Juno Transits

Transiting Juno   Transiting Juno conjunct Natal Sun Relationships will become the principal focus of your life now. During this time, you will show more appreciation and devotion to your partner, creating warm, loving feelings and strengthening the bond between the two of you. You enjoy amusements, recreation and socializing with your mate. Anything less […]

Transit Interpretations

How do the transiting planets affect our lives? transits of the planets and other planetary bodies are one of the main means used in horoscope astrology to forecast possible future trends and developments. As the planets transit the horoscope, they make aspects, or angles, with the planets and houses in the natal chart (birth chart). […]

Humour in Astrology

Naughty Natal Birth Chart Interpretations Here we present some selected celebrity birth chart interpretations of the humorous kind. Don’t take these too seriously, they are a bit sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek. Ellen Degeneres Naughty Natal Birth Chart Interpretation

Astrological Compatibility

Astrological Compatibility, or Synastry Have you met your ‘Soul Mate’ or ‘Love Match’? Or are you just looking for the ideal business partner? Our compatibility reports are comprehensive analyses of the powerful forces at work in both your natal charts. We have versions for friendship/business and for Lovers. Visit the Chart Shop for compatibility reports. For thousands […]

Sample Romance Compatibility Reports

The Astrolreport Romance Compatibility report can show if you and your love interest or partner are best friends, soul mates, or your worst nightmare. The report pulls no punches; it compares all the planets and houses in each chart and shows areas of compatibility and also areas where there may be problems. Go to the […]

Predictive Astrology

Get your own 6 month Transit Interpretation Report Just Click Here. Predictive astrology is the art of forecasting a possible future using astrology. Remember, nothing is cast in stone; Astrology merely gives indications of what MIGHT happen. It’s up to the individual to use the planetary energies available to shape their own future. Basic Forecasting […]