Juno Transits

Transiting Juno


Transiting Juno conjunct Natal Sun

Relationships will become the principal focus of your life now. During this time, you will show more appreciation and devotion to your partner, creating warm, loving feelings and strengthening the bond between the two of you. You enjoy amusements, recreation and socializing with your mate. Anything less than a completely fulfilling union will not appeal to you.

If you are not involved in a love relationship, you may meet someone who complements your personality and values your individuality. Associations with the men in your life may be warm-hearted and loyal.

Transiting Juno opposite Natal Sun

Confrontations and conflicts are possible in a marital or love relationship now. You will be inhibited and less comfortable in “just being yourself” when in the company of your mate or loved one. Your partner may feel superior in the relationship and become quite demanding and domineering toward you. There is a possibility that there will be a direct attack on your ego, causing you to doubt your importance in the partnership. You might adopt a defensive position when entangled in debates and quarrels with your loved one. You may need to compromise in order to gain power and recognition or more equality in the relationship.

Transiting Juno square Natal Sun

Selfishness, jealousy and emotional game-playing make marital or romantic relationships unsettled during this time. Problems brought on by conflicting ego drives and divided loyalties in your relations may cause you to struggle to retain your individuality. This is a time when you will become aware of exaggerated differences between you and your partner. There is a likelihood that you and your mate will battle for top position in the relationship, thereby creating barriers to your growth and development as a couple.

Transiting Juno trine Natal Sun

Bonds of affection strengthen in your romantic or marital partnership. The relationship with your mate is mutually supportive and encourages you both to see each other as unique and special individuals. You share mutual trust, devotion and admiration as a couple and are secure in the understanding that your partner will be at your side through thick and thin. There is a likelihood that a deeper commitment will take place in your relationship. Or if you are without a “significant other”, a brand new attraction may come into your life, and you might form a alliance based on complementary personalities and mutual interests.

Transiting Juno sextile Natal Sun

Personal relationships should take on new depths at this time. Being available to your partner and feeling totally natural in their presence promises you a comfortable relationship now. There will be mutual recognition of each other’s worth and integrity and you will not have to change your personality to suit your mate’s desires. There is more tolerance, honesty and faith in your relationship, leading to opportunities for greater commitment and pledges of love for each other. Pleasures, entertainment, and social activities shared with loved ones are highly favorable.

Transiting Juno quincunx Natal Sun

You will have to learn at this time to be more flexible and tolerant of your partner’s individual needs. Friction and tension can develop in the relationship if you are not able to accept each other’s own uniqueness. You must be able to let your mate express his or her personal goals, even if they cause changes or adjustments that are not to your liking. When problems arise, you should attempt to find solutions together instead of blaming the other for the situation. You may be well aware of your partner’s hidden strengths and weaknesses, but you should avoid any attempt to manipulate or control their behavior.

Transiting Juno conjunct Natal Moon

Feelings may deepen in an important love relationship or a marriage at this time. You can feel very emotionally attached to your mate or spouse now. You may search for emotional security, comfortable surroundings, and the warm exchange of tender feelings with your partner. You are acutely tuned into your loved one’s moods and appreciate and understand what he or she feels. There may be discussions between the two of you on matters relating to the past, for instance, recalling fond memories of shared experiences in your relationship. This period can characterize the time when couples decide to move in together and share a home.

If you are without a mate, you will feel a need to emotionally bond with another individual. Potential partners will be receptive to your caring and sensitivity.

Transiting Juno opposite Natal Moon

Anxiety and tension may develop in your most intimate partnership. Your mate can be evasive, moody or not in touch with his or her feelings. Or there can be conflicts between your emotional needs and those of your partner. You or your loved one may unconsciously display impulsive behavior which is difficult to comprehend. You may develop a fear of rejection causing you to feel insecure about the relationship. There is a need to rebuild the trust and acceptance that you rely upon when your union is going through a more favorable period.

If you are currently unattached, there may be heated clashes with the women in your life, or you may feel a romantic attraction toward someone who may be emotionally unavailable to you or who lacks sincerity.

Transiting Juno square Natal Moon

Emotional tension in a marital or love relationship is likely at this time. If you have a tendency to be possessive or overprotective of your loved ones, then this behavior will be more pronounced during this period. It is possible you may experience tearful and frustrating moments caused by unconscious feelings of jealousy, rejection and oversensitivity in an intimate relationship. Your moods can be so changeable that your partner has difficulty assessing what your true motivations are. Your lover or spouse may be afraid of upsetting you emotionally and, therefore, suppress his or her inner feelings about your actions. On the other hand, your mother, wife, or girlfriend may be transmitting mixed signals in their emotional dealings with you.

Transiting Juno trine Natal Moon

This period brings about pleasant feelings between you and your mate. Your relationship will be emotionally satisfying to you, and there will be opportunities to grow closer to each other through expressing your deepest inner feelings. Although there is a protective quality about the relationship now, you can rely upon your partner to be trustworthy, devoted and appreciative toward you. You are attracted to the more traditional, committed style of companionship and may prefer to spend time with your mate in a secure and comfortable domestic environment.

Transiting Juno sextile Natal Moon

You can have a healthy emotional attachment to your partner at this time. Protective feelings flow but you know how to nurture without smothering your partner. You are more secure because you can sense your mate’s deep inner nature and the manner in which they will respond to your care and concern. If you are in a relationship that has a long history, you will seek familiar places and experiences which remind you of shared past enjoyments.

If you are without a mate, this may signal the time when you meet an individual who stirs deep emotional feelings within you and may even awaken your memories of past associations.

Transiting Juno quincunx Natal Moon

It may be necessary to analyze your innermost feelings and emotional responses toward your marital or love partner. For instance, if jealousy and possessiveness have plagued your relationship, then you will need to detach yourself or let go of unhealthy past reactions that are not effective in dealing with your problems. You should avoid any attempts to manipulate your partner or try to influence them to change their feelings to suit your own needs.

Whether you are committed to someone or single, women may play emotional games with you at this time. They can change moods swiftly and are especially indecisive in their involvement with you.

Transiting Juno conjunct Natal Mercury

You will enjoy sharing thoughts, ideas and conversations with your romantic partner. If you have been experiencing problems in your relationship, this would be a favorable time to express your concerns or try to reason with your mate, as you will have the ability to see both sides of the situation more clearly. This will be a busy and stimulating period for involvement in daily activities together, with much communicating and thinking about your relationship.

If you are not involved in a significant love relationship, this can indicate a time when you may form a romantic alliance with an individual whom you meet through a relative or neighbor or maybe during your daily trip to work.

Transiting Juno opposite Natal Mercury

Channels of communication with a mate or spouse can be blocked at this time. During this period, you may find it difficult to share your ideas and opinions with your marriage partner or other loved one. Even if there is a strong bond of love in your partnership, you may hold back in expressing your thoughts and feelings because you are afraid your mate will react with criticism or coldness. Misunderstandings or a breakdown in communication with your mate is likely at this time. If you speak to your loved one with courtesy and fairness now, then you should be able to experience less serious disagreements. On another level entirely, there may be concerns over your partner’s health or work. Interference from brothers, sisters or other relatives can cause additional disturbances in your marriage or love relationship.

During this period, if you are not seriously involved in a love relationship, you may meet someone who is restless, flaky, or changeable. Or a new relationship may have trouble getting off the ground because of too much superficial communication between you. In either case, there may be obvious differences of opinion and expectations that need to be addressed.

Transiting Juno square Natal Mercury

A great amount of understanding is required now in your marriage or close love relationship. Discussions are not as congenial and are apt to be filled with misunderstandings. Either you or your partner may feel nervous and insecure when an emotional or verbal connection is attempted. There is a tendency to quickly shift from one topic to another in your daily communicating, leading both of you to misinterpret what is being said. If the tension and oversensitivity builds up in the relationship, than a true exchange of feelings will seem impossible. Try to increase your intellectual affinity with your partner through patience, courtesy and friendliness.

If you are unattached or without a committed partnership, then you may have difficulty forming a bond or new relationship at this time. The manner in which the potential partner relates to you may seem overly critical, or changeable and fickle.

Transiting Juno trine Natal Mercury

You enjoy casual, lighthearted conversations with your marriage partner or significant love interest. There are harmonious vibrations flowing in your relationship which encourage you to listen with sensitivity to your mate’s concerns. This would be a favorable period to take a short trip or weekend outing with your companion. Expressing your feelings through writing a love letter to your partner would be very rewarding to you. Your loved one may have good news or an interesting idea they want to share with you.

If you are unmarried or without a significant partner, there is a possibility you will meet someone special through work, your neighbors, or your brothers or sisters. Relationships which begin now may develop quickly and you can establish a harmonious mental rapport.

Transiting Juno sextile Natal Mercury

This is a good time to share news, information and ideas with your spouse or mate. Discussions will be pleasant, open and sincere, and you feel comfortable in dealing with the everyday affairs and needs of the relationship. If you have a personal problem or dilemma, you may be able to rely upon your partner to help straighten it out. You respect your loved one’s point of view, and their words of love and encouragement generate warmth and understanding between the two of you.

Transiting Juno quincunx Natal Mercury

Interactions and communications with your mate or marriage partner can seem tense and demanding at this time. Your mate may try to force you to make a decision on an issue, and you will resent being manipulated or coerced. Mental game-playing, such as the “guilt” or “silent” treatment, may cause havoc in the relationship. You and your partner might not be operating on the same wave length or share similar interests during this period. There may be a need to adjust to new conditions in your immediate environment, especially the daily routines that you share with your mate.

Transiting Juno conjunct Natal Venus

If you are already in a committed relationship, then this period may bring harmony and equilibrium to your union. The need to share with, relate to, and connect with your partner will be quite strong. This is a time when you can express your true sentiments to your mate and receive affectionate warmth and a loving response. If you are considering marriage or living with your partner, the urge to do so is heightened at this time.

If you are single and unattached, this may be a time when you fall deeply in love with another person and begin a very significant relationship, based on love, trust, and a desire for togetherness.

Transiting Juno opposite Natal Venus

Emotional upsets and discontent are apt to occur in your marriage or intimate love relationship. There may be a lack of fairness and objectivity in your partnership, due to differences in your individual needs for intimacy, romance, comfort, relating or in experiencing social pleasure and enjoyments. For instance, you may feel deeply about having more security, stability and appreciation in your relationship (emotionally and financially), but your partner’s needs may conflict with your own. There can be disagreements over shared finances or possessions, in which one of you is hypocritical or unrealistic over money matters.

If you are not married or are unattached, you may attract an individual who is quite charming, but proves to be flirtatious and undependable, or you may meet people who have views, values and ideas regarding love and marriage that do not match your own.

Transiting Juno square Natal Venus

Misunderstandings or conflicts in your marriage or significant love relationship are possible. Either you or your partner may show less sensitivity and intimacy in the union, causing strain and tension in your romantic exchanges, social activities or leisure pursuits. It might be necessary now to compromise some of your own personal values and needs for pleasure in order to ensure better relations with your companion. If the expectations of love and comfort in the marriage or partnership is unequal or one-sided, then acts of jealousy, betrayal, or sexual frustration can occur. Cooperation in all levels of interaction with your partner is essential.

Transiting Juno trine Natal Venus

This is a fortunate period in marriages or other intimate relationships. You enjoy being with your mate, sharing pleasures and social activities together. This can be a busy time with parties, weddings, births, engagements or showers to attend. If you live together, you may purchase items or furniture for the home. Your relationship feels loving, secure and balanced. A possibility exists for an increase in your joint finances. For instance, if you are married or sharing a domestic life together, one partner may improve their earning capacity or benefit in some other financial manner.

If you are unattached at this time, you have a strong desire to give and receive love. You will be concerned with looking your best and may even behave quite flirtatiously. A new relationship at this time will be romantic, loving and pleasing to you.

Transiting Juno sextile Natal Venus

At this time, you will enjoy the comforts and protection of your marriage or intimate love relationship. There is a great deal of affection, care and devotion that you feel toward your mate and you will have plenty of opportunities now to express your satisfaction. Cooperation is easily obtained in the area of joint finances or assets. The desire for togetherness, unity and sharing pleasure is highlighted.

If you are not married or in a committed partnership, then you will want to seek companionship now. Social activities can provide favorable circumstances for meeting a potential love interest. One-to-one relations and encounters may be very romantic and harmonious.

Transiting Juno quincunx Natal Venus

A spouse or mate may be unavailable when you need them the most. If you are married or in a committed partnership, you will be forced to think deeply about the level of stability and security in your relationship. Aside from emotional concerns, there may be some financial worries which arise at this time. Events which occur during this period tend to disrupt and challenge your values and faith in the partnership. This period will demand that you modify your current behavior and the manner in which you relate to your spouse or mate. If you do not make adjustments now, then you may have to pay the price at a later date for any jealousy, manipulation, or distrust on your part. In order to achieve comfort and intimacy with your loved one now, you must release any insecurities and fears you have about the relationship and develop more positive ways to relate.

Transiting Juno conjunct Natal Mars

At this time, you may want to be intensely involved in your marriage or significant relationship. It might be difficult to remain detached or inattentive toward your mate. You could be feeling more than the usual attraction, passion, and desire toward your partner and will likely take the initiative in personal and sexual activities. This can be a period in your relationship in which you and your partner take on new adventures, have new attitudes, and seek excitement and playfulness when together. You tend to be more spontaneous and spirited and will want to have exhilarating and moving experiences with your loved one.

If you are presently unattached, then during this time you may enthusiastically pursue someone, or you may attract an individual who is assertive, outgoing and passionate.

Transiting Juno opposite Natal Mars

During this period, you may have to confront issues in your marriage or intimate relationship which are unpleasant. The chances for having an argument or quarrel with your mate is strong. If there are problems due to prior resentments or anger in your partnership, then there is the likelihood that it will be unleashed now. You or your mate may have conflicting interests, especially in the area of passion and sexual expression. You will find this a challenging time, when you might view your partner as combative and antagonistic, and you may push to achieve your own personal space in the relationship. It would be better at this time to control the urge to fight and wait until this influence passes, when your emotions and impulses are more steady.

If you are without a primary partner, then care should be taken before rushing into a new relationship. The urge to relate in a romantic and passionate manner is strong, but you may not be selective and discriminating enough in choosing the right person. A new relationship which does begin at this time can be competitive and demanding.

Transiting Juno square Natal Mars

During this period, it may be difficult to manage the intense feelings that you have about your marriage or intimate relationship. If you are feeling hostility, jealousy or impatience toward your mate, then you may initiate an argument to clear the air. If you are quite happy with the relationship, then you may simply desire more emotional, physical or sexual closeness to your partner at this time. However, if you are experiencing problems with a spouse or lover, they can become intensified now. You could sense that your loved one is interested in satisfying his or her desires in a way which is not pleasing to you. Sexual signals can get crossed, where one of you will want immediate gratification while the other is opting for a more tender and loving interchange.

If you begin a new love relationship at this time, tension can develop if you or your new mate is overly assertive or aggressive in pursuit of intimacy. There can be problems in understanding the difference between lust and affection. If the relationship is not providing you with excitement and/or moving along at a fast enough pace, then you may abandon it altogether in search of a new adventure.

Transiting Juno trine Natal Mars

You are very receptive to displays of physical and sexual contact with your marriage partner or in an intimate love relationship. There is a passionate, playful quality to your lovemaking, and the urge to connect with your mate is intensified. You put your energies into making your relationship stimulating and exciting. You know the appropriate balance between asserting your desires and providing a gentle touch. Your partner responds with equal impulses and sensuality toward you. If you have a quarrel with your mate at this time, you will display your anger but you will be quick to forgive.

If you are not in a committed love relationship or marriage, you may have an opportunity to meet someone through an important male in your life. Or you may find it easier than usual to take the initiative in exploring or pursuing a new love relationship.

Transiting Juno sextile Natal Mars

Your physical or sexual drives are strongly influenced by your mate or marriage partner. You easily identify with your companion’s needs and desires and react with passion, approval and spontaneity in intimate encounters with your loved one. You feel an urge to be playful and impulsive with your mate, and he or she will thoroughly enjoy your enthusiasm.

If you do not have a committed partnership, you are more apt to take the initiative in pursuing a mate. You want to get out and mingle with others, throw yourself into the dating scene, as you have a desire to find a suitable companion.

Transiting Juno quincunx Natal Mars

Romantic relationships and/or marriage may undergo challenges now. The need to express your sexual and passionate nature is highly stimulated, but you must guard against being overly direct and unresponsive to your partner’s moods and desires. This assertive and impulsive style of lovemaking may not be especially pleasing to your mate, and you will have to make modifications in your approach toward your loved one. Also, you or your partner may be harboring jealousy or resentments which have not yet been expressed, and these issues must be dealt with before serious confrontations develop.

If you are presently unattached, you may not be very selective in choosing a love interest, subsequently regretting a wild rendezvous or affair with an inappropriate partner. It may be best to direct your active energies into more suitable drives.

Transiting Juno conjunct Natal Jupiter

There may be an abundance of love, faith and trust in your marriage or close intimate partnership at this time. If there are any improvements you want to make in your relationship, this would be an opportune time to do so. At this time, you will have more insight into the spiritual or religious attitudes and values in your relationship. There can be a desire to travel or enjoy outdoor activities with your mate. You may spend a great deal of time thinking about the future possibilities of being together and reflecting on all the big dreams and plans for tomorrow. If you have been discussing marriage with your partner, this period can signify the time when a legal commitment is entered into. Or if you are separated from your mate, this can be a favorable time to work on reconciling your differences.

If you are uninvolved in a relationship now, you may meet someone through travel or educational, religious or professional activities or perhaps a lucky coincidence. In any case, you are optimistic and sociable, thereby welcoming a new partner with open arms.

Transiting Juno opposite Natal Jupiter

Minor problems with a romantic partner or spouse can escalate during this period. There may be certain issues in your relationship which become excessively irritating to you or your mate. For example, you or your companion may have difficulty keeping promises just now or have unrealistic expectations of each other. There is a possibility that one of you will exaggerate the truth or blame the other for a specific problem in the relationship. During this period, you can fluctuate between abundant exhibits of love and then a scarcity of affection between the two of you. It will seem that one of you is always on the go or restless and seeking bigger and brighter things to do outside the relationship.

Transiting Juno square Natal Jupiter

You tend to set high standards and expectations in your marriage or significant love relationship. Tension and conflicts are apt to develop if your mate does not measure up to your ideals in the partnership. Or disagreements arise because you feel an urge to explore new interests outside of the relationship, and you sense your partner is depriving you of this freedom. You will need to find ways to rationalize your behavior and prove to your mate that you are still trustworthy and honest in your intentions. At this time, you should try to remain fair and objective and be less judgmental in your relationship. Try to avoid exaggerating the negative qualities of your partner and remember to respect their own unique beliefs and principles which influence the relationship. In-laws may interfere with your marriage or their demands may limit your freedom in some manner.

If you are not involved in a committed relationship, you may meet someone while traveling or through religious organizations or professional contacts. If you begin a relationship during this period, you might become overly idealistic about this person and inflate the importance of the liaison. When this astrological influence is over, you may have a different perspective on this person.

Transiting Juno trine Natal Jupiter

Marriage and intimate love relationships are happy, playful and very loving. There is an emphasis on adventure, travel or an urge to get away from daily routines. You tend to overdo everything you do together, for example, extravagant spending, clowning around with each other, or dreaming up big plans for your relationship. If you take a gamble on having some fun with your companion, it will be very beneficial to do so now, as this period ensures luck, cheerfulness and the opportunity to grow together as a successful couple.

If you do not have a mate at the present time, this would be a period when you can meet someone while traveling or through educational or religious activities or a professional organization.

Transiting Juno sextile Natal Jupiter

There may be a positive feeling of acceptance and benevolence in your marriage or love relationship. You understand the need to give each other room to breathe and you have the willingness and openness to deal with any problems that may arise. There is a strong sense of each other’s individual growth, and you will try to avoid making heavy demands on your mate at this time. This is a favorable time to discuss your future ideals and aspirations for the partnership. There may be opportunities to travel together for a pleasurable vacation. This is a lucky and optimistic phase in a marriage or committed union.

If you are unattached, you will probably have very high ideals about what you want in a relationship now. You may be attracted to or meet someone who is uplifting and helps you to grow personally and spiritually.

Transiting Juno quincunx Natal Jupiter

Be careful not to take on more than you can handle now in your marriage or love relationship. If you promise too much or become overwhelmed by your partner’s demands, you will find it difficult to meet your obligations. You might feel like running away from your problems and responsibilities, which would only cause additional stress and tension in the relationship. In fact, if a problem occurs in your relationship, the situation may get way out of hand, or you may overstate your opinion on the matter. You may be tempted to place the blame on your partner when you become overly irritated.

Transiting Juno conjunct Natal Saturn

You can count on the support of your mate or spouse in pursuing personal or career ambitions at this time. You and your partner can work effectively on meeting the goals and expectations in your relationship as well as in the public domain. Commitment to each other is quite strong and enduring. However, too much seriousness or concern over long-term plans for the partnership or professional interests may cause a problem in your personal relations with one another. If the relationship is going through a difficult time, this period may help bond you together despite your differences. You want the world to view your marriage or partnership as respectful, established and secure.

If you are not in a relationship now, you may meet someone who is responsible, practical and reliable. A possible May/December romance may begin at this time.

Transiting Juno opposite Natal Saturn

You and your mate may not be sharing the same aspirations for the partnership. One partner may be more committed to outside interests, such as establishing professional ties and public recognition, while the other feels wholly responsible for maintaining allegiance and reliability in the relationship. If you are at cross-purposes with your loved one now, then a compromise must be reached, wherein one partner has to be willing to work toward the goals and objectives of the other. Try to avoid feeling guilty if you have difficulty meeting the demands and obligations of your spouse or mate.

If you are not involved in a committed relationship, you can easily become frustrated by the unavailability of stable, mature and respectful companions. Potential partners will be scrutinized to see if they match your strict standards. If a love relationship doesn’t measure up, then you would rather spend this time alone or engrossed in your work. Rigid thinking and an overly sober attitude about love should be avoided now.

Transiting Juno square Natal Saturn

This is a period when guilt, worries, fears and doubt arise in your marriage or love relationship. You may feel lonely even when in the company of your mate and have difficulty relaxing and enjoying your relationship. There is a tendency to withhold affection from your partner, as you may be feeling insecure or unlovable now. This can also be a time in a committed relationship when there are conflicts over your individual images, objectives and directions in life. You will need to be more considerate and less inhibited in expressing yourself in the relationship.

You are less apt to pursue a new love relationship at this time, or there is the likelihood of delays and restrictions in this area. Try to avoid being overly pessimistic or cautious if you do become involved with someone now.

Transiting Juno trine Natal Saturn

Marriage or a love relationship grows more stable and mature. You take the obligations and responsibilities in your partnership very seriously and will work hard to prove to your mate that you are loyal, dedicated and committed. This can be a time when you and your companion cooperate effectively on formulating long range plans and aspirations for the future. You will now have the patience to learn the art of compromise in relationships. By being faithful and true to your mate, your efforts will be appreciated and respected. On the other hand, a favorable opportunity or benefit can arise in your partner’s career, and you both enjoy the rewards of this good fortune.

Transiting Juno sextile Natal Saturn

You can rely upon your marriage or a cherished relationship for support and encouragement. There is a more relaxed atmosphere surrounding the relationship which leads you to feel very secure and protected in your mate’s presence. If any difficulties do arise, you will carefully ponder the most effective way to handle the situation. When you are through evaluating the problem, you will pick up the pieces and pursue a realistic course of action. You feel obliged to cooperate because you have a strong sense of commitment to the relationship.

During this phase, you might ask for advice or guidance from an older individual, parent or close friend about your marriage or relationship. If you need to do this, they can offer you gentle wisdom that will prove beneficial in some manner.

Transiting Juno quincunx Natal Saturn

Your marriage or significant relationship may impose restraints on you at this time. There can be much tension between your relationship needs and career responsibilities, and this will cause you to feel pulled in two different directions. You may find yourself working long hours at work and not devoting enough time to your marriage or love relationship. Or if your job is not demanding at this time, there may be a self-imposed detachment toward your relationship because of unreleased resentments, guilt or emotional inhibition. Long-standing issues need to be resolved with patience, understanding and fairness. Your relationship might not be as difficult as it seems just now, but you may need to reevaluate what you expect from your companion and how much you are willing to give in return.

This can be an unfavorable time to begin a new love relationship. You may feel reserved and isolated just now, and relationships seem like more of an obligation than a gratifying experience. If you spend this time without a mate and reflect upon that which you desire in a long-term relationship, what you learn now will greatly enhance your chances for a future fulfilling union.

Transiting Juno conjunct Natal Uranus

Marriage and intimate love relationships can be challenging and exciting. You may feel an increased urge to be less dependent upon your mate for fulfilling your needs in the relationship. You might want to try new things and not be held accountable for your actions. But mainly, you may want to explore new ways of relating to your partner which allow you to be more of a separate and unique individual. If your companion is willing to go along with your newfound direction, you can breathe new life into the partnership while still remaining committed to each other. However, if the relationship is not on stable ground, these disruptions and unexpected circumstances are apt to cause tension and conflict between the two of you.

If you are unmarried or uninvolved at the moment, you may meet someone during this period who is rebellious, innovative or quite different from others you have dated previously. You might be introduced through friends, groups or an organization which you belong to during this time.

Transiting Juno opposite Natal Uranus

A situation or dilemma in your marriage or love relationship may turn out differently than expected. Be prepared to adjust to new conditions or abrupt changes that may take place at this time. Your partner may react with sudden jealousy or interfere with plans you have made with friends, clubs, associations or groups in which you are involved. Even if you are in a stable and committed partnership, during this phase you might offer your mate only sporadic opportunities for closeness and intimate relations. You may simply be feeling too restless and rebellious to conform to your partner’s wishes.

Be careful in choosing a new love interest during this period. The chase may feel exhilarating and tempting, but this relationship may prove to be unstable or unusual in some manner. during this time, and although an unconventional liaison will You might not feel like committing yourself to one person during this time and, although an unconventional liaison will appeal to you, later on you may have a rude awakening.

Transiting Juno square Natal Uranus

A need for freedom or more independence in your marriage or committed relationship is accented now. Routines can be unexpectedly changed or disrupted, leading to a reversal of the established roles in the relationship. For example, if your partner had always been the most reliable and responsible person, suddenly the tables will turn and you will find yourself playing that role while they are off searching for independence, behaving quite unpredictably, or relating in a detached way. Or the scenario may be that you are the one who, without warning, feels like being different or defiant. If you can adjust to these temporary changes, then your relationship will be renewed with trust and dependability when this astrological influence departs.

Transiting Juno trine Natal Uranus

Friendly relations, goodwill and harmony will prevail in your marriage or love relationship if you allow each other greater independence and individuality. You can be committed to your partner without trying to own or control them, and you want the same in return. As long as you are both willing to permit each other freedom, you can blend your energies into positive goals for the partnership and experiment with new ideas or different ways of relating. This could prove to be a very rewarding time when you can bring change or excitement into the relationship and eliminate dull and boring routines.

If you begin a new love relationship, it will most likely begin suddenly and progress quickly. You might not be looking for a serious commitment at this time but will enjoy an exciting or unusual friendship with this individual.

Transiting Juno sextile Natal Uranus

Love or marital relationships may be given a breath of fresh air at this time. You are not inclined to be possessive or jealous now in your marriage or love relationship and you certainly do not want your partner to behave in this manner toward you. You seek ways to bring spontaneity and newness into the partnership and avoid situations which are uninteresting and boring. Your hope is that your partner will allow you enough space and give you the opportunity for independence and self-expression. Although this is only a temporary phase, it may stimulate you to release your insecurities and break down the rigid structures of the past, allowing the relationship to renew itself later on a more solid and equal ground.

If you are not committed to someone or married, this period does not point to a permanent partnership. However, you may have an opportunity to meet someone who inspires, excites and interests you at the present time.

Transiting Juno quincunx Natal Uranus

You may feel an urge to restructure or change the way you relate to your marriage partner or significant love interest. If your relationship is lacking in excitement and stimulation, you may complain that you have outgrown the existing circumstances and experience restlessness and boredom. It is not that you want to abandon the partnership, but you desire only to breathe new life into it or break the old pattern of repetition or monotony. Sometimes events or situations occur during this period which force you to find your own self-worth and security independently of the relationship or marriage. The choices that you make at this time will not be easy ones; some will even be imposed upon you. However, they will be stepping stones for future autonomy and equality in a current or new relationship.

Transiting Juno conjunct Natal Neptune

You may overlook any negative behavior or actions of your mate or spouse during this time. There is a likelihood that you will put your partner’s needs and happiness before your own, and will sacrifice anything for the sake of harmony. Even if you are a strong and forceful individual, at this time you are more easily influenced by your mate and you see them in the most “perfect” light. In fact, you will see only what you choose to see, and not necessarily the real person. But even in the best of relationships, at the moment your partner may unwittingly take advantage of your considerate and compassionate nature. There may not be any great harm to your relationship, only a slight disappointment when you get your feet back on the ground.

Transiting Juno opposite Natal Neptune

You may have unrealistic expectations of your marriage or significant love relationship. There is the likelihood you may rationalize or make excuses for your own or your mate’s behavior. Strange experiences can occur in your relationship now, such as deception, victimization or behind the scene activity that you refuse to acknowledge. If either you or your companion is excessively needy, irresponsible, or involved in escapist behavior such as drugs or alcohol, then these actions may intensify during this period. This will lead to self-denial or passive indifference to the real problems in the relationship. When you can perceive the partnership more clearly, you will have a greater understanding of whether or not your needs are being met.

This is not a favorable period to begin a new love relationship. You will have to use discretion and caution in selecting a partner, as you are prone to fantasy and illusions about others. Also, avoid becoming involved with weak or dubious characters who try to play upon your sympathy and sensitivity.

Transiting Juno square Natal Neptune

There is the possibility for misunderstandings and disappointments in your marriage or love relationship. If you or your partner have been keeping your true feelings and thoughts hidden from each other, it will only add to the confusion and doubt that already exists at this time. Be sure that you are relating to your partner as a “real” person and not to an imaginary ideal that you have dreamed up. This is especially true if you are involved in a new relationship. If you are married or have a significant other, you may sacrifice on behalf of peace and harmony, only to discover later on that you have avoided dealing with the practical issues and real problems in the relationship.

Transiting Juno trine Natal Neptune

A sense of unity and compassion exists in your marriage or intimate relationship now. You have a better understanding of the weaknesses and flaws of human nature and will be more sympathetic and tolerant of your partner’s idiosyncrasies. Being together with your partner soothes you and surrounds you with a feeling of spiritual love and acceptance. Whether or not this is a self-created illusion, there is something dreamy and magical about your relationship during this time. You are not necessarily “blind” to your differences, but merely much more benevolent and forgiving.

Transiting Juno sextile Natal Neptune

You may need to feel sheltered and loved in your marriage or primary love relationship. You absorb the emotional energy of your mate and reflect what you receive. It is almost impossible to keep your imagination and fantasies in restraint at the moment. For example, if you are not yet married to your partner, you may spend time daydreaming or envisioning married life. Actually, all of the dreams which you have about the relationship will appear idyllic and romantic during this period. At best, you will enjoy your partner’s companionship and put aside the negative or the harsh reality for the time being, in favor of compassion and all-consuming love.

Transiting Juno quincunx Natal Neptune

You may need to make sacrifices and adjustments in your marriage or significant relationship. Since you are more apt to view your partnership in an unrealistic light, it will be difficult to make important decisions. But this is a time when you have to let go of the fantasies and illusions you have and make a more truthful evaluation of the current happenings in your partnership.

If you have been overly dependent or leaning too heavily on your mate for reassurance, they may demand that you change your behavior. If you choose not to abandon the unhealthy conduct, either it will be forced upon you at this time, or you may set yourself up for deceit or disappointment in the relationship. Or if you sacrifice a great deal of your own personal needs for the sake of your companion, you may decide you have to be less passive and submissive now.

Transiting Juno conjunct Natal Pluto

At this time you strive to achieve a deeper union with your mate. You will not be satisfied with the relationship if it lacks intense desire, passionate sexuality, and complete emotional involvement. You seek to transform yourself through your partner, to overhaul your attitudes on love and sex, and to open up a new level of bonding with your loved one. This is an excellent time to uncover and resolve complexities in your partnership. If you have been experiencing problems with your mate, then now you will be able to effectively probe into the matter, release hidden tensions, and breathe new life into the relationship.

If you are not significantly involved with a romantic partner, then this will represent a time when you may feel compelled to search for a mate and can become easily fascinated or infatuated with an individual who seems to hold you spellbound in their presence.

Transiting Juno opposite Natal Pluto

Misunderstandings can arise in your marriage or love relationship because of jealousy, possessiveness and insecurities. There is the likelihood of either you or your partner using negative emotions and subtle manipulating to control the actions of the other. For instance, if you or your mate have been unhappy in the relationship, then these tactics may be unconsciously used to destroy and weaken the very fabric of your union. While undergoing this astrological influence, it would be beneficial for you to be more tolerant and forgiving of your mate and to develop your own inner trust and self control. If you are suspicious or possessive of your partner, then perhaps there are unresolved, complex problems in the relationship which need to be brought out at this time. These underlying obstacles will have to be addressed and released before you can rationalize any uncontrollable or negative behavior toward your loved one.

This would not be the most advantageous time to begin a new love relationship. Indeed, if you meet someone during this period, you may feel enormously compelled to be with this person. However, avoid becoming heavily involved too quickly and allow the relationship to unfold at its own pace.

Transiting Juno square Natal Pluto

There can be intense and demanding interactions with your mate or marriage partner. You are extremely aware of power plays in your relationship, and you must use tact and discretion when dealing with your partner. Issues which arise now can cause one of you to manipulate or project your weaknesses onto the other. Insecurity or a loss of control in the relationship can lead to jealous behavior or one partner blaming the other for all of the problems. The challenges that you face now can be greatly relieved if you search for more suitable outlets to release negative tendencies and emotions.

If single and unattached, you might meet a new love interest who is magnetic, seductive and extremely passionate. This person can transform your views on love, sex and relationships.

Transiting Juno trine Natal Pluto

You have an urge to be more committed, loyal and dedicated to your mate or marriage partner. If a difficult situation arises in your relationship now, you will probe beneath the surface to find the underlying problem. Superficial relating will not satisfy you. Instead, you search for depth and deep involvement with your partner. This is a favorable time to heal any resentment or jealousy that has previously plagued the relationship. With little effort, you and your partner can effectively achieve greater emotional intensity and passion during this phase.

If you are not married or committed to a partner, this period may signify a time when a former love relationship is renewed, or deep inner feelings are stirred up when you recall memories of a prior love attachment.

Transiting Juno sextile Natal Pluto

Intimate relationships can undergo a rebirth or renewal at this time. You can experience opportunities to enrich and enhance your marriage or love relationship as deep emotional feelings and intense commitment to your partner surface. It is easier to give your love physical and emotional expression, which will further bind the two of you together. Whether you are married to your mate or not, you will find yourself absorbed and deeply concerned with the relationship. A casual interaction will not appeal to you, as you are searching for an all-consuming involvement which highlights greater feelings of devotion, love and passion.

Transiting Juno quincunx Natal Pluto

This is a good time to heal and cleanse your marriage or committed love relationship. If you have been trying to come to terms with past hurts and fears in the partnership, then this would be a favorable period to work on releasing negative emotions which are not allowing both of you to develop a greater bond and involvement. Otherwise, if you choose not to make any alterations, deep buried emotions may surface, causing tension and discord in the marriage or partnership. Sometimes, it is your partner who may be instigating changes, and you find yourself having to deal with the consequences of their actions. It would be best to be honest and open in all emotional and physical interactions with your mate, clearing the way for better understanding and trust in the relationship.

Transiting Juno conjunct Natal Ascendant

The need to make yourself more attractive or improve your appearance is highlighted at this time. You want to be pampered by your mate, as well as lavish attention on him or her in return. You make a favorable impression upon your marriage partner or loved one, as you appear sincere, honest and cooperative. You place a greater value on improving conditions in your relationship, striving to achieve greater closeness and equality. This would be a good time to let your mate know how much you appreciate their love and dedication.

If you meet a new love interest during this time, there is a good possibility that it will develop into a serious love relationship. This person makes you feel very comfortable and secure in expressing your true nature, and a strong bond between the two of you can be felt from the beginning.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Juno opposite Natal Ascendant

You will want to express your most favorable side to your mate or marriage partner. You are more apt to seek romantic and domestic security and encourage more cooperation and equality in the relationship. The behavior and actions of your mate or spouse may influence your own personal affairs, and you find yourself acting out a role which suits your partner’s image. You should be especially careful not to let your mate take advantage of your good nature and sensitivity.

If at the present time you are unmarried or unattached, this period may bring a new love relationship which has a sense of commitment and devotion from the very start or provides you with new views on marriage and relationships.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Juno square Natal Ascendant

There is a possibility that your mate or marriage partner will be in disagreement with you over a certain matter in the relationship. Since you are more likely to take everything personally during this phase, you may feel that your companion is being unjust and placing all the blame upon you. If you live together, there might be pressures and tension in your home life, producing more conflict than togetherness. Your spouse or mate may be critical of your appearance, viewpoints or behavior, leading you to feel uncomfortable in expressing your true desires. You may have to rely upon yourself, and not your partner, to fulfill your personal needs.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Juno trine Natal Ascendant

You receive greater satisfaction from spending time with your marriage partner or mate. There is a better understanding of your own personal needs in the relationship and this is a good time to let your partner know how they can help you along this path. This can be a beneficial or lucky time for your relationship and your mate may play a significant role in providing you with opportunities to fully express yourself and feel at ease in the partnership. Committed relationships can grow in both love and mutual understanding under this astrological influence.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Juno sextile Natal Ascendant

An important love relationship or your marriage can be especially rewarding to you now. You find appreciation and happiness in the common everyday affairs of your partnership. You easily respond to each other with sincere love and respect and should take advantage of opportunities to display the best and most positive traits which you can offer in the relationship. Your partner can have quite a beneficial influence on your own personal awareness, giving you encouragement and support when you express your true self. This is a good time to increase the levels of trust, faith and commitment in your relationship.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Juno quincunx Natal Ascendant

Petty differences between you and your mate may spoil your mood at this time. It may be best to put personal goals aside in order to work on an important relationship or marriage now. In order to sort out romantic and marital difficulties, you may need to redefine the role you play in the relationship or develop more insight into your partner’s needs and issues. You might need to firm up your commitment to your mate or devote more attention to building a secure foundation for the partnership. Even if you are not part of a couple at the moment, you might begin a relationship during this period which requires you to be more tolerant and unselfish and to learn new ways in which you can improve your relating skills.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Juno conjunct Natal Midheaven

Marriage and romantic relationships are spotlighted at this time. Your partnership may undergo a new beginning or a change for the better. A deepening of commitment or a closer union is likely to manifest now. If you are in a new relationship, situations arise which bring your alliance “out into the open” and you are acknowledged as a couple. Your mate or spouse can become quite supportive of your career and professional life, helping you to achieve goals which you once thought were out of reach. In some cases, the status of your relationship may change through marriage, engagement or a birth or by becoming involved in career matters together as a team. This influence will bring more public awareness to your partnership in the most favorable light. You will want others to know how much you love and appreciate your partner.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Juno opposite Natal Midheaven

You may now feel like spending quality time with your partner and prefer to do so in your home surroundings. Career demands rate second to your committed relationship, and you concentrate on being in touch with your mate’s feelings and desires. If you have any pressing business to accomplish at work, it will get done, but you may find yourself mainly focused on your partner and your living conditions and on giving your full emotional support to your relationship. There may be an engagement, marriage or birth, or an increase in social activities which you share with your mate. This would be a favorable time to set up housekeeping with a love partner or to reflect upon the security and intimate sharing in the relationship.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Juno square Natal Midheaven

Your partner may be feeling that your career directives have temporarily pulled you away from the relationship. You may have limited time to nurture your loved one, due to obligations in your professional life. This can lead to tensions and difficult problems in your personal world or marriage. On the other hand, if you are effectively balancing your career and personal relationship, your partner might be the individual who is experiencing difficulties in this area. There will need to be some compromise, possibly with more focus on the inner needs of your relationship and less attention on the outer world during this phase.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Juno trine Natal Midheaven

An opportunity may arise for you to take pride in your partner’s accomplishments and encourage their career endeavors. You enjoy whatever good fortune your mate or spouse brings to the relationship and lend full support toward their efforts. Benefits brought to you both at this time can be either stronger commitment, more stability in the relationship, or freedom from limitations in your career, thereby allowing more time to devote to maintaining equilibrium in your partnership.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Juno sextile Natal Midheaven

Your marriage partner or mate is supportive and appreciative of your career goals and objectives. If you receive recognition or rewards for your work efforts, it will have a beneficial effect upon your relationship. The image you portray as a couple appears to others as united and committed. You will greatly reinforce each other’s confidence during this phase, enabling both of you to evolve in the outside world.

This is a favorable period for engagements, marriage, births, or beginning a new love relationship. If you are unattached, you may develop an important relationship through business or professional involvements.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Juno quincunx Natal Midheaven

It will be necessary to adapt your lifestyle to better suit the needs of your relationship with your partner. You may have to put aside your own personal plans and career objectives to maintain harmony at home. If you are heavily involved on a professional level, your mate will be feeling neglected and unappreciated. This is a good time to let go of career directions that no longer serve a purpose and only infringe upon your most cherished relationship. If you openly discuss your concerns with your partner, you may reach a compromise or find new ways to manage both marriage and career.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.