working by yourself may well be your best option at present.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Jupiter

Reorganizing priorities and re-evaluating goals, objectives, and aspirations are key issues now. You are likely to encounter some obstacles to your goals that cause you to question your overall direction in life and how you can better reach your goals. This is a time when you formulate a new “strategy” or at least a major modification to your current plan. This is a time when college students change their majors, people in the business world seek new markets for their product or change their product line, and scientists decide to try a new experimental design, research method, or technique. In one way or another, you see the limits of your current approach and you make changes in it now.

There is a particular emphasis on removing whatever is superfluous or wasteful. You are an efficiency expert at this time, reorganizing your business, daily routine, and structure so that productivity is increased.

The areas of your life that are affected also include personal issues. You question the value of religious and spiritual ideals or the importance of your worldly and financial goals, and you are very critical of your own accomplishments and aspirations. Fortunately, these concerns are not likely to become emotionally charged, and you probably will not become distraught or emotionally depressed. You will, however, search for deeper meaning and a greater level of sincerity and purpose in your life. You may decide to concentrate more on service-oriented goals rather than on more personally rewarding or selfish goals, which is a positive potential of this astrological influence.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Jupiter

At this point in your life you come to an impasse. A dead end blocks you from reaching some of your highest goals and ideals. Although this is very frustrating, you fortunately are likely to react with a degree of detachment and mental objectivity that allows you to consider alternative solutions to the problem in a logical way.

Typical things that may happen now are receiving a letter that notifies you that you were not accepted for a new job that you were extremely hopeful of getting or having an application for entrance to a college rejected. These rejections come about simply because your qualifications are not high enough. It may be true that others with similar qualifications are sometimes accepted, but at this time you will achieve only that for which you are solidly prepared. You may also encounter increased family responsibilities or financial obligations that make it impossible for you to follow the dreams you have been harboring.

You may encounter a person that is domineering or very critical of you at this time. Because you are a little unsure of yourself and not as confident as usual, domineering individuals see you as an easy “victim”. Another negative possibility is that you will react to the problem by turning the tables and being bossy and domineering with others.

These obstacles, although frustrating, also help you discover a path that is appropriate for you. There is an excellent chance of discovering alternatives that are very suitable for you and actually offer a more direct route to your goals. Ingenuity and resourcefulness are needed now to turn the situation around and make these discoveries. This is a difficult time and you can easily become discouraged, less motivated, and unwilling to bounce back. This is a sobering time when your limits are shown, but you must muster the strength to accept the situation and formulate a modification of your original plans.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Jupiter

Unexpected obstacles on your path appear at this time, frustrating your aims and ambitions and trying your patience. You may doubt whether you should continue with your plans or whether to abandon them. This is a time of serious reconsideration and reformulation of your values, goals, and aspirations, and how to best achieve them. Do not overreact by abandoning everything. Areas in which you have not developed strongly and which hamper the attainment of your goals are exposed now and some adjusting is definitely needed. In most cases, a reorganizing of priorities and change of approach will “do the trick”.

Sloppiness, inconsistencies, and exaggerations are exposed now. You may have to face the sobering realization that you must “clean up your act” now, cut down on expansion, and strengthen your foundation. The intensity and stressfulness of this astrological influence is dependent on how much cleaning up you need, so if you feel like the world is caving in on you then you know you have a lot of cleaning up to do! Many areas of your life are affected, including finances, career goals, attitudes and ideas. For example, you may find that you need to budget more wisely in order to meet bills; you may question a religious path or spiritual philosophy due to inconsistencies or hypocrisies that are discovered; or you may improve efficiency and performance at work in order to remain competitive. As mentioned above, you probably should not abandon your pursuits, but rather make modifications. There is probably much of value in your spiritual path or your business and you should keep it, but you do need to streamline, cut out excesses, extravagances, and exaggerations, and focus on essentials.

Difficulties of a legal nature or with government agencies can also arise now. Areas in which you have tried to cut corners or bypass requirements can come back to haunt you now. Deal with any such issues honestly and with integrity. Be willing to admit mistakes and compensate for past negligence.

Although this is a difficult time, decisions that you make now and the reorganization of your priorities can also open new doors for you that you would never have considered otherwise. You may change jobs or make other major changes that offer you a more fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Jupiter

This is a positive and fortunate time for business pursuits and career goals. Your goals and ambitions are molded into concrete reality at this time, and you have a vehicle for reaching your destination. Assistance can take many forms, such as a pianist finally obtaining a new, better piano to replace the old one, an artist or craftsman moving into a house that provides a better studio or workshop, or an enterprising business person landing a contract to undertake a major project. In one way or another, this is a time when you find ways to implement your dreams. The benefits do not come to you on a silver platter. It is up to you to use the tools and materials that are made available to you. Now you have the chance to do more and advance. Take full advantage of the opportunity and apply yourself energetically. You can carve out a much better life for yourself at this time.

You will feel the desire to make several minor, but significant, adjustments in your work. For example, if you are engaged in a business activity, you may discontinue some advertising, use new sources for various services that you use, assign new tasks to employees, change advertising to appeal to a new market, make changes in the product line, etc. The worst mistake you can make at this time is to procrastinate and not act on your ideas! At this time you have an excellent sense of balance and proportion, of how to efficiently meet goals and objectives, and you should utilize this sensitivity to improve upon existing situations.

These qualities are evident in your personal life as well. You are likely to clean out your closets, reorganize, and also discover new opportunities for growth and enrichment. You may find a business or agency that is interested in a hobby of yours, or a group of people may express interest in an area that you have a lot of experience with. Do not let opportunities pass you by. This is a harmonious and pleasant time for you, and one which can also bring some especially nice opportunities to you.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Jupiter

Cooperation and successful collaboration in the business and professional world are highlighted now. Legal matters and governmental matters of all kinds run very smoothly now. If you are involved in any legal disputes or involvements with government agencies, this is a time when a successful resolution can be reached. This is a good time to bring about increased harmony and cooperation in any organization, club, or business of which you are a part.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Jupiter

Personal doubts, an unexpected delay or expense, and/or outside pressures and responsibilities can undermine your hopes and your confidence. There is a lot of tension between practicality, realism, and “shoulds” on one hand and idealism, optimism, and “coulds” on the other. You may feel like it is all or nothing, no compromise will satisfy you, or that you are prostituting your original intent for the sake of worldly demands. It would be wise to slow down and not to insist on an either/or solution. You may have to sacrifice something, at least temporarily, but more likely if you just wait and be patient, you will be able to achieve your goals later.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Saturn

You take life very seriously now. You question major commitments and decisions you have made in the past, such as career choices, place of residence, marriage and other major relationships. This is a time of self-analysis and questioning about the direction you have taken in your life.

How this astrological influence affects you can vary enormously, depending on how you feel about the commitments that you have made. You feel much older and more mature now, and you view much of your earlier life as a more carefree, perhaps childish stage of life. As you view the past, you certainly can see things you would have done differently.

If you are, on the whole, pleased with the decisions you have made, then this is a time period when you are planning activities that will entail greater responsibilities than you have previously undertaken. For example, you may decide to marry, have children, or take a more responsible job, which is easier for you to do now because you feel more responsible and stable. You may not actually make the changes now, but you will at least think deeply about these issues and probably make definite decisions and plans to make these changes in the near future. You may, for example, begin serious searching for a new job, saving money, and making other preparations for the responsibilities that you will be assuming in the near future.

If you feel very dissatisfied with the major decisions of your past, then this is a very difficult time. You urgently feel the need to get back on track. You may have to initiate the difficult process of ending a marriage, dissolving old friendships, etc. You can feel overwhelmed with regret and bad feelings about yourself. Concentrate on breaking the old patterns and commitments that you have made. Once this is done, you will be better able to see what new steps need to be taken, and you will feel much better about your life and yourself.

This is a time of serious thought and self-analysis regarding the direction of your life. You need some time alone to ponder your situation so that you can make wise decisions. You are also likely to feel the pressure of many obligations in your daily life. Few doors open for you now, and many doors are closing. You are actually beginning a new cycle of approximately 29 and a half years; you are either 28-30, 58-60, or 86-90 years old. Although this is not obvious to you, this time period is an important one and the changes, decisions, and attitudes you develop now will have a great impact on the next 29 and a half year cycle.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Saturn

Your mood is conservative, quiet, reflective, and philosophical at this time. You are more detached from your daily affairs than usual, and you step back to reflect on the overall course of your life. You are very concerned with your responsibilities to important people in your life and you may give a special gift or provide practical assistance to parents, spouse, or children. You may also feel very strongly that a relationship has fulfilled its purpose and decide to end a long-term relationship, or perhaps you allow greater autonomy and individual differences between you and the other person.

This is also a good time for clearing away obligations that have been dragging on for some time. Debts that you have forgotten about may surface at this time. Do not try to avoid them. This is a good time to pay off loans and debts or repay favors that you owe others.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Saturn

You are very critical and demanding of yourself at this time. You question your real worth and integrity, the major decisions you have made, and your ability to successfully follow through on ideas and plans. You meet obstacles and restrictions which further confirm your suspicions that your life is not on track! A serious loss of confidence can occur.

One of the worst tendencies of this astrological influence is to feel frustrated, cut off from the good things in life, and upset with oneself, but do nothing at all about it except complain and feel anxious. You must be willing to see weaknesses, hypocrisies, egotism, and insincerity in yourself and make a sincere attempt to rid yourself of these ills. You must break the old habits and be able to take a fresh approach to these ingrained tendencies. You must have the courage to make a change, and the changes needed have more to do with HOW you do things than WHAT you do. This is a time to find greater sincerity and meaningfulness in your life and work and to rid yourself of extravagances, pomp, and vanity.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Saturn

Your daily life is steady and stable, although not particularly exciting or unusual at this time. This is an excellent time to make steady, practical progress in your life. You can make great strides in paying off any debts that you may have and in gaining financial and material security. This is a good time for making long-term investments or gaining training that will provide you with practical, marketable skills. Patient, industrious, and responsible activity brings long-term, practical benefits at this time.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Saturn

Conservative, practical steps towards greater security and stability are achieved at this time. This is a good time for making long-term investments, receiving practical training that will provide you with practical, marketable skills. Developments in your business or profession are positive now, and you may receive a new insurance policy, greater job security, or other benefit that ensures a stable, solid foundation for you and your family. Steady, practical progress is made in your life now. This is a time when you can make great strides in paying off any outstanding debts or obligations owed to others.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Saturn

At this time losses, burdens, cumbersome responsibilities, and/or an overall sense of struggle weighs you down considerably. You may feel depressed or oppressed, unhappy with yourself and your life for no particular reason, and older than your years.

This is not a good time to make binding contracts or agreements. You are apt to be too pessimistic or limited in your thinking to do yourself justice. This is also a time when you may have to deal with some unfinished business from the past before you can move on. Finish all jobs and clear out debts if you can.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal UR

This is a difficult time period! You feel caught in a rut that you are unable to break free from. Your daily routine feels oppressive, but improvement of the situation is not easily achieved. Obstacles are encountered not only in the outer world but within yourself as well. You may feel a “creative block” that prevents you from working with the same level of inspiration and originality that you are accustomed to.

As frustration increases, you become increasingly irritated by social obligations and legal requirements. Things that you normally perceive as minor annoyances now seem oppressive. For example, the following situations are very irritating: needing to fill out forms or go through other bureaucratic procedures in order to renew your driver’s license, meeting government guidelines in your business, or waiting in line at the bank or grocery store.

You are likely to become tight and tense during this period. Massages, exercise, and outdoor activities will alleviate the tension. Some people tighten up severely both physically and psychologically under this astrological influence, becoming very rigid, apathetic, moralistic, and judgmental. This rigidity is caused by the repression of instincts and spontaneous feelings. In this case, the need for loosening up is critically important.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Uranus

The key issues for this time period are frustration, confinement, and rebellion. People of authority, rules, regulations, and laws block your intentions and desires at this time. Your employer or supervisor may be domineering, a project you planned may get stopped by a government regulation, and proposals to companies and businesses get rejected because your ideas are considered eccentric, impractical, and not well researched.

These obstacles appear unreasonable to you, causing you to feel rebellious. You may be tempted to break the laws, but this is likely only to lead to greater difficulties. Use a more tactful, constructive approach and seek ways to do the things that you want to do without attracting even greater opposite Natal to yourself. You tend to feel eccentric and apart from the mainstream now, and you tend to react with hostility and anger to the frustrations you encounter. Hostility will not help, and polarizing yourself against others only creates a bigger rift. Seek constructive alternatives. If you can be resourceful and clever, there is the possibility of turning the current conflict into a “creative conflict” that results in positive changes. Do not try to ignore the issues or stay quiet. Confront others when necessary and bring the issues to the forefront, but do it in a way that invites others to debate the issues and address them intelligently. Refrain from name-calling and accusative remarks that incite opposite Natal!

Transiting Saturn square Natal Uranus

You encounter frustrations now that throw a wet blanket on your enthusiasm. You feel blocked and hemmed in. Your creative and original plans meet with opposite Natal from conservative people, established rules, and societal norms. You are forced into finding new outlets for your creative ideas. You may have to abandon your approach to an activity and try a new angle.

If you have been breaking the law in any way, you are likely to get caught now, whether it be for relatively minor offenses like driving faster than the speed limit or for more significant offenses like not fully reporting your taxes. Reckless behavior, such as drunken driving, is particularly likely to be squelched and disciplined at this time.

However, illegal activities are not the only ones blocked at this time. Unfortunately, the things that excite you the most and that may have the noblest and most virtuous qualities are also frustrated. However, don’t give up on things that are important to you just because they meet obstacles at this time. You may need to draw upon all of the patience, will power, and determination that you can muster to meet the obstacles you face, but wise actions now will build a stable foundation for you and enable you to have greater freedom in the future.

The increased tension and stress that you experience now can be relieved through massage, stretching, or outdoor exercises. Maintain good health habits now as you can get very wired up and stressed.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Uranus

Your inspirations and original ideas take concrete form now. This is a very positive time when the opportunity to do the things that you love presents itself. You feel freed from restrictions and obstacles, and your creative abilities are very strong. Your responsibilities in your job are likely to change at this time, allowing you greater freedom and additional resources to pursue the work that you love.

You are very creative right now. Some of your best work can be done, particularly if your work requires creativity. Take advantage of this time to let your creative talents reach new levels. Almost any endeavor, whether it be writing, art, music, science, etc., benefits from this astrological influence. You can make great strides in the development of technique. You have excellent control and discipline, without being too rigid; for example, musicians can give brilliant performances under this astrological influence.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Uranus

This is a positive time when your finest creative ideas or works find a positive outlet. Any creative or original suggestions that you make to employers, government agencies, or people in authority are met with interest and support. You have a particularly good ability at this time for introducing something original into an established setting in a pleasant, harmonious way that attracts success.

Peace can be brought about between conservative and liberal factions at this time. Parents and children experiencing a generation gap find that they can better understand and appreciate each other now. This is a good time to improve relations with any person or group that views you as either too wild and uncontrolled or as too rigid and conservative.

Your creative abilities are also highlighted, and you will find that some of your best creative work can be done now. Whether the pursuit is art, music, writing, scientific exploration, or any other creative endeavor, you will find that you are highly productive and imaginative now. Areas that require dexterity and good technique such as playing a musical instrument or painting are ones in which your performance is unusually skillful.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Uranus

Matters you want to change are delayed or considerably slowed down. The status quo (in the form of prior commitments, duties, and the familiar structures in your life which give you a sense of security) is very resistant to the new. Conditions and restraints on your freedom may suddenly become unbearably uncomfortable. Rifts and separations are thus indicated. A very concrete practical limitation, for example, money, a health challenge, or responsibility for another may also unexpectedly prevent you from being as free as you wish. No doubt your patience will be severely tested, but if you manage to come to some uneasy balance or partial solution, the tension will ease.

Be especially attentive to all traffic regulations and safety rules and precautions at this time. An erratic situation could develop into an accident or mishap.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Neptune

Some illusions and glamorous notions that you have are painfully removed now. You may discover that a movie star, hero, lover, parent, or other person you admire is not as “divine” as you thought.

Doubts about your ideals and religious beliefs are also likely to arise. Even if you are an agnostic or atheist, you will now question whether your belief system is perhaps a little superficial. You may find yourself swinging between doubt and a rather self-righteous, rigid, and dogmatic adherence to a philosophical or religious belief system. Avoid the tendency to be rigid and judgmental! This is a time when your ideals and beliefs should be changing and maturing. However, if you are fearful of change and uncomfortable with doubt, you may become entrenched in a dogmatic attitude at this time. Some people experience this astrological influence as a discontent with life, moodiness, and depressed feelings with no apparent cause. These feelings are usually accompanied by low physical vitality and susceptibility to colds and other illnesses. These problems arise because your dreams and hopes have been dissipated. If your “bubble bursts”, then you must probe within yourself for a new star to hitch your wagon to, a new vision for yourself. Avoid the tendency to become despondent and, by all means, refrain from escapism via alcohol or drugs.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Neptune

This is a difficult time period when you are likely to feel very disappointed in yourself. You see the stark contrast between what your highest ideals are and what you have done to achieve them, and the gap is likely to be appalling. You may think of yourself as a failure now, or very inadequate, and you may feel jealous of the success of others. You want so much to bring your ideals and fantasies to fruition now. Most people do not come very close to achieving their loftiest ideals and fantasies, and consequently this time period can be very sobering and depressing.

You are likely to be much too hard on yourself now. Try not to belittle yourself and do not overlook the many strides you have made towards achieving your ideals.

This is also a time when you may make great advances in spiritual understanding and your overall attitude towards life. Take advantage of opportunities to attend inspiring workshops. You can learn much from a speaker, counselor, or minister who has a lot of experience in the spiritual aspect of life. If you are unable to find the spiritual nourishment and direction that your inner being seeks now, you may resort to drowning your longings in alcohol, drugs, or fantasies.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Neptune

This is a very trying time when doubt is cast on your most cherished ideals and lofty dreams. If you are a religious person, you may have the sobering realization of inconsistencies in your spiritual philosophy or hypocrisies within the church. Doubts about your spiritual path can bring you to a crisis and a crossroads in your thinking and attitude towards life. If you have not been taking a strong interest in metaphysical or spiritual areas, you may have a crisis regarding charitable activities or social and political ideals. Additionally, it is common for this astrological influence to bring about a general feeling of discontent with life, lack of motivation and energy, or negative attitudes and moods, without any apparent cause.

Negative feelings and low energy now can lead you to poor health habits such as getting insufficient exercise, eating junk food, smoking, or drinking to excess. Fight off these negative tendencies by taking a more active interest in spiritual, religious, idealistic, and charitable activities. For some people, a wonderful antidote for these negative tendencies is helping others with the same problem. For example, you can help people with alcohol-related problems rather than drink alcohol yourself or help drug users rather than take drugs yourself!

You are more susceptible to colds and other illnesses now, so try to maintain good health habits.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Neptune

Deepening of spiritual understanding is a key issue now. You are able to probe matters with unusual sensitivity and depth now. You discover beautiful messages and symbolism in poetry, fairy tales, myths, and religious books. Your awareness enables you to pick up on nuances of meaning that have escaped you before. You come into contact with music, literature, and spiritual activities that are deeper and more mature than you have previously encountered. Take advantage of this time period to increase your depth of awareness and appreciation of life.

You are able to incorporate inspiring, imaginative qualities into almost any kind of work. If you are involved in an artistic, literary, or spiritual area, the effect is most obvious, but an imaginative or exotic flourish can enter into your cooking, home decor, and other areas of life that may usually lack creativity and imagination.

This astrological influence is not particularly motivating, and you may fail to fully utilize the increased sensitivity and awareness that is available to you. People may suggest that you read a certain book, attend a lecture, listen to a new piece of music, etc. at this time, and you may make the mistake of turning down all of these invitations. Do not cut yourself off from the opportunity to experience a new level of depth in your artistic and spiritual sensitivity.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Neptune

Increased awareness of the needs of others and a greater willingness to give of yourself is emphasized at this time. Cooperation with others on charitable works is highlighted. You are likely to find yourself involved with others in an activity designed to benefit some needy group of people, or you engage in a goodwill activity such as making improvements in degenerated neighborhoods or other neglected areas in your community.

Take advantage of opportunities to share with others in noble and charitable causes. Although the opportunity may present itself, you may turn it down. Also, if you have had an idea for helping some neglected or needy situation in your community but have not been sure how or when to approach the issue, now is the time when your efforts will be met with interest and support.

This astrological influence is not extremely powerful and the results may not bring you tangible rewards, but the effects are very significant, meaningful, and important from a spiritual perspective.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Neptune

You have to focus your attention and efforts in any area of your life where you have been undisciplined, disorganized, impractical, or have tended to escape or evade responsibility. An unexpected or mysterious illness stemming from unexamined or unresolved emotional stress is possible, and even if this does not occur, you will most likely need a lot more rest. At best this is a deeply introspective time, time for a thorough soul searching and an opportunity to better understand your deepest spiritual aspects. Feelings of despair or depression are a call to look deeply within for what you need. Beware of being too hard on yourself for past mistakes. These need to be remedied if possible, but try not to wallow in them.

A period of renunciation, soulful aloneness, and peace would be positive for you.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Pluto

Hard work, persevering effort, and an unusual degree of self-discipline are highlighted now. This is a time when you are ready and willing to hurdle obstacles that have been in your path for some time. You can now muster the stamina and strength for the arduous labor that is required.

Here is an example of what you can do at this time. Suppose that you have let your physical body get very out of shape over the last several years. You may have tried exercise regimens and diets sporadically over the years, without making any long-term progress. During the current time period, you can begin a program of exercise and improved diet that you stick to assiduously until it becomes a new habit in your life.

Here is another example. Perhaps you have been thinking for some years that you should go back to college and get a degree (or another degree), so that you can make advancement in your career and move out of the job you have now, which seems mediocre to you. During this time, mediocrity and lukewarm conditions are detestable! If you cannot afford to stop working in order to go back to school, you will work during the day and take classes at night, while using your weekends to study. Your willingness to sacrifice and persevere is much greater now because you feel deep within yourself that you must climb any mountain on your path in order to reach your goals.

Two suggestions are in order. You may intensely feel the desire to make changes like those mentioned above but, through force of habit and laziness, not manage to get the ball rolling. Once you start the change, you will stick to it to the bitter end, but you may have trouble initiating the changes. Do not hesitate too long because you will regret your procrastination and begin to feel frustrated, lonely, and depressed. Secondly, be careful not to go to dangerous extremes; dieting to the point where it becomes a fast that causes you to faint is not a good idea!@

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Pluto

Hard work and persevering effort are highlighted. Deadlines and other pressures force you to work long hours now, but fortunately you have the stamina to endure the effort. You are not in a very jovial mood now, and you do not want to be distracted. Other people see you as self-willed, obstinate, and severe and, for the most part, they will leave you alone and let you struggle through your work. You are unlikely to get any lucky breaks either, so you simply need to buckle down and push through to the end. Do not take on any additional responsibilities or activities at this time, as you will want all of your energy to focus on the work at hand. Sociability is seen by you as an obstacle so do very little entertaining at this time. You will wish everyone would go home so you can mow the grass, paint the house, take care of other chores, and get back to important projects that need your attention.

It is very likely that an employer, supervisor, government agency, the law, regulations, or other authority may block your personal motives, ambitions, and interests at this time. Try not to react with hostility, anger, or depressed feelings. Your work is cut out for you, and you simply must do your best despite the circumstances. If you can keep a positive attitude and do your best, a resolution to the problem can occur and your goals can be reached. This is not an easy time, however, and diligent application of effort is needed.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Pluto

Your personal aims, ambitions, and interests meet with unexpected obstacles at this time. Doors that you have been hoping would open are closing instead. The frustrations and obstacles can be deep enough to make you consider abandoning a pursuit or at least make very critical changes in your approach. Finances are tight now and others express little interest and enthusiasm for your ideas, so you have to be very resourceful.

You may reach a kind of identity crisis as you question the value of your deepest ambitions. You may decide that you cannot get what you want out of life, but you would be foolish to give up completely on the things that you love! There are lessons to be learned and changes that are needed, but abandoning what you love due to obstacles alone is not a good enough reason. You must find more effective ways to reach your goals, cut out waste and excess, and more sincerely express your interests. Success in things of importance requires dedication and belief in oneself even when the going gets rough.

You might find yourself getting into power struggles with others. You may try to force your will on others in an attempt to claim what you perceive as rightfully yours. Others may try to dominate and control you. If these problems occur, you need to take some time out from activities in order to think more deeply about your situation and gain a better grip on what is really important to you, and to better evaluate the situation.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Pluto

Your dedication and commitment to your work and responsibilities at this time is very high. Your work is cut out for you. Hard work is needed by you at your place of employment and you respond to the situation with reliable and consistent performance. Your work is meaningful and you recognize that you are providing a tangible, valuable service to others, which gives you great satisfaction. The progress you make now is particularly important to you personally because you are doing many of the things that you have yearned to do in the past. The work is not glamorous and external rewards are not tremendous, but do not let that deter your efforts. What you do now assists you in continuing your pursuit of deeply important and meaningful work. Take advantage of this time period to develop your concentration and talents in these areas of personal interest. You can stabilize and strengthen a position in life that will remain suitable for you for many years to come.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Pluto

Dedication and commitment to work and relationships are key issues now. Excellent cooperation on important tasks is highlighted. In close personal relationships, you reach an even deeper mutual appreciation and understanding, and you are now able to assist each other more and work together more honestly and sincerely. Business relationships also work well now. Business meetings progress well because the different parties involved better appreciate the deeper concerns and issues at hand.

Your reliability, consistency, and dedicated work is appreciated, and you may receive recognition or a promotion now. This is a positive time for you when other people and situations assist you in accomplishing the tasks that are really important to you. Big breakthroughs and celebrations are not indicated; the effects are more subtle, but still very important. This is a time of quiet and deep, purposeful activity.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Pluto

At this time you must deal with some situation which is severely restricting and difficult. It is a period of struggle in which what you are really made of is tested at a deep level. You must deal with fears or karmic patterns which may have existed for a long time. Some concrete manifestation of an inner dilemma, compulsion, or unmet need is indicated. Making a tremendous effort to master the situation will be necessary. You may discover or encounter an “enemy” who has much to teach you.

A difficult separation or a realization that you must go it alone in a deep sense is also likely. Drawing upon your inner spiritual resources or on a higher power can aid you at this time, however.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Ascendant

During this time period you are serious-minded, introspective, and sincerely concerned with your responsibilities and commitments. You make some important decisions that affect the course of your life. This is a critically important time when you mature rapidly. You may feel that some of your habits are holdovers from your adolescence and you are now ready to drop them. This change in your attitude and perspective on life causes you to cut out many old habits and interests. You are now taking life more seriously and you act more responsibly.

You are not very sociable or jovial at this time. Others perceive you as aloof and indifferent to them. They sense the change in your attitude towards life, and a feeling of distance develops between you and others. You may become very lonely and feel that few people understand you. This feeling arises because your attitudes are changing. In reality, you are not as different as you think you are; it’s just that your attitudes and interests are changing and becoming different from those of many of your old friends and acquaintances.

Any number of major changes can occur at this time. Relocating is perhaps the most common one. The dissolution of old friendships and the formation of new ones also occurs. A change in employment or the start of a new interest may develop.

You may decide to seriously pursue an area that you have always had an interest in, but never seriously pursued. Such a decision usually works out exceptionally well in the long run as long as you can continue your dedication to this pursuit during the long phase of training required to develop expertise. At this point in your life you want to do the things that are really meaningful to you, and that is why you are likely to tune into your deepest talents and natural proclivities rather than pursuits based more on social and parental pressures or financial gain. If you have been neglecting your inherent talents and gifts, you will now develop a “better late than never” attitude and begin to tap these resources. Now you can see the importance of doing things that are most meaningful, even when tangible rewards are not immediately forthcoming. Hopefully, this realization will not fade when this astrological influence ends.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Ascendant

Critically important decisions are made at this time regarding friendships, associations, and the pursuit of your career goals. An important turning point is reached, and decisions that you make now will affect your life for many years into the future.

Relationships either break up or become more solid now. They will not stay lukewarm. For example, if you are unmarried but dating someone, the relationship is very likely to either dissolve or become very serious, with a likelihood of leading to marriage. The reason for these changes is that you, consciously or unconsciously, are now striving to have deep, lasting relationships so light, frivolous relationships do not interest you. Less personal relationships like acquaintances and associations with co-workers and colleagues are also affected, and you now find your relationships narrowing down to one or two close ones, with the other ones disappearing.

You are also at a turning point in your career. An opportunity may come to you, or you may become aware of an alternative route to reaching your goals. You are likely to meet resistance from other people, and competitors or domineering people may try to squelch any move you make. You may also form an alliance with an older or more experienced individual whose experience can aid you as well. Be careful in your work-related relationships as a stressful combination of both good and bad developments can seriously affect the course of your career. Avoid associations with individuals who may try to dominate or restrict you later.

New responsibilities and obligations to close friends may arise now. You may be called upon to make sacrifices to help an ailing or needy relative or friend. Do not shirk your responsibilities and rather than seeing the situation as an obstacle, see it as an opportunity to help someone in need and whom you perhaps owe a debt to. Also, do not become morose over difficult relationships or separations, and do not allow yourself to let responsibilities to others make you feel enslaved and completely trapped. Take the changes in stride and have the courage to move on.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Ascendant

Frustrations and obstacles in your relationships with others arise at this time. You feel like others do not really understand you and do not cooperate with you, and that to do anything right, you have to do it yourself. Weak points in your relationships to others reveal themselves, and you find out that others often are not there to help you when you need them most. Those few people that you do feel in rapport with now become even more important to you and become even closer friends.

You are likely to make an important change at this time. Many of your habits may no longer feel appropriate. You may change your manner of dress, hair style, or other aspect of your appearance. You want others to think of you differently, and these changes can be effective in helping you better express your current feelings and interests.

Your personality and attitude towards life undergoes some changes now. If you are experiencing a lot of frustration now, you may assume a negative stance towards life – pessimistic and less enthusiastic, and you may feel that bad luck has befallen you. If this happens, try to realize that the world is not against you, that you are the maker of your own destiny, and be strong enough to make positive changes in your attitudes.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Ascendant

Stability, maturity, and cooperation are the key issues for this time period. You feel rapport with others on important issues. At work, you find that others share common concerns about important aspects of life.

Any agreements made with others now are likely to last a long time and be very stable. The shared interests are very long-lasting, there is mutual respect and regard for each as individuals, and both parties are committed to assisting one another. Business matters, interactions with government agencies, and legal issues run smoothly and harmoniously now.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Ascendant

Relationships with others are harmonious and stable now. Someone older than yourself, more experienced, or in a position of authority is likely to assist you now in the things that are important to you. Government agencies and businesses also respond positively to issues and ideas that concern you. This is a good time for any communications with authorities or persons of social prominence. You are feeling confident and the serious-mindedness and maturity of your communications is appreciated by others.

You have a greater rapport with others now, especially on issues that deeply concern you. Others seem less superficial and irresponsible to you, and you feel greater respect for them. Actually, others haven’t changed as much as it would appear; you are better able to communicate with others and see the more mature side of their personalities.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Ascendant

You find yourself pulling away from people at this time and, even if you tell yourself you want to form or maintain a close relationship, you have some difficulty doing so. It is hard to put your best foot forward right now; all of your flaws or insecurities seem right at the surface.

On another level, you may feel something or someone in your environment is blocking, interfering, delaying, or pressuring you in ways that are difficult to address or rectify at the present moment. Patience, steadiness, perseverance, and forbearance may well be the only way to meet these challenges.

Try to avoid a negative, pessimistic, or self-pitying attitude, too. If you cannot maintain a positive momentum, at least have the grace not to blame other people or yourself. Whatever frustrations occur can help you define or redefine things in your life, especially in your relations with others.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Midheaven

Your ambitions or career reach a climax or critical point at this time. This time period is an important culmination of a great deal of effort. The effect of this culmination can be either wonderful or disastrous, depending on the quality of your work and the astuteness of your career decisions. For most people, a major advancement in career is made at this time, with increased stature and responsibilities, but also considerable stress, power struggles, and difficulty attend this change. It is possible that the stress and difficulty become so great that the success is very short-lived and you quickly topple down to an even lower position than where you started.

If you are employed by a large company, you are likely to receive a promotion to a position of much greater authority and stature. If you are involved in an artistic, athletic, or service area, you may receive special recognition at this time. However, you may also face the negative consequences of increased responsibilities and pressure, such as resistance and nastiness from others who resent your promotion, or exposure of inadequacies in your character or personality. The advancement you make now is the culmination of the effort and dedication you have put into your work. At this time you receive recognition and advancement in response to your years of service and dedication. However, note that if you have been cheating your customers or clients, taking shortcuts to success, exaggerating your products or talents, or investing time, energy, and resources on fantastic, impractical dreams, then a collapse of your entire effort may occur now.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Midheaven

A new step in maturity and independence is made at this time. This change is usually a difficult one to make because it involves breaking old habits and associations that you have become accustomed to. A person in his/her late teens or 20’s may decide to leave home. You may decide to move from the area that you have lived in for some time, or you may stop attending a group function that you have been a part of for a long time. In one way or another, you are likely to drop old and familiar routines and circumstances, perhaps without knowing why, but it is because you need to let the old, outworn habits die and new ones begin. In some cases, the changes are forced on you. A death or illness of a family member, or being forced to move from your current home are examples of the kinds of events that can occur.

You need some solitude and quiet during this time period in order to reflect on your life and think deeply about your life as a whole. Deeply felt, but difficult to verbalize, concerns can percolate up from your subconscious now. Quiet times of relaxation, long walks, and meditation can be very helpful now.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Midheaven

An important decision regarding your career will need to be made at this time. It becomes clear to you around this time that certain pursuits are leading to a dead end and therefore must be abandoned. You feel clear about what your goals are, but there are lots of questions right now about how to get there. This is a time to investigate alternatives.

Be careful, however, because this is a critical time when you may make a major change in your employment or career strategy that you will later regret. Frustrations and impatience with current progress may incline you to give up on the things that are really worthwhile and meaningful to you. Power struggles with others can cause you to react with hostility or feelings of despair and hopelessness. Increasing demands and responsibilities both at work and home can make you feel very stressed and exhausted. Frustrations you face now show you the weak points in your life and the responsibilities that you need to attend to. Take care of the things that require your attention and be willing to let go of the things that are less important. Some sacrifices may need to be made, but do not give up on the things that are really important to you. You must be willing to come to realizations of what is really important. You may find that you have been more materialistic or egocentric in your ambitions than you realized, ignoring the needs of others who can benefit from your help.

An opportunity may come to you, or you may become aware of an alternative route to reaching your goals. You are likely to meet with resistance from other people, and competitors or domineering people may try to squelch any move you make. You may also form an alliance with an older or more experienced individual whose experience can aid you as well. So be careful in your work-related relationships as a stressful combination of both good and bad developments can seriously affect the course of your career. Avoid associations with individuals who may try to dominate or restrict you later.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Midheaven

Solid and steady progress in achieving career goals is highlighted now. If you are not happy with the kind of work you do, then investigate the possibilities of a change in your assigned duties at this time. If you are happy with the kind of work you do and you perform your job well, it is very likely that you will receive a promotion now.

Do not seek out opportunities that require skills that you do not possess because this astrological influence does not bring completely unexpected benefits. The progress you make now is based on the skills and talents that you have developed.

You are very clear about what your career goals are at this time. You are able to make wise, practical decisions that bring you up a step in your pursuits. It is unlikely that you will make radical changes in your career at this time; you will build upon whatever progress you have made in the past and take an important step forward.

People of stature and importance assist you now in achieving your career goals. You may receive recognition or a promotion that cements your job position and offers increased stability and job security.

If improvements in your career do not seem to be very significant but you feel strongly that there are changes you can make that will significantly improve the situation, then act on these thoughts and feelings. Don’t sit back and wait if you can see what needs to be done. This astrological influence is helpful but not particularly motivating, and you may fail to take advantage of the opportunities due to inertia.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Midheaven

Significant progress in your career pursuits is very likely at this time. Receiving a promotion is one very common way that many people experience the effects of this astrological influence.

Cooperation and assistance from people of stature and authority are also indicated. Government agencies and businesses also cooperate with you, and you are now able to break through bureaucratic red tape and gain the attention and support of large organizations and influential people.

If you own your own business, you may sign a contract with a large concern or negotiate a large project with another party. This contract or agreement will work out very well as it is based on sound principles and a well-established foundation.

You are confident and happy with whatever achievements you have made during your life. This increased confidence and good feelings about yourself assist you in making a good impression on others. This is also a good time for interviewing, acting as a representative for a company, or any other situation that requires you to act in a responsible and dignified manner.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Midheaven

A blockage, disappointment, or dead end in your professional life can make this a crucial period for you. Long term goals and your relationship to mentors, teachers, and figures of respect and authority are reassessed. Do not overlook or ignore whatever messages you are getting, especially if warnings or problems arise. On the other hand, don’t get discouraged if you feel overwhelmed with responsibility or the realization that you must part company with those who may have guided or employed you in the past. At this time, too, you may feel you have missed opportunities, avoided the requisite rigors, or simply not taken your own goals seriously enough. Now is the time to realign yourself with your own purposes, roll up your sleeves, and get to work.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Ceres

You cherish close ties with family and loved ones now, yet may feel overly responsible for their welfare, care, and concern. You have a tendency now to take a more serious and mature approach to matters regarding the health, education, and protection of family members, especially children, at this time. You need a sense of order, control, and stability in your closest personal relationships, as well as in your home and career. In your attempts to keep everyone comfortable, safe, and pampered, you may neglect to nourish your own emotional needs or feel a lack of fulfillment in this regard. You may have to learn to express your desires for love, affection, and attention more openly, as loved ones might conclude that you have less need to rely on them for support and nurturing. During this period you may also have concerns over the health or well-being of a parent or elderly person in your family. Reflections on your past, upbringing, and childhood are also possible. Close relationships are tested and evaluated to determine if they are sound and enduring. In addition, some alliances will be restructured and improved, or you may experience a separation or loss of a significant relationship in your life.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Ceres

Personal or career ambitions can interfere with your responsibilities toward family members and loved ones at this time. A child, mate, sibling, or parent may place heavy demands on your time and patience so that the sense of emotional obligation that comes over you feels slightly overwhelming. Work progress can be slow or limited until you restructure and organize home affairs. There may be worrisome concerns over children’s issues, education, or the health of a family member which requires your involvement and support. Children may need more discipline and structure or you may demonstrate more rigidity and protectiveness toward loved ones. You should avoid criticizing the people you care about if they disappoint you or fail to live up to your expectations. Long-standing ties and close relationships may be in need of reevaluation and examination, especially to determine if people are working along with you and sharing your values and goals or if you are subordinating yourself for their needs and making your own desires secondary. Whether you simply set new ground rules in your relationships or actually experience a loss or separation from someone you care about, this period will ultimately be a lesson in maturity and personal growth.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Ceres

Frustration and difficulty may be experienced through loved ones and family members during this time. A sense of separation or deprivation may be felt with respect to satisfying your needs for emotional support and nurturing. A loved one may not be taking your needs and desires seriously or may impose restrictions and limitations in this regard. You may also have to assume responsibilities or obligations in your domestic life which becomes a personal burden or hardship. Past and present issues dealing with children, health, education, and parental attitudes need to be sorted out at this time. In addition, you might have to shoulder the blame for failures and mistakes in familial or love relationships. You may feel that the demands and pressures placed upon you by loved ones are unreasonable or unfair and you are left to your own resources to deal with the situation. You may need to draw boundaries, set limits, and give serious consideration to relationships which are unhealthy or one-sided at this time. Improvement will occur in relationships which endure the challenges of this period, and others may be released if they are no longer suitable for you.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Ceres

You feel a greater responsibility toward loved ones and family members during this time. You can concentrate on organizing daily affairs, children’s interests, or parental duties with more efficiency and order. Mutual cooperation and emotional support in family matters is a likelihood now, and this will enrich and nourish your relationships with loved ones. You will want to encourage and strengthen family values, traditions, and commitment and may use gentle discipline and guidance as a means of protecting those in your care. Domestic relationships should prove quite stable and predictable during this period.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Ceres

You may feel an increased need to be responsible, loyal, and dedicated to loved ones and members of your family at this time. The desire for stability, structure, and consistency in your home life is paramount. During this period you may learn more efficient ways to nurture, educate, heal, and comfort a mate, child, parent, or some other person who means a great deal to you. Remembrance of your own childhood and past emotional experiences may give you a desire to mother and protect loved ones. You might find satisfaction through taking personal responsibility for anyone who needs your concern and assistance as well. You are more likely to be interested in building trust, respect, and enduring bonds in your close relationships and will do your best to ensure that goal.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Ceres

This may be a period of loneliness and frustration in domestic or love relationships. Responsibilities and obligations toward family members or a loved one may be a main concern at this time. Home interests and the affairs of a child, mate, or parent may interfere with your personal or work-related goals. A conflict between your needs and those of a loved one may cause emotional turmoil and hardship in your relationship. You or someone you care about may put up emotional barriers or limit the amount of attention, care, love, or concern given, which makes the nourishment and nurturing of the relationship feel inadequate now. Children may experience difficulties in their education, or a health issue could arise for a parent or family member. You may have a sense that the durability and stability of your relationships is being tested now. You may need to learn to be more sympathetic and understanding of loved ones during this period. This could also be a time of solitude, heavy reflection on past matters or, in extreme cases, having to deal with a loss or separation in your personal life.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Pallas

You may experience delays or limitations in getting your creative or business projects underway. Your capacity to stick to tedious jobs or assignments is diminished. Also some of your more familiar routines and responsibilities are subject to disorder and inefficiency at this time. Your faith in your own mental or creative capabilities may be tested now, and you might feel less secure about your ambitions and objectives. You may become very defensive over your old habits, traditions, and routines in the home or work environment and too much inflexibility in this regard is likely to create problems with co-workers or family members during this period. At this time you may find it necessary to use tact, diplomacy, and prudence when dealing with people and yet make your intentions and motivations clearly evident to others.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Pallas

Work-related or personal goals are subject to reevaluation during this period. Your more conventional ways and habits may need reconditioning or updating in order to achieve your objectives. Issues of self-worth, confidence, and determination may cause you to neglect important responsibilities at this time. You are apt to put yourself down or compare your talents and skills to other individuals now. You may also experience frustrations or setbacks to your ambitions (creative, business or intellectual) due to resistance from superiors or some kind of instability in your work environment.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Pallas

It will take greater work and effort to formulate your creative and career endeavors at this time. Opportunities to develop your talents and potential may be few or nonexistent during this period. You may need to seriously evaluate your past and present work habits or goals to determine whether they are practical and valid or in need of restructuring. Frustration with work assignments or creative projects is likely now. You may feel dismay over your mistakes and failures or may desire to shirk your responsibilities in this regard. Progress in your work or assignments may be slow or limited as well. Superiors or other individuals may feel your thinking and planning is not efficient. Errors or mistakes in judgment become evident or noticeable during this time. Reorganizing your work and setting priorities will be crucial now.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Pallas

Solid, sensible, and realistic thinking benefits your personal, creative, and worldly achievements at this time. You can rely upon a good sense of timing and judgment to afford you with opportunities to put forth your efforts, talents, and goals. Support and cooperation from business associates or higher-ups boosts your morale and confidence. You may feel more certain about the direction you wish to take in career or work ambitions. You might be more assertive than usual or undaunted in your attempts to gain recognition and respect as well. You will not take your responsibilities and obligations lightly. In fact, this is an excellent time to arrange, organize, and put both personal and business affairs in order.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Pallas

Long-term tasks, business assignments, or creative pursuits can be successfully undertaken or completed during this period. You can also establish effective and harmonious alliances with individuals who help prosper your career or personal ambitions. You would also do well in communications and negotiations with others, as your wisdom, enlightenment, and foresight is likely to be taken into consideration. Realistic, practical, and clear thinking makes this an excellent time to make important decisions regarding your direction and goals. Confidence, self-reliance, and determination afford you with opportunities to improve your methods and plans and to put them into operation.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Pallas

It may become necessary to organize or modify creative or work-related affairs at this time. Tedious, monotonous, or burdensome tasks and responsibilities cause strain and stress on your mental and creative resources. Trying to systematize and put your work in order should be a main concern for you. However, it may prove difficult to formulate ways to accomplish this now. Superiors and co-workers may be unimpressed by your performance or may set new rules, routines, and criteria in your work environment, which would demand that you adjust your way of thinking in this regard. Someone may try to put the brakes on a plan or project you had been in the process of working on. This period may test your abilities to be self-reliant, use good judgment, and make wise choices with respect to your ambitions.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Juno

Your attention is drawn to long-term romantic or marital relationships during this period. This can be a critical time in a marriage or love relationship, when partnerships are tested for permanence, reliability, and durability. Relationships which are solid and meaningful will likely grow in commitment, loyalty, and devotion. Marriages or romantic relationships which begin under this transit may involve karmic debts and obligations and will probably endure for the long haul. Dysfunctional, unstable, or stifling unions, however, may be dissolved or discarded at this time. Issues which challenge relationships now may deal with parents, work, responsibilities, duties, and personal ambitions, as well as trust and loyalty. A more serious, practical, and realistic attitude is necessary to handle any problems you may encounter during this time. However, you must also make certain you are taking your partner’s emotional needs into consideration. Similarly, you should make attempts to bring more warmth and affection to your relationship; otherwise, too strong a sense of duty and obligation would hinder some of the intimacy and romance now.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Juno

There may be barriers and emotional inhibitions in a love relationship or marriage at this time. Affectionate relating may be reduced or cooled down altogether, due to feelings of dissatisfaction or discord in the relationship. One or both of you may be putting responsibilities, demands, and restrictions on the other, causing tension and strain on your partnership. Monotony or boredom is another possibility during this period. What you need to do now is get everything under control, reorganize priorities, work toward fairness and objectivity, and bring back the warmth and intimacy to the union. If your partner is unresponsive, cold, or uncooperative, then you may have to seriously take this into consideration when attempting to work out reasonable solutions to difficulties and dilemmas. You might discover that a relationship is no longer fulfilling your needs or expectations. Sometimes this period can bring about a separation or a breakdown of a partnership. However, if there is true and loyal commitment to each other, the relationship may be restored at a later time.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Juno

Partnership issues, mainly marital or romantic, are apt to demand your attention at this time. Feelings of dissatisfaction, lack of fulfillment, or dismay may prevail and you may have difficulty coming to grips with the problems in your marriage or love relationship. You might feel confined, caged, or hemmed in by burdens and demands placed upon you by a partner at this time. However, commitment and loyalty to your relationship is foremost to your own needs and emotional longings. You may be hesitant to blame or resent your mate, as you might fear the consequences of any manipulating or controlling actions on your part. Fear can bind you to an unrewarding love relationship now or hinder your attempts to deal with the real conflicts and issues which trouble your partnership. You both may be in a deadlock or at cross-purposes regarding major decisions, job interests, family matters, and intimacy needs in the relationship. It may take considerable effort, teamwork, and open communication to reestablish trust, security, and stability in a significant relationship.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Juno

This period can bring stability and endurance to your marital or love relationship. Bonds of affection and intimacy are strengthened and it becomes easier to find reasonable and workable solutions to any difficulties you may be undergoing in a partnership. Commitment, loyalty, and devotion flourish in a solid and secure relationship. This can be a time when you have an opportunity to marry or make a lasting commitment to an individual whom you love and cherish. If already married, your union is afforded a second chance or a renewal of love, faith, and happiness now. Taking responsibilities and obligations with a more serious and mature attitude helps you learn and grow at this time. If you are unattached, you may develop a friendship with someone which grows into a strong love or you may begin a significant love relationship during this period.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Juno

There may be desires for security, permanence, and stability in a love relationship or marriage at this time. You seek more mature and serious attachments and are less inclined to remain in a relationship which lacks commitment, loyalty, and trust. Stable love unions may prosper and grow into even greater meaning and fulfillment for you now. Superficial or stagnant relationships may not feel suitable or comfortable to you at this time. If unmarried, you might have an opportunity to form a solid and responsible love relationship or perhaps learn more about your own needs and desires for love and marriage during this period.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Juno

Feelings of being overburdened with responsibilities makes this a difficult time in a marriage or significant love relationship. You and a mate may find it hard to make time for each other due to career and work-related demands or you might feel uncomfortable from internal pressures within the relationship itself. This period may also involve learning more about or releasing your expectations in an important love union. Regrets or misgivings about the manner in which you have handled past difficulties with your partner may trouble you at this time. Working on old karmic issues and letting go of past assumptions about your relationship is accented now. Restoring a sense of commitment, trust, and loyalty may be on your list of priorities.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Vesta

You may become overly preoccupied with a job, career, or personal interest. It will take work, time, and serious attention to tackle projects or responsibilities during this period. However, you are likely to have the stamina and endurance to follow through on your commitments. Also, by examining and clearing away old debts, assignments, and obligations in your business or personal life, you might be able to allow more productive and worthwhile goals and activities to develop now. Much of your focus may need to be on job security, improvement in work efficiency, or establishing your personal or professional relationships on a more stable and firm foundation. Seeking private time to carefully weigh important decisions or finding it necessary to work in solitude on specific tasks and projects may also characterize this time frame.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Vesta

Your current workload might involve heavy obligations and commitments at this time. Pressure or demands from superiors may be difficult to cope with and your work habits or routines may come under close scrutiny. Your work situation may also become unstable due to the lack of success or the overthrow of a boss or other authority figures in the company. Delays or frustrations may hinder your enthusiasm to approach new projects or complete assignments that are tedious and time-consuming. An important personal goal, project, or relationship may suffer problems or setbacks due to work responsibilities. Priorities need to be straightened out and inefficient work practices which stand in the way of progress should be eliminated. Patience, self-discipline, and a willingness to try new methods and practices may be necessary now.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Vesta

Significant and pressing work-related issues demand your attention at this time. You may be subjected to difficult and burdensome work or undergo stressful and disappointing experiences in your job environment. You might struggle to disentangle yourself from heavy responsibilities and refrain from making commitments due to feelings of discontent and dismay over your job situation. A boss, co-worker, or superior may be unfriendly, uncooperative, or unreasonable now. You might not get the feedback you need to remain dedicated and enthusiastic over your work responsibilities. This period may also characterize a time when you find work to be less meaningful or you try to free yourself from feelings of “burn-out” on the job.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Vesta

You may set some new goals or renew an interest in a project which sparks your personal motivation and enthusiasm now. Your career and personal aims may gain more focus during this time. Similarly, your sense of commitment, dedication, and self-discipline aids you in all matters of business or work. Although this period may characterize a time when you are quite capable of working alone and unassisted, and may even prefer to do so, your hard efforts are appreciated by superiors or those who depend upon your job services. This is also a good time to improve work routines, methods, and job efficiency. In your private or professional life, you can make certain commitments and promises with less fear or anxiety about the long-range consequences.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Vesta

Dedication and commitment can now back up your interest in moving forward in your job or career. Reviewing your old habits and traditions gives you an opportunity to make needed changes that bring greater work efficiency and helps you execute your career goals and plans. Stay alert to new possibilities that would increase your status and recognition in your work environment. In your personal life, this is a good time to secure your commitments and responsibilities to loved ones and friends. Taking the time out to give a significant relationship the kind of attention it needs will be highly beneficial at this time.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Vesta

Some of your eagerness and enthusiasm may be suppressed by fears and concerns over work-related issues at this time. Being overburdened by responsibilities and obligations now could cause you to feel tense and irritable. Work may feel oppressive, uninteresting, or discouraging. Superiors and executives might give the thumbs-down to a few of your ideas and plans, or you may agonize over constraints, limitations, or alterations in your job environment. This may be a time when you will want to eliminate waste and inefficiency in your work habits and reassess your priorities in order to focus on improving long-range goals and ambitions. You may also have challenges in your personal life or a significant relationship due to the frustration felt over job issues during this period.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Chiron

Deep thinking and reflecting on past matters may characterize this time period. Previous beliefs, theories, ideas and attitudes are subject to breakdowns, especially with regard to parental and social upbringing. Situations or conditions in your life which have made you feel insecure or have denied you personal satisfaction (such as a job or relationship you have outgrown) become unsuitable or intolerable at this time. You may be given a chance to heal, repair, or find new solutions to old problems in your life, or you might discover that a certain person, place, or thing in your life poses a no-win situation, and therefore must be released in order for personal growth to flourish. Inner strength and greater self-respect can get you through any difficulties and dilemmas you may experience during this period. A parent or authority figure may either be in need of healing or could be instrumental in giving you guidance and support during this time. This is a good time to abolish old fears, childhood wounds, or painful experiences which stand in the way of personal happiness.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Chiron

Misunderstandings and clashes with superiors, authority figures, or administrative personnel is likely during this period. Traditional rules, guidelines, and procedures in your work situation may no longer feel suitable for you to follow. There is a desire to break away from outdated practices and work methods which inhibit your productivity and success. You may simply not wish to conform to other people’s demands and expectations in either your professional or personal life at this time. It might be very difficult to hide your frustrations and disappointments now and you may do something quite out of character which threatens the security and stability of your personal relationships or job conditions. Be aware that other individuals may use guilt, denial, put-downs, and rejections in their dealings with you. To avoid unnecessary discord and disagreements now, you will need to be aware of the proper channels and conduct you must adhere to in your professional and private life.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Chiron

You may experience difficulties in certain social, personal, or professional situations during this period. You might stir up trouble or create conflicts in your work environment, community, or personal relationships by refusing to play by the rules. You may feel uncomfortable, bored, and a little rebellious with anything too traditional and structured during this time. An inability to harmonize your intentions, viewpoint, beliefs, and attitudes with others can upset your career or personal goals and ambitions. People in authority – bosses, executives, or parental figures – may demonstrate prudish, overly conservative, or disrespectful behavior towards you. Others may judge your personal or work habits and be fault-finding or make critical remarks which hurt your feelings. You may be told to “clean up your act” or to adopt a more responsible and serious attitude toward your duties and obligations. Problems with a parental or father figure might have you dealing with old, painful issues which resurface now. If you want to keep a certain amount of security and stability in your life, you may have to discipline yourself to handle pressures, demands, or responsibilities and situations which you find unpleasant.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Chiron

Letting go of painful and wounding experiences stemming from past difficulties, either romantic or business-related, is highlighted now. Failures, regrets, and mistakes in love, work, or career can be forgiven, forgotten, and healed. Barriers and blocks from your past which have interfered with your forming solid, stable relationships, as well as work fulfillment, can be removed. Setting new goals and objectives and making social, work-related, or personal interests more rewarding, successful, and meaningful is indicated now.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Chiron

A greater sense of purpose and direction in career or personal goals is accented now. Some of your old ideas and beliefs regarding work, authorities, professionals, or private matters may not fit in with your newfound outlook at this time. You might have an opportunity to learn or try out different procedures and practices in your work, which stands to benefit your career in the long run. A professional or personal dilemma or situation which once seemed impossible to deal with may now be resolved or healed at this time. Relationships with parents and elders are rewarding and offer you important lessons in life at this time. Take the wisdom and guidance you receive from others and be thankful.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Chiron

Social, parental, and authoritative influences may have a profound impact on the way you handle your responsibilities and commitments now. Pressure to conform to the beliefs, attitudes, and the opinions of others is irritating and tension-provoking. Dwelling on past mistakes, fears, and failures could prevent you from taking a new direction as far as your ambitions and objectives are concerned. Building upon your sense of purpose and releasing deep-seated worries and fears may require a certain amount of soul-searching and reflection upon past conditioning and experiences which may have hindered your current progress or successes.