Nicole Johnson & Michael Phelps

The Compatibility Report for

Nicole Johnson


Michael Phelps

Birth Data for Nicole:
Nicole Johnson
12 July 1985
Colorado Springs, CO

Birth Data for Michael:
Michael Phelps
30 June 1985
Baltimore, Maryland


This Lovers Report is divided into 4 chapters.

Chapter 1 compares your temperaments and personalities. The issues described in Chapter 1 become particularly powerful if you are married or live together. Idiosyncrasies or quirks in another person’s personality do not bother us as much if our relationship is a casual one. For example, if one person is neat and tidy and the other is sloppy, this is more likely to become a concern if you are married than if you are only seeing each other occasionally.

Pay close attention to the issues described in Chapter 2 because these are the most important themes in your relationship. For example, if themes of romance and sexual attraction are emphasized, then you can count on this relationship being a passionate one. However, if romance and sexuality are hardly mentioned at all, then this relationship will not be a passionate one. Note also that the material in Chapter 2 is presented roughly in order of importance, so that the material presented at the beginning of Chapter 2 is the most powerful.

Chapter 4 describes issues in your relationship of less importance than those presented in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 describes situations and circumstances that arise if you have a close, long-lasting relationship.

If a statement appears to contradict another statement, then your roles are likely to alternate. For example, a statement that Nicole is more aggressive than Michael, and another statement that Michael is more aggressive than Nicole, means that you alternate roles, with Nicole sometimes being the leader and Michael being the follower, and sometimes just the opposite. Also, read the statements carefully, as it is likely that a careful reading will reveal different kinds of aggressiveness or areas in which the aggressiveness is likely to express itself.

To make the most of this report, combine this astrological analysis with other things that you know about each other. For example, we have assumed that you are opposite-sexed (assuming that both of you are heterosexual, otherwise same-sexed). Physical attractiveness, age, religion, education, family and cultural background will affect your relationship as well. The material in Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of this report describes the magnetism between you, but does not describe your individual natures. For example, suppose that Chapter 2 makes little mention of romance and sexuality, but the Natal Reports for each of you indicate that each of you has extremely strong romantic and sexual desires. In this case, marriage is not likely to be successful! However, if romance and sexuality are not important to either of you, then the lack of passion in your relationship is not likely to be as much of a stumbling block.

Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of
the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of
students of astrology, these positions, along with other
technical information, are listed below:

Positions and Data for Nicole:
Sun      position is 20 deg. 19 min. of Cancer
Moon     position is 19 deg. 51 min. of Taurus
Mercury  position is 16 deg. 49 min. of Leo
Venus    position is  6 deg. 56 min. of Gemini
Mars     position is 21 deg. 56 min. of Cancer
Jupiter  position is 14 deg. 48 min. of Aquarius
Saturn   position is 21 deg. 36 min. of Scorpio
Uranus   position is 14 deg. 38 min. of Sagittarius
Neptune  position is  1 deg. 44 min. of Capricorn
Pluto    position is  1 deg. 55 min. of Scorpio
Asc.     position is  4 deg. 39 min. of Libra
MC       position is  5 deg. 17 min. of Cancer
2nd cusp position is  1 deg. 22 min. of Scorpio
3rd cusp position is  1 deg. 59 min. of Sagittarius
5th cusp position is  8 deg. 26 min. of Aquarius
6th cusp position is  8 deg. 39 min. of Pisces

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Daylight Savings Time observed.   GMT: 18:00:00
Time Zone: 7 hours West.   Lat & Long: 38 N 50 02   104 W 49 15

Positions and Data for Michael:
Sun      position is  8 deg. 33 min. of Cancer
Moon     position is 10 deg. 31 min. of Sagittarius
Mercury  position is  0 deg. 56 min. of Leo
Venus    position is 23 deg. 43 min. of Taurus
Mars     position is 13 deg. 53 min. of Cancer
Jupiter  position is 15 deg. 57 min. of Aquarius
Saturn   position is 21 deg. 59 min. of Scorpio
Uranus   position is 15 deg. 03 min. of Sagittarius
Neptune  position is  2 deg. 04 min. of Capricorn
Pluto    position is  1 deg. 58 min. of Scorpio
Asc.     position is 10 deg. 03 min. of Cancer
MC       position is 19 deg. 43 min. of Pisces
2nd cusp position is  0 deg. 01 min. of Leo
3rd cusp position is 22 deg. 09 min. of Leo
5th cusp position is 25 deg. 05 min. of Libra
6th cusp position is  4 deg. 46 min. of Sagittarius

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Daylight Savings Time observed.   GMT: 09:55:00
Time Zone: 5 hours West.   Lat & Long: 39 N 17 25   76 W 36 45
Chapter 1
A Comparison of Temperaments and Life Styles
that Affect Your Ability to Harmonize with Each Other

Nicole’s Sun in Cancer and Michael’s Sun in Cancer:

Both of you are very sensitive, sympathetic and emotional, with moods that shift and change like the tides. Though you may hide behind a shell of equanimity or indifference, you are really very easily hurt and take almost everything personally. You both have deep feelings for, and sentimental attachments to, the past, your home and family, or anything or anyone you once had a close affiliation with (school, home town, friends, etc.). If your backgrounds are very different, this may be more of a problem for you both than it would be to other people, because your identification with your origins is so strong.

Both of you need to be needed, and desire a very close, secure, loving and protective relationship. Family or domesticity is extremely important to you. Because of your empathy for one another, and your similar temperaments, you blend quite well together.

Nicole’s Moon in Taurus and Michael’s Moon in Sagittarius:

You have very different, and often conflicting, emotional needs and yearnings. Michael is expansive, craves adventure, and wants to be where the energy and action is. Michael’s curiosity and quest for growth, knowledge, or new experiences creates a strong urge for travel or changes in residence. Nicole, on the other hand, is very attached to the familiar, and prefers a steady routine, domestic peace and stability. Nicole is very slow and resistant to changes in home life or personal relationships, and may feel threatened by Michael’s restlessness.

Also, Michael is an idealist with great hopes and plans for the future, while Nicole lives primarily in the present and is more involved with immediate, tangible concerns. Michael may feel that Nicole doesn’t understand or appreciate Michael’s dreams, and that Nicole stifles Michael’s enthusiasm with an insistence on realism and practicality.

Nicole may feel that Michael lives in an unreal world, ignores the facts at hand, and leaves Nicole to take care of the work and business of day to day life.

However, you both have an essentially generous, live-and-let-live attitude which may enable you to overlook the differences between you.

Both of you have Jupiter conjunct, trine, or sextile Uranus:

Both of you have natural, spirited optimism, great exuberance and enthusiasm for life. Because you are open, willing, and excited about new experiences, you draw many happy, fortuitous coincidences into your lives. The magical or amazing “luck” you both have is primarily due to your own faith and “suspension of disbelief”. You both may have uncanny abilities to find things which have been lost, or to come upon great good fortune unexpectedly.

Both of you have Neptune trine or sextile Pluto:

You share an interest in paranormal experiences, mysticism, and the farther reaches of human consciousness. Exploring these mysteries together could be quite fruitful for the two of you.

Sun & Moon hard for Michael, soft or conj for Nicole:

A significant difference between the two of you is that what Michael desires and requires to be happy and satisfied in life is rather complex, while Nicole’s needs are more straightforward. Nicole is less prone to send out mixed messages. Michael, on the other hand, feels pulled in various, somewhat contradictory, directions – and this inner complexity can lead to indecisiveness or an underlying inner tension that can spill over into your relationship. Michael needs to try to express and fulfill both needs, only one of which is apt to be shared with Nicole. Nicole may very well need to develop patience while Michael sorts these issues out.

Chapter 2
Major Themes in the Relationship: What Brought You Together

Nicole’s Moon Opposition Michael’s Saturn:

Although you both strive to be responsible, respectful, and dedicated to each other, there is a strong tendency for this relationship to focus TOO MUCH on responsibilities and commitments. Nicole is likely to feel unjustly criticized, frustrated by Michael’s moral and ethical attitudes, and eventually resent the limitations and responsibilities imposed by this relationship. Emotional distance, coolness, indifference to feelings, and a sense of loneliness or oppression can develop between you. To make this relationship work, you both must avoid the tendency to let your sense of responsibility and concern for the other person cause you to try to control your partner’s life.

Nicole’s Mercury Opposition Michael’s Jupiter:

Issues of broad scope such as religion, philosophy, and politics play a major part in your relationship. You work well together in areas that require long-distance communication, mass media, or philosophical issues. Michael challenges Nicole to take a broader, more inclusive view of any situation.

Michael’s Venus Opposition Nicole’s Saturn:

Emotional distance or coolness, and an inability either to show love, or to feel sufficiently loved and appreciated are problems you are likely to face in this relationship. Michael, in particular, can feel dominated, stifled, or inhibited socially and emotionally by Nicole. There may be other, more positive astrological influences to offset this basically difficult dynamic between the two of you, but even so there are times when you feel lonely and unfulfilled by being together. Nicole must try to avoid being too demanding, possessive, withholding, or controlling towards Michael. Michael needs to be with other friends sometimes, and should go off and do something fun and frivolous once in a while.

Jupiter Mutually Aspects Uranus:

There is a lively, fresh, open quality to your relationship, an enthusiasm for the new and untried, a willingness to explore and experiment, and an eagerness for adventure and change. Your life together may be a little disorganized but it’s never boring!

Intellectual as well as emotional freedom is important to you, and you respect and allow one another’s independence and individual needs to be expressed.

Play and humor are also a vital aspect of your relationship, and this is an asset you can call upon when more problematic or discordant issues arise between you: you can always laugh!

This is a very enjoyable and liberating relationship for both of you.

Nicole’s Jupiter Sextile Michael’s Uranus,
Michael’s Jupiter Sextile Nicole’s Uranus:

You encourage one another to be free, to loosen up and let go, and there is a lively, exuberant playfulness between you. You will have a lot of fun and adventures together! By following your intuition and spontaneous impulses, you are likely to be unusually lucky together also.

Neptune Mutually Aspects Pluto:

Through your relationship your individual spiritual attitudes, values, strengths, and weaknesses are uncovered and probed. This relationship forces both of you to examine your ideals, dreams, and spiritual aspirations more deeply.

Nicole’s Neptune Sextile Michael’s Pluto,
Michael’s Neptune Sextile Nicole’s Pluto:

Your spiritual values and strengths harmonize with one another and this is a subtle but positive force in your relationship.

Nicole’s Sun Trine Michael’s Saturn:

Michael is very dedicated and loyal to Nicole, with a strong desire to fulfill the responsibilities and demands of this relationship. Michael is willing to go the extra mile and make sacrifices without complaining, for the benefit of Nicole and the relationship. Nicole is encouraging and supportive of Michael, inspiring a sense of security and well-being. If the two of you engage in business activities or marry, you will find that you work well together on meeting the problems that arise and you can count on each other to be responsible and trustworthy. There is a deep sense of mutual commitment and dedication that holds your relationship together, even when you go through difficult times together.

Nicole’s Asc. Square Michael’s Neptune:

Michael may confuse and undermine Nicole’s confidence in a subtle way, without intending to do so. Nicole feels unsure, befuddled, or mystified at times by Michael. Michael can influence Nicole to be less careful than usual also. A business or working partnership is unlikely to work out well, but your personal relationship will not suffer if both of you really work at being honest, clear, and unambiguous about your intentions and desires. Otherwise, things become rather foggy between you.

Michael’s Mercury Square Nicole’s Pluto:

Your conversations have a deep, probing quality. There is a strong tendency to attempt to coerce your partner to understand your point of view and agree with you. Nicole may attempt to dominate Michael’s thinking, or radically alter Michael’s view of things.

Nicole’s Mercury Trine Michael’s Uranus:

Your conversations are spirited and often exhilarating. You spark each other to view situations in a new light and you inspire creative, original, inventive ideas. This relationship inspires creativity and originality, and a fresh attitude towards life – and you should share a very interesting life together.

Nicole’s Mars Trine Michael’s Saturn:

You work together extremely well. You are able to focus on tasks, come to an agreement on what needs to be done, and get the job done. This is a tremendous asset for individuals that live together and build a life together because the need to coordinate on tasks, whether they are minor tasks like grocery shopping or major tasks like planning career goals, is a big part of everyone’s life. You help each other to be clear about what is really important and how to accomplish your goals. You are able to concentrate and work together in a focused, disciplined, harmonious manner.

Chapter 3
Destiny and Final Outcome of Your Relationship

Composite Sun Quincunx Jupiter:

Together you wrestle with issues of inflated expectations and promises, high hopes or dreams which never quite get off the ground, or which start favorably but never come to fruition due to neglect, irresponsibility or poor judgment. Hassles with the law, mostly due to minor infractions or sloppiness, can arise. One of your “offspring” (physical or otherwise) is apt to give you trouble in this way. As a team, try to avoid the urge to gamble, speculate, or invest everything in what appears to be almost too easy or good to be true.

Composite Sun Quincunx Uranus:

Throughout your relationship, there will be unusual events, sudden turnabouts, unexpected intrusions, and surprises, which may prevent you from following through on some of your joint plans or settling into a steady, reliable pattern with one another. There may be a disjointed, unnerving sense of uncertainty, but if you are both fairly adaptable and open, you may be able to ride through the ups and downs. A sense of humor will be a requirement!

If one of you becomes restless, it is important to be absolutely truthful and up-front about the changes you want to make, rather than becoming unreliable and acting out erratically. You may find to your surprise that the other person is restless too, and willing to try something radically different.

You won’t be able to avoid change in this relationship; how you deal with it will determine the success of your togetherness.

Composite Moon Square Venus:

When you are together, you feel waves of love and attraction for one another that are impossible to ignore. Tremendous feelings of tenderness, and an urge to care for, comfort, protect, and nurture one another will always be present in your relationship. Some element from your past, possibly interference from your families or previous lovers, will have to be dealt with in some way before you can fully come together. However, the love feelings and heart in this relationship are so strong that those issues can be resolved. The desire for children and/or to create a home together will predominate.

Composite Moon Trine Pluto:

Yours is destined to be a profound emotional union. There is a compelling, irresistible, intense desire to know one another deeply, and to be together.

If you are seeking a light, casual relationship just for fun and good times, you may want to run away from this one – if you can! Inevitably, you will have powerful feelings of attachment, even jealous possessiveness, toward one another. This needn’t be troubling though. Mostly it’s just a testament to your strong bond.

If either or both of you tends to be too rational and intellectual, your relationship with one another will remedy that! You’ll share deeper feelings and become much more open to your own inner emotional life through being together. In fact, you may well have come together after one or both of you suffered a significant loss or trauma, and were thus much more aware of your heart and feelings and those deeper concerns that crisis forces upon us. One of the purposes of your relationship is to experience the depths of which you are capable, with another person.

Composite Neptune Sextile Pluto:

Mysticism, supernatural experiences, psychic communication, or interests of an inner or esoteric nature will play a significant role in your relationship. There may be an unusual shared interest in secret things, mysteries, uncovering things which have been hidden. Your “psychic radar” and ESP are heightened, too, through your relationship and the “far out” things you pursue together.

Composite Sun Conjunct Mars:

Without a doubt, the two of you rouse strong energies within one another, and you will have to learn how to manage conflict, passion, and anger in a creative way. When you are together, you both tend to become competitive, overly eager, rambunctious, zealous. You are not destined to have a peaceful, placid coexistence! However, you can initiate new projects and get lots of work done together, if your drives are harnessed and channeled into creative enterprises. Winning at work and competition, developing a warrior spirit, encouraging one another to be bolder and more courageous – these are the positives you will discover and create together if you can diffuse the more aggressive, abrasive energies you bring out in each other.

Action, doing, accomplishing are much of what this relationship is about. Because you generate so much heat – on all levels – when you are together, your sexual energies will also be stimulated and will certainly be an undertone in your communication with one another.

Composite Moon Sextile Neptune:

There is great empathy and intuitive understanding here, a kind of emotional and psychic rapport that enables you to “know” the other without a lot of words needing to be exchanged. You have a certain understanding, a flow of sympathy between you, an essentially spiritual connection in many ways.

One of the purposes of your relationship is to foster this psychic and spiritual sensitivity in you both. Through your relationship you’ll become more compassionate, and more appreciative of the feminine side of life.

Composite Venus Quincunx Neptune:

A great deal of disillusionment and shattered dreams can be avoided if the two or you are rigorously honest with yourselves and with each other. If either of you pretends to be more than you are, or misleads the other in any way, this can be your downfall as a couple.

Romantic illusions, images of an impossible Perfect Love, fantasies in which your partner is some kind of deity or savior -all of these can interfere with conducting a real human relationship with your partner.

You may have difficulty establishing boundaries with one another. “Everything you have is mine, and all I have is yours”, “If it’s your problem, it’s my problem”, and similar ideas are apt to actually entangle you rather than lovingly connect you with each other.

Neither of you has to be a perfect saint or Divine Love Incarnate! In fact, learning to discern the imaginary from the real regarding human love is certainly part of what this relationship is about.

Composite Venus Quincunx Pluto:

Deep forces from within both of you will complicate your interactions with one another. You trigger deep feelings in one another, including those you may be accustomed to hiding, such as powerful passions, extreme possessiveness, an urge to dominate (sexually or otherwise). Avoid manipulative plays such as guilt, emotional blackmail, jealously, or threats of abandonment – at all costs!

Your connection with one another will have a deeply transforming affect on you both, and even your seemingly casual interactions will somehow influence or change you. That is, if you do not get entangled in some of the subterranean power struggles mentioned above.

Part of the purpose of your relationship is to bring up aspects of yourselves and of your attitudes towards loving others which you have kept in the dark until now.

Composite Mars Trine Saturn:

As a team you have great stamina and staying power, and through your patient and persistent efforts you will build something solid and enduring. The ability to pace yourselves and delay gratification works in your favor. Over time, you are able to achieve a great deal, and your achievements are not temporary but genuine and lasting, and are part of your purpose in being together.

The only drawback is that you easily develop patterns and habits in your way of being with each other that become automatic, ritualistic, and rather lifeless. You seem to have a high tolerance for tedium when you are together, and unless you allow for breaks in your routine this can become stifling to one or both of you.

Composite Jupiter Sextile Uranus:

Hopeful idealism, a belief in a better future, an urge to explore unconventional alternatives, and a generally open-minded, free-thinking, curious attitude toward new ideas are some of the pluses in this relationship. Playfulness, spontaneous adventures, and a rather wild sense of humor will also be important elements in the way you relate to each other.

Inevitably, spending time together will refresh you both and keep either of you from falling into a rut!

Chapter 4
Other Themes in Your Relationship

Nicole’s Sun in Michael’s 1st house:

Nicole embodies many of the qualities and attributes to which Michael aspires, and consequently Nicole is a very interesting and attractive person to Michael.

Michael’s Sun in Nicole’s 10th house:

Michael takes a keen interest in Nicole’s career and line of work. Michael provides encouragement and support to Nicole, but may become overly concerned and meddlesome with Nicole’s affairs. Nicole respects and appreciates Michael but may feel that the focus of the relationship is often too impersonal and worldly-oriented.

Nicole’s Moon in Michael’s 11th house:

You share a light-hearted, outgoing, friendly relationship. Even if your relationship becomes very close and intimate, you maintain a reasonable degree of objectivity about each other. The friendly feeling of camaraderie that you share makes your relationship enjoyable and fun, although Michael may feel that you don’t take enough time to share inner feelings and deeper concerns.

Michael’s Moon in Nicole’s 3rd house:

There is a natural smoothness and ease with which Michael can express ideas and concern to Nicole, which fosters a warm friendship between you.

Nicole’s Mercury in Michael’s 2nd house:

You enjoy planning financial strategies together, and Nicole provides Michael with lots of ideas on business ventures, investments, and practical application of job-related skills.

Michael’s Mercury in Nicole’s 10th house:

Michael takes a great interest in Nicole’s career and ambitions, and has lots of ideas on how Nicole can reach goals and aspirations. The two of you enjoy planning together and sharing ideas, and there is a good chance that you will work together in some kind of business together.

Nicole’s Venus in Michael’s 12th house:

Nicole seems a bit mysterious to Michael and Michael is intrigued and fascinated by Nicole, but may lack trust and feel insecure with Nicole. It is important to be honest and candid about feelings in this relationship, as there can be hidden feelings. There may also be a strong spiritual, almost mystical affinity for each other.

Michael’s Venus in Nicole’s 8th house:

Michael stirs Nicole’s romantic and sexual feelings. Michael is exciting, almost mysterious to Nicole. An intense, but emotionally complex relationship can easily develop.

Nicole’s Mars in Michael’s 1st house:

Nicole comes on strong, almost aggressively to Michael, and this relationship is a lively, dynamic one. Nicole spurs Michael to do more and be more. Michael may feel inspired by Nicole, but may also feel that Nicole is too pushy.

Michael’s Mars in Nicole’s 10th house:

Michael aggressively promotes Nicole’s career goals and ambitions, becoming one of Nicole’s greatest “fans” and supporters. Michael may, however, become too pushy, demanding, and critical of Nicole. Michael can become impatient with Nicole, and turn 180 degrees, becoming Nicole’s greatest critic instead of supporter.

Nicole’s Jupiter in Michael’s 8th house:

There is a strong inclination to merge resources, talents, and energies. You tend to pool your resources and Nicole, in particular, is not inclined to maintain a feeling of separateness from Michael. This tendency to merge finances, resources, as well as feelings and living space draws you into a very personal, intimate relationship with each other, which you will have to use will power to avoid if you do not wish to be this close with each other.

Michael’s Jupiter in Nicole’s 5th house:

The two of you enjoy playing games together, engaging in creative activities, hobbies, and you generally have lots of fun together. Also, Michael encourages Nicole’s creative talents and interests and enjoys promoting and assisting Nicole’s creativity, whether it be as simple as baking a cake or a major undertaking.

Nicole’s Saturn in Michael’s 5th house:

This relationship causes Michael to question personal skills and competence a great deal. Nicole feels that Michael is capable of so much more, and is inclined to feel that Michael is wasting valuable talent. Nicole would like to see Michael be more serious and less superficial in creative work. Over time, Nicole is likely to nag Michael to concentrate more on expressing unused personal talents. Rather than inspire Michael to do more, this may only serve to make Michael feel inadequate and dissatisfied with any accomplishments or progress made. With care and consideration, Nicole can, indeed, spur Michael on to greater self-mastery and development, but the process is more delicate than Nicole may at first realize. Great care – and unconditional love – is needed on Nicole’s part to achieve this.

Michael’s Saturn in Nicole’s 2nd house:

Handling of finances is a major issue in your relationship, especially if your relationship is a permanent one. Deciding how to increase income, how to wisely spend money, and how to develop financial security becomes a big issue, and major problems can arise if either of you ignores or overlooks your partner’s point of view in these matters. You will learn a lot about handling money and resources and how to develop material security in this relationship, and hopefully any difficult lessons will not cause serious regrets. Michael, in particular, should be wary of the tendency to be overly critical of the way that Nicole handles finances and should try not to interfere too much with Nicole’s decisions in this regard. Nicole should try not to be overly sensitive to Michael’s suggestions and should try to extract the useful, valuable suggestions and ignore the rest.

Nicole’s Uranus in Michael’s 6th house:

Handling of daily chores and tasks can get very disorganized in your relationship, particularly if you live together or are married. Michael, in particular, may feel that is an endless battle trying to maintain an orderly life. Your daily routines change frequently and you often switch roles. For example, it is likely that sometimes Nicole may take care of cooking and cleaning, and then Michael assumes the responsibility, rather than one person always handling the same responsibilities. If you try to force a rigid system, you will find that it is not comfortable for either of you.

Michael’s Uranus in Nicole’s 3rd house:

There is a spontaneity and quickness to your communications that allows the two of you to convey a lot of information to each other very rapidly. Michael spurs Nicole to develop new, creative ideas and you both enjoy the fresh, innovative ideas that come to you when you start brainstorming together.

Nicole’s Neptune in Michael’s 6th house:

Michael is often disappointed in the way that Nicole handles problems and performs various chores and tasks. Michael is likely to feel that Nicole is careless or sloppy. You approach many tasks in a very different manner from each other. This is not likely to create any serious problems, and can even add some interesting variety to your lives.

Michael’s Neptune in Nicole’s 3rd house:

Frequently, the two of you misunderstand each other regarding some practical detail or specific instruction. Without realizing it, Michael tends to communicate less clearly to Nicole than to others, and does not concentrate as much on the practical nitty-gritty of what is being communicated. Nicole, in turn, responds by being slightly distracted and less attentive to the factual details being communicated.

Nicole’s Pluto in Michael’s 5th house:

Your relationship is a spirited one. You love to do things together, and you will inevitably engage in creative work or play together – developing projects together or competing with each other. If romantic attraction is strong, you can become obsessed with each other.

Michael’s Pluto in Nicole’s 2nd house:

If your relationship is a long-term one, you will find that situations will develop where Michael is called on to provide considerable assistance to Nicole. This assistance is of a tangible kind, perhaps financial assistance or providing tools or resources that are important to Nicole. The transaction, however, may not be smooth and many complex issues are likely to surround it. Arrangements may not always seem fair but both of you need to accept situations that cannot be altered.

Nicole’s Asc. Square Michael’s Sun:

Although the two of you are strongly attracted to each other, you often “rub each other the wrong way”. Your personal tastes and interests are frequently different. If you try to convince each other that your life style, tastes, and interests are better than your partner’s, then you will frustrate each other and fail to appreciate and really understand each other. You must accept the fact that the two of you are different people with your own unique qualities. Don’t try to force each other to adopt your own tastes, hobbies, and interests, as it will only make matters worse.

Nicole’s Moon Conjunct Michael’s Venus:

There is a sweet, tender, and sympathetic quality to the love feelings that you have for each other. You enjoy taking care of each other and nourishing each other. You probably enjoy such activities as cooking for each other or with each other. Your heart really opens up to one another and, like a mother who loves her children regardless of what they do, your affection for each other is likely to weather the most difficult trials.

Michael’s Moon Conjunct Nicole’s Uranus:

Your feelings towards each other change quickly and you often react to each other rather impulsively. When the mood is right, you find each other sexually irresistible, but at other times you get on each other’s nerves. You may feel like you fall in and out of love on a monthly basis! It seems that you are either making love, fighting with each other, or indifferent to each other, and you may sometimes wish for greater constancy. Your domestic life is likely to be very unstable. If you can be flexible and flow with the fluctuating feelings, this relationship can be exciting and fascinating – otherwise your patience will wear thin and you will perceive your relationship as hopelessly unstable and your partner as unreliable and untrustworthy.

Michael’s Moon Opposition Nicole’s Venus:

The love you feel for each other has a particularly sweet, romantic quality that draws the two of you together. You evoke the tender side of each other, and you simply love doing things for each other and giving gifts to one another. Your love for each other is very strong. Because you care for each other so much, you can also hurt each other’s feelings rather easily.

Nicole’s Moon Square Michael’s Jupiter:

You enjoy joking and kidding each other, and you spark each other’s sense of humor. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to be serious with each other; the tendency to be light-hearted and jovial is too irresistible. Also, you are very supportive and encouraging to each other, but you tend to be overly optimistic about each other and make promises that you cannot fulfill. You encourage each other to be extravagant, sometimes too much so.

Michael’s Venus Sextile Nicole’s Mars:

There is a strong romantic attraction between you and you instinctively know how to please and make one another happy sexually. Both tenderness and passion are present between you, so this relationship can be immensely fulfilling to both of you!

Nicole’s Jupiter Conjunct Michael’s Jupiter:

The two of you support one another’s aspirations and needs to grow, which creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and appreciation between you. You encourage one another to take risks and you reinforce one another’s basic sense of trust in life. Shared ideals, hopes for the future, and spiritual or philosophical outlooks bind you together.

Nicole’s Saturn Conjunct Michael’s Saturn:

You have similar fears, insecurities, or weaknesses and it is difficult for you to get an objective perspective on yourself in this relationship, since you both have the same limitations or Achilles heel.

You are often very uncomfortable when your partner displays weaknesses and difficulties for they make you see your own unresolved problems in the very same area.

However, you do understand one another’s struggles, and can offer one another a sense of solidarity and a safe haven in which to deal with the darker or more problematic aspects of your lives.