Chiron Transits

Transiting Chiron


Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Sun

Your personal magnetism and inner strength may protect you from harmful external influences at this time. Something “special” about you allures and fascinates other people. You have a distinctive quality of self-confidence and personal charm which allows you to influence others to go along with your plans, viewpoints, or creative enterprises. Anything you undertake will express your own unique style or perspective. Leading the way for others is more appealing to you now than following someone else’s direction. You may not recognize the full power of your drive and ego, but you will certainly think you have the advantage over everyone else. Since your better judgment is urging you to follow your own inner guidelines, you may set a positive example for others now, and can help them to discover their own individuality in the process.

Transiting Chiron opposite Natal Sun

You may feel unable to get past momentary obstacles which hinder personal or professional relationships. It is important to listen to the ideas and concerns of others, even if you are not always in agreement. Personal or work situations which occur now seem to make you choose between following the crowd or facing the consequences of pursuing your own individual wishes. A confrontation or event in which your ambition or authority is challenged can remind you of past incidences where your pride was hurt or you suffered a bruised ego. If you push too hard now in getting things your own way, you may end up alone with your success. Whether it is through a job, relationship or personal goal in your life, you must readjust old behavior patterns which center on self-gratification and allow opportunities that favor support of the personal interests of others.

Transiting Chiron square Natal Sun

You may be tempted into unruly behavior in reaction to a painful, stagnant situation. You can put yourself under considerable strain trying to solve some seemingly impossible dilemma. Also, using unusual or unique ways to outwit others makes you stand out as being too different. Something new that attracts you or appeals to your ego can be destructive now. In work, love, or life in general, you can adopt the attitude that you have strength and supremacy over everyone else. Situations arise where you can become unyielding and demanding in your efforts to do everything your own way, without considering the personal interests of others. You may have a very different perspective of yourself from the way other people view you. You feel that you should do what you must do, without taking into account the risks of not harmonizing your intentions with the people in your environment. There needs to be an appropriate outlet for your individuality to express itself, or else tension will build to such a point that a crisis or conflict is likely now.

Transiting Chiron trine Natal Sun

You approach the world with confidence in your own intentions and purposes. At this time, you realize the importance of bringing your own individuality and creativity into all you do. Your plans can be unique, grandiose or unusual in some manner, but if you have your heart set on achieving something, this is the time to put forth your efforts. Other individuals, even those in authority or in professional positions, may bend the rules or follow in agreement with you. You may have an opportunity to express your full potential or awaken inner talents and positive character traits which were formerly suppressed. This is also a good time to reconcile differences with other people, especially men or authority figures.

Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Sun

You may gain deeper insight into the workings of your true self and what you want from life. During this period, you become conscious of your inner sense of purpose and reconnect with your personal fundamental way of being. Similarly, you may be able to recover from past insecurities or damaging situations which have held you back from expressing your true self. You can effectively promote your own interests without fear of rejection or criticism at this time. Events which surface now have the tendency to bring attention to your creativity and originality. You make a unique impression on other people now, doing things your own way in a nontraditional fashion. Luckily, your individuality is your asset at this time, and you feel the confidence to go after things you truly desire.

Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Sun

Events at this time may force you to “clean up your act”. In one way or another, you will have to change your attitude or relinquish previous beliefs and concepts which are no longer appropriate in your life. For example, a minor illness or personal dilemma which arises may change your whole perspective on issues of physical and emotional well-being. Or a confrontation with another individual may cause you to reconsider your viewpoint, and you could end up with hurt feelings in the process. If your way of thinking does not correspond with others now, you may have little choice but to go along with their wishes, even if you still feel that your way is the only one that’s right.

Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Moon

A current event can be emotionally troubling to you at this time. You may experience moods that cause you to deviate from established patterns of relating effectively to others. You are more apt to give others the impression that you will not comply or yield to unconvincing arguments. Unresolved emotional issues demand your attention, and you feel the hurt and pain associated with the opening of old wounds. Some of these inner feelings will seem to be related to memories of prior emotional attachments or fears of rejection. Your feelings can be deeply hurt if you offer your love and it is not reciprocated. You may prefer to hold back some of your concern for others if you are unsure or afraid of their emotional responses. A woman in your life could help or assist you in getting a grip on this insecurity or put you more in touch with your natural instincts at this time.

Transiting Chiron opposite Natal Moon

You may feel dislocated or unconnected from your emotions at this time. You might not like extending yourself to others if you sense the chance that they will run roughshod over your feelings. Your position may be challenged by those who would rather not tolerate your defensive behavior. Disruption in your emotional environment creates a conflict between your need to be independent and, at the same time, attached. This may lead to the challenge of finding an appropriate balance between the two. Despite your feelings of isolation, you should attempt to overcome your lack of emotional responsiveness and your avoidance of intimacy. If you believe you have been hurt often in the past when expressing your feelings openly and freely, you find it almost impossible to connect on emotional and mental levels with others now. You might take offense too easily or overreact when in a trying situation. It would be helpful now if you try to view things in a less personal way and allow yourself to become more receptive to others. In this manner, you will be able to handle any oversensitivity which you are feeling now.

Transiting Chiron square Natal Moon

It is not easy at this time to let go of past disappointments, resentments and emotional wounds. Events which you experience now can make you aware of unresolved issues, which can lead to moodiness and hyper-sensitivity. Since your way of thinking may be overly emotional now, you are prone to taking other people’s views and opinions in the wrong way. You may be overprotective of your own feelings; therefore, you prevent others from really understanding what you want. You might cling to a viewpoint that is based on your feelings at the moment, not looking at a situation with objectivity and a selfless, constructive attitude. Try to not take offense so easily and learn the importance of releasing your feelings in more affectionate and caring ways. If you can come to grips with past or present emotional hurts, then you will be better able to manage stressful circumstances which come your way.

Transiting Chiron trine Natal Moon

This is a time when you may enjoy a whole new awareness with regard to your emotions and feelings. Greater sensitivity and compassion toward others can bring about a different mode of self-expression. Cooperation within domestic, love or professional relationships gives you a chance to contemplate your current life situation. Long-standing issues can be resolved at this time and there is a possibility that someone from your past may make an attempt to reconcile their differences with you. You can keep better track of your emotions and have an innate understanding that enables you to help others when they are confused or in a dilemma. You have a greater ability to guide others with your sincere concern, stability or protection.

Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Moon

This is a good time to gain some perspective on areas of your life which need improvement. Your emotions and subconscious desires motivate you to rearrange your thinking to allow for greater emotional involvement within your domestic or professional life. There can be subtle changes in the way you relate to those around you. Your gut instincts will lead you to know just who in your environment needs your care and attention. If old matters need to be cleared up, you are afforded with opportunities to do so now. Your personal thoughts are based on more healthy emotional beliefs; therefore, other people are more receptive toward your ideas than at other times. You look for ways to mend a situation or ease your way out of any difficult circumstance if one should arise at this time.

Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Moon

At this time you may feel less comfortable with your emotional and mental outlook. You may become aware of a need to rebuild positive family values in your home environment. For instance, you and those you love and care for may be at cross-purposes or not emotionally tuned into each other. Pay attention to your inner guidance when looking for ways to improve your standing in relationships with others. This can be a time when your thoughts turn to removing emotional blocks that you have with loved ones. However, you may hold back from making improvements if you feel that you are being forced or coerced. You can be very sensitive to the thoughts, ideas and views of those around you. Make your choices carefully and do not allow other people’s beliefs or judgments to influence your decisions.

Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Mercury

You tend to view things differently or with a new perspective at this time. This period helps to illuminate your thoughts and ideas, enabling you to use your intuition to come up with new solutions for overcoming problems or situations which have previously challenged you. You can turn things around in your favor now, planning your way out of difficulties with non-traditional or original insight. You will not always wish to agree with or take instructions from other people. What seems obvious to you may be overlooked or not perceived in the same way by others. Similarly, you can stir up controversial issues unintentionally if people believe you are trying to “pull the wool over their eyes” or outsmart them. Although you can envision great strategies and possibilities now, avoid miscommunication which prevents you from achieving your personal goals.

Transiting Chiron opposite Natal Mercury

No matter what people say, you may take it the wrong way at this time. Use greater common sense and rational thinking when communicating with others now. Your own beliefs and opinions can be illogical, irrational or controversial, resulting in misunderstandings and debates with other people now. Mental confusion can lead you to hold back from expressing your original ideas and perceptions which you fear will be criticized or rejected by others. Since you have trouble keeping track of your thoughts, you may not communicate vital information or you may make decisions based on an emotional reaction instead of sound judgment. Although a passing comment or wounding remark can hurt and upset you now, there is also a possibility that you will offend others by putting down their concepts or refusing to take their ideas into consideration.

Transiting Chiron square Natal Mercury

You may be easily offended and hurt by a misunderstanding which arises during this time. Problems can occur because you are unable to communicate in a way that harmonizes with others now. Your thoughts and ideas may be confusing or off the beaten track, resulting in verbal arguments or disapproval from those in your environment. As a result, antagonism or intimidation can occur or true communication may be withheld. Also, your thinking is subject to fluctuations and, therefore, you may use subtle tactics to get your point across or to safeguard your position, such as sarcastic humor, put downs, or wounding remarks. Unfortunately, you may not realize that you are putting people on the defensive and in turn only hurting yourself. If you can use this time to express your thoughts in a way which acknowledges the sensitivities of others, there can be an honest interchange or communication which still allows you to disclose what is actually on your mind.

Transiting Chiron trine Natal Mercury

Your ideas are likely to be quite original and varied, and you may seek new ways to stimulate yourself mentally. You follow your own ideas, even if it brings you down a different path from others. Although you concentrate on doing things your own way, you should not experience much difficulty in remaining sensitive to other people’s ideas and beliefs. Furthermore, you may have an opportunity to teach or calm others by offering them ways to clarify their own thoughts and improve their communication skills. At this time, when you communicate openly and with a variety of people, you can discover the value of what they have to say, and you can enhance or update your own ideas. You are also less likely to be fooled or tricked by others, as you can see behind falsehoods and pretenses. This is a favorable time to rebuild or heal your relationships with loved ones, siblings, relatives, or co-workers.

Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Mercury

Effective communication skills may afford you new opportunities to get your message across and express yourself to others. At this time, your communicating ability can go beyond words, and therefore, you also relate well on physical, spiritual and emotional levels with others. You may be able to discover ideas and insights that others may have overlooked, also giving you a chance to help people see things from a new perspective. In business as well as in personal life, you can reconcile differences with those around you without giving up your individuality and beliefs.

Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Mercury

This period may bring changes in your usual routines and manner of thinking. Communications and plans may be disturbed by events or experiences that interfere with your original intentions. Adverse reactions to your ideas can arise, or someone may purposely try to sabotage your way of doing things. You may come to a sudden realization that you are being ill-treated or intimidated by someone else, depriving you of opportunities to develop your own concepts. If you have been going along with other people’s ideas, you may now be forced to originate your own. You may have qualms about opening up to others for fear of criticism or disapproval. However, if you release yourself from negative thinking, you have a better chance of generating a positive response from those around you. Taking some time to meditate or relax will help to improve the clarity of your thoughts at this time.

Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Venus

You have opportunities to engage in pleasurable social and romantic activities, which gives you a sense of wholeness and emotional well-being. You may take a renewed interest in your creative or artistic endeavors, as you come up with very unique and different concepts. You can alleviate any former differences with a loved one now by revitalizing the relationship or looking for new ways to approach everyday situations. There may be several opportunities for various recreational and entertaining times with someone you love. This is also a good time to redefine what you value and desire in your partnerships. When discussing concerns with your mate, you are able to relate to their viewpoint with a greater sense of fairness at this time. If your mate or partner is troubled by anything, you can have a very special healing effect on them now. On another level, you and your mate can begin constructive joint ventures now, for instance, combining your unique talents and abilities on a project or making sound investments from your personal assets and financial resources.

Transiting Chiron opposite Natal Venus

Social or romantic encounters may bring you hurt and disappointment during this period. You may look at your love life from a new angle, noticing dissimilar interests, tastes, and attitudes or you may become painfully aware of the differences between you and your partner. You might be antagonized or judged unfairly by a loved one because they do not appreciate and value the things you find meaningful. Instead of compromising for the sake of harmony, you have a tendency to rebel or refuse to conform to what is expected of you. If you are presently unattached, your concept of love may change, leading you to feel insecure or anxious when in social or romantic situations. Even if you do not feel like following along with the crowd, try not to deprive yourself of making positive emotional attachments or enjoying social pleasures. Events which occur now can open old emotional wounds and resentments from a previous time in your life. However, you may not realize you are being given an opportunity to heal past hurts through the current experiences with your loved ones.

Financial difficulties such as disagreements over money, possessions and resources or the loss of a valued possession may occur during this period.

Transiting Chiron square Natal Venus

You may feel you are at a turning point in a romantic relationship. You may have difficulty blending emotionally or mentally with that special someone. Your personal tastes and preferences may differ from or directly oppose those of a partner or spouse at this time. Your attitudes and values may not be in sync, or your concepts of romance and intimacy could be quite dissimilar. You especially will not appreciate a loved one’s attempt to impose their way of thinking on you. When it comes to love and romance, you may not be willing to give of yourself what you ask of another at this time. Either you or your mate can experience difficulties if the expectations of the relationship aren’t being met. You might feel scattered in your loyalties or in some way troubled until you can resolve any painful issues you have with a loved one. Emotional tension which develops now may remind you of a problem or separation that affected you strongly in the past.

In addition, this is a time when you may give or receive less social invitations than usual, as doors do not readily open to meet your needs. Also, you might have to prepare yourself for constructive criticism with regard to your creative projects or financial affairs during this period.

Transiting Chiron trine Natal Venus

This is a time when social invitations may open more doors than usual. You have more interest in cultural and aesthetic experiences that offer novelty and deviation from your usual activities. There is a chance that another individual you encounter will want to help you promote some rather unique and creative ideas. This period can also bring improvements in your love life. You can think up various ways to put more romance in your marriage or rekindle an old relationship. If playing the field, you may discover you are making a transition into a more harmonious and intimate relationship with one particular individual. There can be a subtle difference in the way you relate to loved ones, such as being more attentive, soft, and tender or your tastes may change and you seek greater refinement and balance in your partnerships.

Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Venus

At this time, you may express your love for your romantic partner in original and interesting ways. There is a need to show your mate that you have that “special touch”, which gives you the advantage over everyone else. You refine your attitude so that you work more harmoniously with others and you make concessions if you know it will bring peace and unity to your life. You may discover that more love and understanding is needed to help heal any wound or grievance which you or your partner may be experiencing. Therefore, if someone you love is undergoing a difficult period, you administer tender loving care in a most unique and pleasing manner. You can use the wisdom you have learned from previous relationships to benefit you now. Similarly, you look at romantic situations from a different angle and come up with new solutions instead of repeating past mistakes.

Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Venus

During this period, you may attempt to get in touch with your relationship needs. You start paying attention to what you want and desire, rather than putting your energies into figuring out the thoughts and needs of your mate or a loved one. You may state your preferences instead of just giving in to the demands or expectations of your partner. You also may learn something about the part of yourself that wants something different from an intimate relationship and set limits as to how much you are willing to put up with. If there are issues of emotional dependency, ill-treatment, jealousy, painful hurt or rejection in a close relationship, you may decide you will not allow these conditions to continue and you simply refuse to consent to such behavior. At the same time, you could spend this period analyzing your own self-defeating ways and, if necessary, alter your attitude and behavior in order to remedy problems in your private life.

Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Mars

You need freedom to act on your impulses at this time. You have a personal drive to be more assertive, competitive, pioneering and independent. You tend to take risks, break rules, and put untried plans and methods into operation. This can be an exciting period for taking decisive action; however, you are also prone to selfish behavior, mostly aimed at gratifying your own desires. You may face a crisis of loyalties in a romantic or professional partnership. Furthermore, you may also find a new perspective on sexuality, seeking more variety or novelty in your relationship. There is also a possibility that you will experience conflict or struggles with others, either by intentionally provoking an argument or by being on the receiving end of someone else’s hostile or aggressive behavior. Positively, if a confrontation arises, you may be able to find a healthy way to release suppressed anger, stemming from unresolved past issues, or you may express your own aggressive tendencies in a more appropriate manner.

Transiting Chiron opposite Natal Mars

Your behavior may appear non-conforming and self-motivated at this time. During this period, you can feel hurt, anxiety, or alarm when others challenge you. As a result, you may become resentful and distressed, or feel wounded, rather than constructively addressing important issues. For example, if your boss or co-workers suggest you follow a particular routine and you insist on doing things your own way, they may become unfriendly and belligerent toward you. A similar situation can arise in your personal life as well. You may intimidate others with displays of self-righteousness and be unable to bend or yield to their way of thinking. Use self-control in order to avert a crisis at this time. It is important to avoid internalizing your anger now and to find ways to resolve your irritability in a positive manner.

Transiting Chiron square Natal Mars

At this time, you are prone to getting carried away with your own sense of purpose. You may refuse to adhere to the plans and expectations of others. You can become very hard-headed and push yourself and your aims in only one direction without realizing the turbulence you cause in your daily life. The problem is that you are less willing to cooperate with others, because your strong will inclines you to do things your own way. Similarly, you create conflict through your defiant behavior and are very likely to hurt yourself and others with your actions. You need to develop a more diplomatic approach when dealing with those around you. You must find ways to pursue your own self-interests without stepping on everyone’s toes in the process.

Transiting Chiron trine Natal Mars

You will want to do things that are different, challenging and exciting now. You are ready to jump at opportunities on a moment’s notice, especially if it is to your own advantage. Thinking up or pioneering new enterprises and adventures is satisfying to you. You may have a sudden realization or arrive at a new perspective or angle on a situation which once seemed impossible or difficult to overcome. You also are aware of having more physical energy, giving you the ability to work hard to achieve your goals. Your increased sense of independence can inspire those around you, and without realizing it, you may be helping them to recover their own individuality through observing your actions.

Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Mars

This is a good time to launch your personal goals and put your inspirations into motion. You consider yourself capable of hard work and are unafraid of challenges or obstacles in your path. Similarly, you enjoy taking risks and finding new ways to beat insurmountable odds or no-win situations. Your energy and enthusiasm guides you to try things which you have never experienced before, breaking free from old fears that previously kept you from taking action.

Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Mars

At this time, you may need to curb your impulsive actions and resist the temptation to force other people to agree with you. Too much self interest on your part can lead to a crisis in your personal or professional life. This willful and defiant attitude will prevent you from gaining wisdom from others. Furthermore, your provoking and antagonizing tendencies may leave you ill-prepared to deal with the consequences. Being aware of this influence should allow you to consider moderating your attitude to reflect a more constructive self-assertion.

Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Jupiter

You move toward greater wisdom and personal growth at this time. Social or vocational interests can expand your awareness and offer you opportunities to conceive new and original ideas and perspectives. For example, you may become involved in spiritual, educational or travel pursuits which open new doors to greater knowledge and awareness. You tend to look at things from a wider perspective, which greatly alleviates old fears, self-doubt and negative thinking. Relief or recovery from a personal crisis or health or work problem may come through your belief that all things are possible now and because of your more optimistic outlook and renewed sense of hope. You find it meaningful to engage in activities which help you to explore life to the fullest and encourage you to try things which you have never experienced before. Since you are unafraid to test your own limits now, you may unintentionally set yourself apart from others by not falling in line with their expectations.

Transiting Chiron opposite Natal Jupiter

Circumstances which arise at this time bring changes in your innermost beliefs and faith. For example, someone may betray your trust or confidence, your faith in religion and spirituality can be tested or denied, or an event occurs which enlightens you to the harshness of the world, leaving you unable to believe in or trust in that which you once did. In some instances, this process can cause you to feel hurt and disappointed, or you can use it as a learning experience by looking at things from a new angle or perspective. You may feel like hiding your distress or problems from everyone and refuse to let anything crush your hopes and optimism. Although this period can bring challenges to your original views, you still try to remain optimistic and open-minded to even greater possibilities.

Transiting Chiron square Natal Jupiter

At this time, some of your more idealistic goals and aspirations may fail to gain the approval of those around you. You may be accused of having too much faith in yourself and the world at large. Your over-optimistic outlook can be deflated by disappointing circumstances, and you must try to restore your inner confidence and trust in yourself. There is a need to set limits to what can truly be accomplished, as you can be easily carried away by your own beliefs, thoughts, and perception of reality. What you conceive as meaningful may be quite dissimilar from how the people around you perceive things to be. For example, you may try to push your philosophies on such subjects as religion, education, or everyday issues of your life, only to later realize that other people have very different views. This is a time when others have qualms about jumping on your bandwagon. You should use caution in situations which appear risky or speculative.

Transiting Chiron trine Natal Jupiter

At this time, you seek to broaden your horizons on both the mental and spiritual levels. A freer lifestyle appeals to you, one in which you can hold more original views and explore new pathways. You are also more open to things which do not necessarily fall in line with what you previously believed. Through education or religion or by adopting a more intellectual perspective, you search for ways to gain greater knowledge and insight into different ways of thinking. You may involve yourself in something meaningful which ties in with your own higher beliefs. You may develop some sort of unusual philosophy at this time which may be merely an attempt to find your own inner meaning and purpose. If your beliefs are sound, you may inspire others through your newfound faith and optimism.

Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Jupiter

Acquiring new knowledge and experience becomes important to you now. You want to reshape your belief systems and broaden your outlook to include areas of life which you have neglected to explore. This can be an exciting period of growth and opportunity if you take a non-judgmental approach to the many diverse viewpoints and philosophies of other people. Expansion into the realm of spirituality, travel, or education enables you to reach your own inner meanings and issues. Unlike previous times, you can now see beyond the scope of your present ideas and aspirations, bringing about a chance for greater confidence in life’s possibilities.

Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Jupiter

You feel impelled to take risks at this time. Your adventurous spirit might pose problems in a personal or professional partnership. You also need to analyze your views very carefully, in order to ensure that you are not limiting yourself to a narrow way of thinking. You may be overly judgmental or make assumptions about others because of your adherence to preconceived notions. A situation may arise where you overstep your bounds and poke fun at another person’s beliefs just to put down their views. Problems can also occur if you “tell it like it is”, without realizing that your truths may be quite different from what other people perceive as meaningful. Also, during this time, you have a tendency to avoid circumstances where you feel pressured by the demands of others. You may feel overly confident that everything will work out in your favor. You might have to put a lid on your over-optimistic attitude if it appears to create more problems than you anticipated.

Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Saturn

This may be a time of deep introspection and soul-searching. You can gain greater understanding of the need to let go of former negative conditioning and attitudes, paving the way for new ideas and originality to unfold. Similarly, you may prefer to operate from outside the established or traditional way of doing things, resisting the pressure to conform to the expectations of others. For example, if a job or relationship has hindered your growth due to feelings of guilt, fear, insecurity or denial, you may come to the realization that you are lowering your idea of your self-worth or that you are involved in an impossible situation. You may reach an important crossroads where you will be deciding whether to hold on to the old way or to take a chance and make changes that will put you on a new track.

Positively, you can think up new ways to overcome the obstacles, either by developing better awareness of your directions or eliminating what is harmful in your life.

Transiting Chiron opposite Natal Saturn

Situations may arise now which can shake up your sense of security. At this point in time, you redefine your beliefs and values, especially those which pertain to your ambitions, worldly achievements and contributions to society. This period can bring a chance to determine whether or not your current lifestyle, goals and directions are uniquely your own or merely an extension of past parental influence or pressure to fit in with the establishment. You may feel tempted to find new methods of fulfilling your obligations and responsibilities, rebelling against all the conditions that have previously shaped your beliefs. Your natural aura of authority is disrespected and disputed by those who demand that you conform to their rules and guidelines. It is best at this time to use patience and caution in laying the groundwork for implementing new techniques, as you may not realize the difficult consequences of breaking with the status quo.

Transiting Chiron square Natal Saturn

This is a time when you are prone to assume an authoritative attitude toward others. This may come from an inner need to be recognized as special and important. It is difficult to conform to rigid standards or handle pressure from others to go along with their demands. You may no longer feel satisfied with existing patterns and structures in your life; therefore, you redefine the established norms. In your search for a sense of purpose and individuality, you encounter obstacles and limitations through experiences with the people in your social or public life. In trying to get around the system, you can wreak havoc in either your personal or professional life. Your public or social image can be damaged or disturbed if you do not try to harmonize your ambitions with those around you. Changes and transitions in your plans can be slow to manifest at this time. Caution is needed when dealing with men, authority figures or business executives who want you to follow very traditional or strict guidelines.

Transiting Chiron trine Natal Saturn

This is a good time to remove barriers and limitations from the past which have prevented you from developing your ambitions and social interests. Whether it is fear, insecurity, or a wounding experience you must overcome, now is the time to turn things around for yourself and rebuild your objectives and direction in life. Relationships with men, authority figures or business professionals should greatly improve, and you will enjoy their assistance in the form of guidance or recognition. Your viewpoints, ideas, and beliefs are taken into consideration by others, and even those which are unique or different from the norm are seemingly more acceptable at this time.

Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Saturn

Respect and honor is forthcoming if you distinguish yourself in some way. You get attention as a result of your perseverance and professionalism. Opportunities can come to you through those who have the influence you need in order to make productive connections in your field of expertise. This is a good time to try a new discipline or philosophy with regard to your career. You move forward by realizing your limitations and restrictions and acting realistically within that framework. You can chalk up past failures to experience and align yourself with a clearer purpose. Branching out into profitable new areas is accomplished through creative and innovative thinking.

Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Saturn

During this period you may feel personally and socially frustrated by circumstances which create roadblocks to achieving your goals and realizing success. It can seem that you are up against everything imaginable or in an impossible situation with regard to your profession. You need to choose between going along with the status quo or making changes and improvements which may involve breaking a few rules now and then. You may be lucky enough to come to the realization that it is useless to dwell on past regrets and poor judgment regarding your career or worldly achievements. You may have cause to analyze your own upbringing and parental influences from the past in order to rebuild your sense of purpose. It is best to use this period to discipline yourself to gracefully accept your responsibilities and obligations.

Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Uranus

You may resist being caught up in anyone else’s views or opinions now. You like having a certain amount of separation from others and find it difficult to relate to conventional or traditional ideas. To the amazement of others, you may take on a more liberal or progressive way of thinking that makes no sense to them at all. However, you are merely freeing yourself from outdated attitudes and unnecessary beliefs in favor of more stimulating and exciting ideas and approaches. You also feel like doing something “different” with your life, such as allowing yourself to search for exciting future possibilities. You will find yourself with a wealth of newfound creative ideas, and you can use these ideas to find solutions to an old problem or task which has formerly troubled you. You may also want to share some of your unique experiences with others now, such as expressing something which you normally would not have considered before.

Transiting Chiron opposite Natal Uranus

You can become very defiant, rebellious and disruptive during this period. You find it increasingly difficult to comply or conform to other people’s demands or expectations. You may react in an unpredictable manner toward your friends and acquaintances, creating conflict and resisting that which you view as outdated ways of doing things. It may seem impossible to stop yourself from doing the opposite of what others tell you to do. You feel your own “original” ideas are much more important than the ideas of others; therefore, it is difficult for you to go along with the plans of anyone else. If you attempt to exchange your ideas with others now, you may give the impression that your views are peculiar or non-conventional. On the other hand, the reverse situation can occur at this time. You may experience hurt and disappointment through someone around you who behaves in an unusual or peculiar fashion.

Transiting Chiron square Natal Uranus

You are apt to seek a different level of fulfillment that others can’t even imagine. You simply will not agree to go along with popular attitudes and feel that the judgments of others are not worth your notice. Conventional frameworks no longer satisfy your free spirit and you meet with resistance from those around you when you behave in a non-traditional fashion. A sense of restlessness permeates this period, but make sure you avoid risky ventures. Progress on a current goal is slow at this time, and you should refrain from using unusual methods to achieve what you want. You may encounter obstacles in your dealings with friends, groups, and associations. A philosophical discussion with another individual can throw you off course or leave you open to hurt and disappointment.

Transiting Chiron trine Natal Uranus

Some of your ideas and feelings are more liberated now. While other people may have the perspective that your thoughts, actions and approaches to your affairs are somewhat avant-garde and non-traditional, you view your plans as the beginning of a change for the better. You are probably experiencing subconscious guidance right now, encouraging you to use your own free will. Some rebellion from stifling situations is necessary at this time, for it will relieve you of the emotional pressures of having to conform to the wishes or expectations of others. Fortunately, you should not have much difficulty getting those around you to accept your way of thinking; in fact, you may inspire some people with your unique way of handling situations. Social involvements through friends, clubs and associations flow smoothly, and you find it easier to express yourself in groups, rather than in a one-to-one relationship.

Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Uranus

Ideas you conceive during this period reflect your need for change. You may feel emotionally renewed and ready for new beginnings. Intuitive flashes of inspiration work out well for you now, and you may even pick up some helpful insight from the perspectives of other individuals you associate with. This is an excellent time to contact old friends or former colleagues who you feel can help guide you into new and different ventures. You may also become less traditional and more imaginative in your daily living, as well as unafraid of pioneering new territory. You have the belief that taking risks can open more doors for you and afford you with opportunities which will improve your current situation. You can quickly rebound from hurt and disappointment now because you refuse to give up on your hopes and dreams.

Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Uranus

This is a time to carefully explore ideas which come up spontaneously. You may be planning to reconstruct or change a particular area of your life, especially if it involves others imposing their restrictions or limitations on you. You need to gain some perspective on whether you are only seeking release from a feeling of restlessness, or if change is really warranted. Guard against hasty or rash decisions and, instead, proceed calmly and cautiously, trusting your inner voice to guide you. If you go against your inner guidance, your behavior can appear quite erratic and unstable. You will only hurt yourself by jumping the gun on any issue. Although you may be in competition with the traditional views of others, you must refrain from having a “know it all” attitude. By reflecting inward, you may be able to learn more about life and gain fresh insights and greater understanding.

Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Neptune

At this time, your sensitivity and compassion is aroused through your experiences with those around you. You may be desperately trying to hold on to what you believe in. However, you are likely to be tempted by the views and beliefs of the people in your surroundings. This is a time to seek out concrete values and ideas which are truly your own and to judge the thoughts of others as their own version of the truth. You can be easily swayed toward taking on the role of savior or victim now. The idea of healing, helping, or regenerating the lives of those in your environment is appealing to you. On the other hand, you may seek sympathetic and emotional responses from others if you have your own wounds to heal. You may limit your own freedom of expression through confusion, doubt or fear of not being accepted. It is important to avoid misleading others or causing them needless pain through emotional irresponsibility.

Transiting Chiron opposite Natal Neptune

Confusion can lead you down a false path at this time. You may lack a clear perspective of who you really are and tune out your own needs, leading to situations in which you are prone to being victimized or involved in a crisis that causes you to wallow in tears and self-pity. At times, you will be so sensitive to the vibrations, moods and feelings of others that your own sense of reality is distorted, dreamy or vague. This can make you weak or helpless in a confrontation with another person as your emotional insecurity will limit your ability to stand up for yourself. You may not wish to hurt anyone’s feelings now and will sacrifice your sense of self-worth in order to smooth over conflicts, but you may be damaging your own emotional stability in the process.

There is a lot of anxiety as to what your dreams and aspirations really are, but if you focus on personal needs that are realistic, then this period can bring a more healthy emotional connection with others, as well as allowing you enough separateness to be fully aware of your inner nature.

Transiting Chiron square Natal Neptune

You may not realize how easily you can be misled by others at this time. Your perception is unclear and you might trust too easily, sharing your innermost thoughts and views too openly. As a result, this can cause you to have your feelings hurt by someone who takes advantage of your sensitivity and compassion now. The reverse is also possible. For instance, you may hide certain truths about yourself from other people and therefore mislead them or entice them with false hopes just to get your way. You must guard against double standards and making obscure statements when telling others your opinion or viewpoint. It may be difficult for you to stand up for yourself if you sense a threat of emotional conflict or a damaging experience. If a pressing issue needs to be resolved at this time, you may need the guidance and advice of someone whom you deeply trust and respect.

Transiting Chiron trine Natal Neptune

Spiritual guidance and your own inner wisdom helps you avoid upsets at this time. During this period, you feel a sense of inner peace which helps you develop a unique gift of compassion and sympathy toward those in your surroundings. If you sense that someone is having a hard time coping with a dilemma, you identify strongly with their feelings and reassure them with new hope or encourage them to regain a better perspective on their situation. Also at this time, you have a greater ability to release hidden resentments or self-criticism which prevents you from forming healthy emotional connections with others. At times, you will feel deeply emotional, perhaps experiencing a flood of tears which will allow you to heal inwardly. Inner thoughts and memories of past glorious moments in your life can drift into your consciousness now, giving you a more dreamy outlook and a longing to relive idyllic conditions.

Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Neptune

During this period, you have a natural sense of merging and blending with the people in your environment. You are unusually sympathetic to people who are troubled or hurt, responding to their needs with appropriate amounts of guidance and inspiration. Accommodating others can be an asset now, as long as you do not neglect your own needs in the process. You might have an acute sensitivity to the moods of others, but you should try to avoid allowing their opinions to become your own. If you set realistic limits on how much you are willing to give to others, you are less apt to depreciate your own worthiness.

Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Neptune

You may have difficulty setting limits on the demands other people make of you. There is a conflict between your willingness to accommodate others and a desire to break free of situations where people take advantage of you or act as if your needs do not count. Circumstances may arise which make you feel victimized. For example, your boss or mate ignores your personal rights, opinions and needs. You either withdraw from confrontations or overcompensate for feelings of intimidation by playing the role of rebel. You may struggle with emotional dependency now, but with a nagging sense that you must try to stand up for yourself. A minor or even major conflict can force you to change or adapt to a greater level of maturity and assertiveness.

Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Pluto

At this time you confront your deepest feelings, insecurities and destructive tendencies. A new view or a shift in your perspective will allow you to see beneath the surface of things, such as your own or other people’s hidden motives or emotional wounds. This is the time to abandon obsessions, jealousies and other emotionally damaging behavior that holds you back from making healthy connections with the people in your environment, as well as to rethink negative attitudes which hinder your own personal growth. You possess great emotional awareness and can also reach out to people who are undergoing suffering or hardship, helping them to heal their own deep-seated hurts. A minor or major change in your life style can also occur at this time, either through an inheritance or through using your own resources or those of other people, such as taking on more power and control over your destiny. In one way or another, you will be personally transformed through the events you experience during this period.

Transiting Chiron opposite Natal Pluto

You try to make every attempt to suppress inner emotional turmoil over past and current hardship now. It’s as if you feel that a personal crisis will strike at any moment if you allow your inner hang-ups to get a hold on you. There is a fear that confrontations with others will bring out your most negative side and, in order to protect yourself from rejection, you cover up your emotions with an personal facade of power and control. You may not realize the intensity of emotions brewing within and therefore project them onto those around you, becoming demanding that everything be done your way or trying to outsmart others in an underhanded manner. There is also a possibility that self-destructive tendencies, such as compulsive behavior, repressed or guilt feelings, and unconventional activities (love triangles, manipulation, hidden schemes) can arise at this time, depriving you of opportunities for personal growth and healing. Until you have a deep inner confrontation with yourself in order to heal old emotional wounds, you are prone to repeating negative behavior from prior difficult periods in your life.

Transiting Chiron square Natal Pluto

At this time, an intense emotional experience may bring about feelings of loss, abandonment and distress over matters of deep concern to you. Whether it is a personal, love, work or health situation depends upon where you have carried too much emotional and psychological baggage. Any unhealthy and negative behavior stemming from the past can turn compulsive now, and if repressed inwardly, will burst out and bear difficult consequences. You can be quite controlling, though very insecure inside, and make every attempt to have the upper hand over those around you. You will do as you please, even if everyone else seems to be against you. This can be a difficult period if you have personal traits which are self-destructive, as you will feel the hurt and wounding of your own actions. If you have already done your emotional and spiritual homework prior to this astrological influence, then you will fare much better than most. However, even a minor incident which occurs now can still bring on the pain of past experiences that have hurt or disappointed you deeply. On the other hand, you can also have intense attractions to those of the opposite sex. There can be a seductive and magnetic way about you which carries sexual undertones. The reverse is also true; you may be swept away by someone who impresses you with their power and charisma.

Transiting Chiron trine Natal Pluto

You may seek a deeper understanding of yourself and human nature. Drastic changes can occur in your way of thinking or your view of your inner and outer worlds. There can be a new awakening brought on by an intense emotional experience you encounter personally or through another individual’s suffering. Although a minor hurt or confrontation can arise, it will bring you more in touch with your inner feelings and give you opportunities to find forgiveness for yourself and those around you. If you learn to trust your own instincts, you can gain unique insight into your more private ideas and beliefs and allow them to unfold without fear of hurt or rejection.

Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Pluto

At this time, you will likely feel an “inner healing” taking place within you. You now think about or consider ways to rid yourself of unhealthy emotional attitudes or destructive patterns which have been denying you fulfillment in your life. Instead of falling apart over your weaknesses or problems, you have the advantage of destroying them completely or transforming your life in more positive directions. You look at things from a new angle, realizing that change can be good for you. Whatever has been possessing you or controlling your life, such as an unrewarding relationship, career, or even matters relating to health, must be either healed or released if it hinders your personal growth and happiness.

Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Pluto

This turning point requires you to let go of past unhealthy behaviors and attitudes. During this time, you will most likely experience change or upheaval in areas of your life that have prevented you from individual, emotional, and spiritual growth. Try not to think in a negative manner about the new challenges you face at this time. Whether you like it or not, this period brings conflicts and disruption through compulsive behavior, power struggles or even a minor emotional confrontation with someone which has difficult consequences. Circumstances may leave you feeling overpowered or exposed at this time. However, you eventually help set in motion the kind of changes you determine necessary to regain internal and external control.

Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Ascendant

This is a time when you will try anything to liberate yourself from prior attitudes of self-doubt and insecurity. You undertake a new direction or take decisive action to overcome personal problems which have denied you wholeness and well-being. Once you come to grips with what has troubled you, you search for something extraordinary to make you feel special and significant. This can make the people in your surroundings uncomfortable as they sense your views and convictions are quite different from your usual stance. Although you may appear to be in disagreement or uncooperative with those around you, you are simply afraid of being trapped in a situation where you have little choice but to comply to demands and expectations. Therefore, you follow the path where you have many diverse options, rather than be guided by the suggestions or opinions of others.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Chiron opposite Natal Ascendant

Your opinions and perspective are subjected to the influence of the people in your surroundings. There is a tendency to suppress your own original ideas or avoid taking a definite stand on important issues for fear of contradicting or displeasing others. When you try to do things on your own, you feel a need to seek reassurance that your approach is right. A sense of vulnerability or anxiety over being put down can prevent you from being assertive and expressing what you truly want. You may feel less self-reliant and depend too much on other people to help you tackle existing problems. You can provoke your mate or marriage partner without realizing it, creating conflicts which hurt and distress you. Be aware of the impressions you give other people now, as they may be a far cry from what you are actually trying to portray.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Chiron square Natal Ascendant

You may act completely out of character now without realizing the impression you make on the people in your environment. If you want to fit in with everyone around you, then making a scene or flaunting your uniqueness is not going to make this happen. The “do it my way” attitude only brings more challenges and conflicts in your relationships. If your behavior patterns are far out of proportion with your intentions, you might find yourself socially excluded at this time. A situation may lead you to recall memories of prior experiences where you felt hurt over being considered an outsider or inferior to others. Therefore, you overcompensate for feeling different by non-compliance or defiant actions.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Chiron trine Natal Ascendant

This is a time when you are drawn to working on areas of self-improvement. You might recognize the importance of becoming more compliant or agreeable to those close to you, taking better care of your health, or creating new ways to be a better person. Similarly, you can look for opportunities to rebuild more positive character traits within yourself, resulting in greater self-confidence which attracts others to you for guidance or inspiration. A surplus of positive healing energy radiates within you, giving you beneficial moments when you find it easier to relieve yourself of personal or emotional upsets.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Ascendant

At this time, you may experience a feeling of creative self-renewal. Reflecting on your issues or making positive affirmations will help you gain perspective on the kinds of inner healing you wish to accomplish now. For example, if your normal route was to repress your originality and individuality, you may now change some of your old beliefs and philosophies and utilize your own free will. Formulating new ideas can be the key to opening new doors for you. You feel an urge to let go of outmoded thinking patterns and find new ways to improve upon your lifestyle. There are likely to be improvements in your personal environment as well. You are able to negotiate or get past your differences with others. You may understand another person’s perspective or position, and you cooperate within that new framework.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Ascendant

At this time, you should try to minimize your differences from those around you and use what you have in common to your advantage. You may choose to change your style or views to suit the present atmosphere at work or at home, especially if you have been uncomfortable with the way you normally dress or represent yourself. Events at this time cause you to reevaluate prior feelings of inferiority or self-doubt which have prevented you from harmonizing your intentions with others. For example, a current situation can trigger images or memories of being hurt, humiliated or set apart from others when you felt different or insecure. Your strategy now may be to do everything possible to show others that you are NOT different. You try to remove internal or external blocks that have left you feeling more like an outsider and prevented you from truly expressing yourself.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Midheaven

At this time, your career or vocational ambitions may have you seeking more challenging, different or unusual ventures. You set your sights on gaining something higher than your current professional activities, such as more authority, prestige or acknowledgment of your creativity and originality. You also tend to set yourself apart from those you work with by conceiving ideas and goals that make you feel superior, special or far more advantaged than others. On the negative side, if you have an underlying fear of failure or incompetence, you may develop unrelenting standards now which will be very difficult to achieve. An over emphasis on having your way or gaining recognition, status or achievement can become a substitute for emotional and domestic connections in your personal life. You must not let your relationships with other people suffer because so much effort is going into meeting your high professional standards. The balance between work and private life feels out of sync. You should take the time to attend to your loved ones as they may feel hurt or rejected if you do not meet their personal expectations.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Chiron opposite Natal Midheaven

At this time, you may have to work under unusual conditions or think about taking a different approach to your job situation. Circumstances which occur now have you feeling unfairly treated or frustrated by not being able to do as you please. You may act out of character for no apparent reason, except perhaps to release your resentments and irritations on others. Your emotional and domestic life can be out of sync with your outside interests, such as your career and public activities. You may feel your personal rights are being interfered with or denied and therefore you develop an unusual defensiveness against anyone who intrudes on you in a personal or professional way. A deep-seated fear of insecurity or underlying emotional dependency can resurface due to conditions in either your public or domestic life. A problematic situation at home or in your workplace can cause more distress and damage than you anticipated. It may take a considerable struggle and effort on your part to reconcile your differences with others, as you may fear that it only increases your dependence on them and undermines your ability to act independently.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Chiron square Natal Midheaven

There may be frustrating denials or fears of not having the right approach with regard to your career or vocation. When you look for a different outlet or a new perspective on work issues, seemingly impossible odds prevent you from having things the way you want them. Superiors may deny requests, challenge your viewpoint or give you less support for a unique idea you want to try out. You may feel you have outgrown certain conditions on the job, or that it hurts too much to suppress your creativity and individuality. People in authority over you are apt to go by the book and will not appreciate your efforts if you insist on trying to get around the system. You must protect yourself against possible inroads to your success and play by the rules rather than risk everything just to get your way.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Chiron trine Natal Midheaven

At this time, you receive more support and acceptance of your career and vocational directions from your peers. You should enjoy favorable responses from the public which enhances your ability to gain greater prestige and status in your community. You also can benefit from the sound advice and guidance of a helpful and influential individual. If you feel you have something important to contribute to your work or society in general, you should do so now, as your ideas may be viewed as creative and pioneering. This period encourages you to use your skills, abilities and original talents in various ways to achieve your goals. You may happen upon a unique way to capitalize on your accomplishments.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Midheaven

You can take positive steps to improve career matters at this time. You consider what you have achieved thus far and come up with a new agenda, viewpoint, or perspective on how you plan to go about promoting your abilities. It is important for you to maintain a respectable social and public image now; therefore, you avoid involving yourself in any situation which could damage your reputation. You come to a realization that you must overcome past failures and shortcomings which dampened your hopes or harmed your chances for success and, instead, try different yet realistic methods to accomplish your goals.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.

Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Midheaven

You may risk a certain amount of non-conformity in your career or public standing at this time. You feel a need to release yourself from traditional administrative, organizational or vocational activities that stagnate your personal growth. You might take unusual steps to achieve your means, such as overstating your authority or breaking rules and established guidelines without realizing the consequences which result if you do not act with proper discipline and direction. In effect, you may defeat your own purposes now by behaving outside of accepted norms and have to face criticism, delays and unpopularity. On the other hand, you may have no choice but to alter your behavior and attitudes with regard to your professional life. For example, circumstances or those in higher positions may demand that you adopt a more compliant and respectful consideration toward your work.

Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.