Melania Trump & Donald Trump

The Compatibility Report for

Donald Trump


Melania Trump

Birth Data for Donald:
Donald Trump
14 June 1946
Queens, New York

Birth Data for Melania:
Melania Trump
26 April 1970
Novo Mesto, Slovenia

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This Lovers Report is divided into 4 chapters.

     Chapter 1 compares your temperaments and personalities. The issues described in Chapter 1 become particularly powerful if you are married or live together. Idiosyncrasies or quirks in another person’s personality do not bother us as much if our relationship is a casual one. For example, if one person is neat and tidy and the other is sloppy, this is more likely to become a concern if you are married than if you are only seeing each other occasionally.

Pay close attention to the issues described in Chapter 2 because these are the most important themes in your relationship. For example, if themes of romance and sexual attraction are emphasized, then you can count on this relationship being a passionate one. However, if romance and sexuality are hardly mentioned at all, then this relationship will not be a passionate one. Note also that the material in Chapter 2 is presented roughly in order of importance, so that the material presented at the beginning of Chapter 2 is the most powerful.

Chapter 4 describes issues in your relationship of less importance than those presented in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 describes situations and circumstances that arise if you have a close, long-lasting relationship.

If a statement appears to contradict another statement, then your roles are likely to alternate. For example, a statement that Donald is more aggressive than Melania, and another statement that Melania is more aggressive than Donald, means that you alternate roles, with Donald sometimes being the leader and Melania being the follower, and sometimes just the opposite. Also, read the statements carefully, as it is likely that a careful reading will reveal different kinds of aggressiveness or areas in which the aggressiveness is likely to express itself.

To make the most of this report, combine this astrological analysis with other things that you know about each other. For example, we have assumed that you are opposite-sexed (assuming that both of you are heterosexual, otherwise same-sexed). Physical attractiveness, age, religion, education, family and cultural background will affect your relationship as well. The material in Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of this report describes the magnetism between you, but does not describe your individual natures. For example, suppose that Chapter 2 makes little mention of romance and sexuality, but the Natal Reports for each of you indicate that each of you has extremely strong romantic and sexual desires. In this case, marriage is not likely to be successful! However, if romance and sexuality are not important to either of you, then the lack of passion in your relationship is not likely to be as much of a stumbling block.

Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of
the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of
students of astrology, these positions, along with other
technical information, are listed below:

Positions and Data for Donald:
Sun      position is 22 deg. 56 min. of Gemini
Moon     position is 21 deg. 12 min. of Sagittarius
Mercury  position is  8 deg. 52 min. of Cancer
Venus    position is 25 deg. 44 min. of Cancer
Mars     position is 26 deg. 47 min. of Leo
Jupiter  position is 17 deg. 27 min. of Libra
Saturn   position is 23 deg. 49 min. of Cancer
Uranus   position is 17 deg. 54 min. of Gemini
Neptune  position is  5 deg. 51 min. of Libra
Pluto    position is 10 deg. 03 min. of Leo
Asc.     position is 29 deg. 56 min. of Leo
MC       position is 24 deg. 18 min. of Taurus
2nd cusp position is 22 deg. 58 min. of Virgo
3rd cusp position is 21 deg. 09 min. of Libra
5th cusp position is 29 deg. 18 min. of Sagittarius
6th cusp position is  1 deg. 43 min. of Aquarius

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Daylight Savings Time observed.   GMT: 14:54:00
Time Zone: 5 hours West.   Lat & Long: 40 N 43      73 W 52

Positions and Data for Melania:
Sun      position is  5 deg. 48 min. of Taurus
Moon     position is  6 deg. 09 min. of Capricorn
Mercury  position is 22 deg. 18 min. of Taurus
Venus    position is 28 deg. 18 min. of Taurus
Mars     position is  5 deg. 15 min. of Gemini
Jupiter  position is  0 deg. 29 min. of Scorpio
Saturn   position is 11 deg. 17 min. of Taurus
Uranus   position is  5 deg. 33 min. of Libra
Neptune  position is  0 deg. 10 min. of Sagittarius
Pluto    position is 25 deg. 05 min. of Virgo
Asc.     position is 18 deg. 11 min. of Leo
MC       position is  6 deg. 32 min. of Taurus
2nd cusp position is  8 deg. 24 min. of Virgo
3rd cusp position is  3 deg. 59 min. of Libra
5th cusp position is 13 deg. 57 min. of Sagittarius
6th cusp position is 19 deg. 04 min. of Capricorn

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Standard time observed.   GMT: 11:00:00
Time Zone: 1 hours East.   Lat & Long: 45 N 48      15 E 10
Chapter 1
A Comparison of Temperaments and Life Styles
that Affect Your Ability to Harmonize with Each Other

Donald’s Sun in Gemini and Melania’s Sun in Taurus:

Melania is stable, grounded, and steady – qualities that Donald lacks and feels both drawn to and impatient with sometimes. Melania is intrigued by and respects Donald’s wit, mental agility and intelligence, but is sometimes annoyed with Donald’s inability to make a commitment or to follow through on intentions.

Donald likes to talk and can jump rapidly from one topic to the next in rapid succession. Melania, on the other hand, likes to methodically digest one topic at a time, and quickly gets “mental indigestion” from Donald’s fast-paced conversation. When faced with an important decision, for example, Melania would benefit by taking a quiet walk in the woods or along the beach, while Donald needs to talk with someone. You must learn to respect each other’s different styles, or you will certainly get in each other’s way.

Donald’s Moon in Sagittarius and Melania’s Moon in Capricorn:

Your emotional needs and deeply ingrained attitudes toward life are somewhat at odds with each other. Melania is a sober realist who tends towards cynicism and pessimism at times. Melania’s security lies in work, accomplishment, and having a solid material foundation. Feelings of self-doubt often limit what Melania is willing to aim for. Fears of poverty or financial ruin may drive Melania to work excessively also. Highly responsible and conscientious, Melania tends to take life too seriously and puts business or duty before pleasure.

Donald, on the other hand, is essentially an optimist with an innate faith in life, a Higher Power, or simply in good luck, which gives Donald the confidence to take risks that Melania just doesn’t feel safe or comfortable taking. Melania chooses a well-defined, secure, path over one that involves a lot of unknowns. Donald craves adventure, and exploring the unknown is a very real and legitimate need of Donald’s. Donald needs to soar in some way (either literally, intellectually, or spiritually) while Melania needs to have both feet planted firmly on earth.

Also, Melania has good focus and concentration and the ability to persevere through difficult or dry periods, while Donald is often impatient and flighty. Donald can be too lax, careless, and irresponsible at times. Donald wants to have a good time and sometimes that’s all Donald wants!

Melania is inclined to make a commitment in a relationship and wants a firm commitment in return, while Donald shies away from anything that will restrict freedom of movement and self-expression too much.

Positively, Donald’s humor and light touch can help Melania not to worry so much, and Melania’s realism can ground Donald and temper Donald’s impractical enthusiasms.

Both of you have Moon conjunct or in hard aspect to Uranus:

Both of you are quite sensitive to being emotionally restricted, or bound by routine, stereotypes, or others’ expectations. You’re both likely to feel that you are unusual, not conventional in your tastes and needs, and dancing to the beat of a different drummer. You share a great need for personal independence and the freedom to be spontaneous and impulsive.

Sustaining regularity and stability in your domestic lives or close personal relationships is challenging for you as individuals – and this may be doubly so if you join forces. However, you’re apt to gladly give one another the space and personal autonomy that is so vital to both of you. Staying connected and maintaining closeness may be more difficult.

Sun & Moon hard for Donald, soft or conj for Melania:

A significant difference between the two of you is that what Donald desires and requires to be happy and satisfied in life is rather complex, while Melania’s needs are more straightforward. Melania is less prone to send out mixed messages. Donald, on the other hand, feels pulled in various, somewhat contradictory, directions – and this inner complexity can lead to indecisiveness or an underlying inner tension that can spill over into your relationship. Donald needs to try to express and fulfill both needs, only one of which is apt to be shared with Melania. Melania may very well need to develop patience while Donald sorts these issues out.

Chapter 2
Major Themes in the Relationship: What Brought You Together

Asc. Mutually Aspects Jupiter:

In addition to whatever emotional or romantic attraction exists between the two of you, you have a wonderful friendship: you LIKE each other, are tolerant of one another’s failings, and tend to bring out the best in one another. There is a great deal of mutual good will and an unselfish desire to see each other grow and to be happy.

You increase one another’s sense of confidence and optimism, and any cooperative relationship or partnership is likely to be richly rewarding.

Donald’s Asc. Sextile Melania’s Jupiter,
Melania’s Asc. Sextile Donald’s Jupiter:

Melania benefits, supports, or promotes Donald in some way, assisting educational or career goals, or some other aspiration that Donald has. Melania also provides Donald with the extra impetus or enthusiasm needed when Donald is discouraged. You both help each other see the humorous side of life.

Melania’s Moon Opposition Donald’s Mercury:

Lively, insightful conversations are frequent in this relationship. You love confiding in each other, pouring out your deepest concerns, fears, and hopes to each other. You also enjoy discussing and analyzing issues at length. In general, these conversations are enjoyable and enlightening, but occasionally they may degrade into gossip and Donald may sometimes take an overly intellectual, cool, detached approach to Melania’s feelings.

Saturn Mutually Aspects Pluto:

You will both be changed, even transformed, if you have the courage to confront the difficulties that arise between you, though you may feel at times that it is quite a struggle.

Facing the dark, painful, or serious side of life is a focus in your relationship. Work, rather than play or skimming along on the surface of life, is emphasized and this may be inner, psychological “work” or some all-consuming personal ambition.
Donald’s Saturn Sextile Melania’s Pluto:

The two of you can be a very disciplined, focused, dedicated team, working towards realizing some ambition. You help one another achieve your deepest life purposes, and if either or both of you is a workaholic, the relationship between you will bring that to the fore.

Melania’s Saturn Square Donald’s Pluto:

In addition to the harmony and fulfillment you may both experience together, there is a difficult, darker side to your relationship as well. Your deepest fears or character defects are brought to the fore, and you must confront the very things you have avoided or tried to hide about yourself in the past. This can be a very painful process and you may begin to resent, try to control, or suppress your partner. You are much too serious and heavy with one another at times, and must be sure that you give equal time to play and to appreciation of the positives. Otherwise, over time, this relationship will weigh both of you down.

Donald’s Sun Square Melania’s Pluto:

Your relationship is intense, magnetic, and complex. You are fascinated by each other and you engage in deep, intense discussions and encounters that unveil your innermost thoughts, feelings, goals, hopes, fears, and ambitions. This is not a superficial relationship! You are very uninhibited with each other, and you open up to each other more readily than to others. Be wary of power struggles, however, as Melania, in particular, may be tempted to use the magnetic attractive power over Donald to manipulate and control Donald. Also, either of you may feel threatened, embarrassed, or disempowered by revealing so much of yourself to the other, and consequently feel the need to be secretive and competitive with each other. You have a profound influence upon one another, for good or ill.

Donald’s Asc. Square Melania’s Venus:

There is a strong romantic quality to your relationship, but you will also experience times when the qualities of your partner contrast sharply with the qualities that you had envisioned that your “Ideal Lover” would have. Do not try to force your partner to conform to your desires; each person must be true to themselves.

Donald’s Asc. Square Melania’s Neptune:

Melania may confuse and undermine Donald’s confidence in a subtle way, without intending to do so. Donald feels unsure, befuddled, or mystified at times by Melania. Melania can influence Donald to be less careful than usual also. A business or working partnership is unlikely to work out well, but your personal relationship will not suffer if both of you really work at being honest, clear, and unambiguous about your intentions and desires. Otherwise, things become rather foggy between you.

Melania’s Asc. Sextile Donald’s Uranus:

Donald is likely to introduce Melania to people, experiences, and ideas that are new, stimulating and possibly upsetting or challenging to Melania’s sense of order. Both of you are more excitable when you are together.

Melania’s Moon Square Donald’s Neptune:

You spark each other’s imagination and fantasies, but the tendency to deceive each other is also very strong. You fascinate and intrigue each other, clouding your vision and causing you to often misunderstand each other. For example, you tend to project fantasies and hopes on each other – this is not necessarily bad because these fantasies can become a rich source for imaginative, inspiring works of art or music. Do not rush into a serious relationship too quickly, though, because you need time to make sure that you haven’t got caught up in a romantic, idealistic vision of each other, from which you will later wake. If either of you has a major problem of a psychological, alcohol-related, or drug-related nature, this relationship can become a partnership in dissolute, self-destructive, negative habits.

Melania’s Venus Square Donald’s Mars:

This is likely to be a stormy and fiery relationship. The romantic attraction between you is very strong, but your feelings are often not in tune with each other. One of you (typically Donald but sometimes Melania) may feel sexually aroused by the other and consequently be too aggressive in approach, while the other person feels great love and affection, but is not feeling as sexually attracted. Jealousy and possessiveness are also likely. Feelings can swing back and forth and you may not realize how much you love each other until you are away from each other.

Donald’s Venus Sextile Melania’s Pluto:

Romantic love and sexual attraction is very strong. You pour your hearts out to each other and feel like you are able to express your feelings to each other very fully. This is a powerful love affair that may lead to marriage.

Melania’s Mars Trine Donald’s Neptune:

You enjoy watching movies, reading novels, discussing music and the arts, and pursuing religious or metaphysical areas together. You work well together in any area that involves a strong imaginative element. The spiritual bond between you is strong, and as you spend time together, your ideals and your sense of purpose in life becomes more refined and intertwined.

Chapter 3
Destiny and Final Outcome of Your Relationship

Composite Sun Quincunx Moon:

There is an ongoing sense of friction between you. One or the other will continually be putting on the brakes or preventing the two of you from proceeding full speed ahead in your joint ventures. An unexpected, unplanned for, unintentional burden (financial, health, or otherwise) which one of you brings into the relationship may consume a tremendous amount of your energies. A feeling of being “stuck” or even one of failure may arise. Certainly overcoming or enduring these difficulties is a part of the challenge and reason for your coming together.

Composite Moon Opposition Venus:

Tenderness, caring, and love are the essence of your bond. The feeling that the two of you were meant for one another, and a sense of reuniting and coming together again after having been separated, is a strong undertone between you. There is a lot of sweetness and affection here, and at least one part of your purpose together is simply to share that! In many ways you are complements to one another (rather than similar or the same as each other), and you can blend your different abilities and qualities to form a rich and harmonious whole. You need one another, and allowing yourselves to be taken care of and depending on each other in certain ways are part of what this relationship is about.

Composite Mercury Conjunct Saturn:

Deep, serious thinking and a reticence to dissipate your time together in idle chatter or trivial pursuits lend a rather heavy tone to your relationship. One or both of you may feel intellectually inferior, with a great desire to learn from the other, or you may simply feel inhibited about sharing your thoughts and ideas with one another.

At best, the two of you can really study, concentrate, focus, and learn to be extremely clear and explicit in your communication. If you are involved in something that requires strict organization and planning, you will do an excellent job together. However, you may notice that you somehow dampen or restrict each other, socially or intellectually. Together, one your purposes is to solve problems, work on serious issues, and/or tend to very practical concerns – all of which preclude too much gaiety.
Composite Sun Square Pluto:

The two of you have a very powerful and profound effect upon one another for good or ill, and a major temptation for you both is to use your power to control or change or reform one another. Inevitably you WILL be transformed as a result of your interaction with each other and the struggles you will face together, which at times may seem monumental. Circumstances which force you to eliminate everything you thought you knew or had, and begin all over again, will arise. You may lose something which is very precious to you both, but as a result, experience life on a much deeper level.

This relationship is anything but superficial. It will probably be one of the most intense of your lives. At its best it can enable you both to reclaim power you never realized was in you.

Composite Moon Trine Pluto:

Yours is destined to be a profound emotional union. There is a compelling, irresistible, intense desire to know one another deeply, and to be together.

If you are seeking a light, casual relationship just for fun and good times, you may want to run away from this one – if you can! Inevitably, you will have powerful feelings of attachment, even jealous possessiveness, toward one another. This needn’t be troubling though. Mostly it’s just a testament to your strong bond.

If either or both of you tends to be too rational and intellectual, your relationship with one another will remedy that! You’ll share deeper feelings and become much more open to your own inner emotional life through being together. In fact, you may well have come together after one or both of you suffered a significant loss or trauma, and were thus much more aware of your heart and feelings and those deeper concerns that crisis forces upon us. One of the purposes of your relationship is to experience the depths of which you are capable, with another person.

Composite Venus Trine Jupiter:

Wonderful good fortune and blessings on many levels come to you both as a result of being together. Yours is destined to be a very felicitous relationship, one that promises both happiness and growth. You will bring out the finest in one another, and contribute to one another’s success, as well as one another’s joy.

Many things come to you without a great deal of effort on your parts, including material comfort and well-being. A spirit of generosity and abundance permeates your bond, and as a couple you generate so much friendliness and good will that you will always have a “safety net” in the form of friends and caring others.

Simply sharing happiness is one of the key purposes in your relationship.

Composite Neptune Sextile Pluto:

Mysticism, supernatural experiences, psychic communication, or interests of an inner or esoteric nature will play a significant role in your relationship. There may be an unusual shared interest in secret things, mysteries, uncovering things which have been hidden. Your “psychic radar” and ESP are heightened, too, through your relationship and the “far out” things you pursue together.

Chapter 4
Other Themes in Your Relationship

Donald’s Sun in Melania’s 11th house:

You share many mutual friends, social concerns, and interests. Your relationship has an upbeat, friendly, outgoing quality but may lack personal warmth and intimacy at times.

Melania’s Sun in Donald’s 9th house:

Donald takes a great interest in Melania’s philosophical or religious outlook on life, and Melania often assumes the role of teacher or mentor towards Donald.

Donald’s Moon in Melania’s 5th house,
Melania’s Moon in Donald’s 5th house:

You enjoy creative activities together and it is likely that you enjoy making things together, perhaps crafts of some sort, perhaps cooking or some form of artistic creativity. If you live together, you will create a beautiful home atmosphere together.

Donald’s Mercury in Melania’s 11th house:

Your intellectual rapport is very good. You share lots of ideas and interests in community affairs, political or social issues, and various clubs and organizations.

Melania’s Mercury in Donald’s 9th house:

Melania’s more philosophical or religious side is brought out in this relationship, and Melania tends to assume the role of teacher or sage. If Donald sympathizes with Melania’s views or is impressed by Melania’s wisdom, the relationship goes well but if Donald perceives Melania as being foolish or illogical, then a large gap in communication develops.

Donald’s Venus in Melania’s 12th house:

Donald seems a bit mysterious to Melania and Melania is intrigued and fascinated by Donald, but may lack trust and feel insecure with Donald. It is important to be honest and candid about feelings in this relationship, as there can be hidden feelings. There may also be a strong spiritual, almost mystical affinity for each other.

Melania’s Venus in Donald’s 10th house:

Melania takes an active interest in Donald’s career, and is very supportive. Donald appreciates Melania’s help but may feel that Melania is a bit paternalistic and sometimes too emotionally detached.

Donald’s Mars in Melania’s 1st house:

Donald comes on strong, almost aggressively to Melania, and this relationship is a lively, dynamic one. Donald spurs Melania to do more and be more. Melania may feel inspired by Donald, but may also feel that Donald is too pushy.

Melania’s Mars in Donald’s 10th house:

Melania aggressively promotes Donald’s career goals and ambitions, becoming one of Donald’s greatest “fans” and supporters. Melania may, however, become too pushy, demanding, and critical of Donald. Melania can become impatient with Donald, and turn 180 degrees, becoming Donald’s greatest critic instead of supporter.

Donald’s Jupiter in Melania’s 3rd house,
Melania’s Jupiter in Donald’s 3rd house:

You enjoy long conversations together. In fact, you are also prone to gossip a good deal as well. Communication is open and uninhibited between you and you find that you are able to discuss a wide variety of topics openly and freely with each other. Your conversations tend to go off in many directions with lots of digressions, and it is sometimes difficult for the two of you to stay focused on a single topic.

Donald’s Saturn in Melania’s 12th house:

If your relationship is a deep, long-term one, you will find that you are unable to keep any secrets from each other. Donald has a knack for prying into Melania’s subconscious or hidden fears and concerns. Issues such as death, afterlife, guilt, and religious faith are brought to your attention, even if these topics normally do not interest either of you. If either of you has any significant “emotional hang-ups” (phobias, fears, guilt, etc.), these problems will be brought to the surface in this relationship, and you will not be able to escape facing them. Donald, in particular, won’t let Melania avoid these issues and brings them to the surface. The opportunity for inner growth and development presents itself but you may also become further enmeshed in these emotionally based problems.

Melania’s Saturn in Donald’s 9th house:

Melania causes Donald to question personally-held philosophical assumptions, political ideology, and religious beliefs. In fact, Melania often relishes challenging Donald’s views. If you have different beliefs, you will need to adapt to each other! Both of you will develop a more mature and realistic political, philosophical, and religious perspective through this relationship, although the learning process may not always be pleasant or easy. If either of you stubbornly clings to your own viewpoint, and is unwilling to learn from the other, you will gradually grow apart or create a rift in your relationship.

Donald’s Uranus in Melania’s 11th house:

Together you become active participants in community, social action, and progressive ideas. Donald encourages Melania to become involved in social and political issues, and you encourage each other to look beyond your personal lives and take an interest in issues of broader scope that affect your community, country, or the world as a whole.

Melania’s Uranus in Donald’s 2nd house:

Melania encourages Donald to use more creative, unusual methods for investing, developing financial stability and security. Melania may, for example, encourage Donald to invest in a new enterprise that presents big opportunities but is also risky.

Donald’s Neptune in Melania’s 3rd house:

Frequently, the two of you misunderstand each other regarding some practical detail or specific instruction. Without realizing it, Donald tends to communicate less clearly to Melania than to others, and does not concentrate as much on the practical nitty-gritty of what is being communicated. Melania, in turn, responds by being slightly distracted and less attentive to the factual details being communicated.

Melania’s Neptune in Donald’s 4th house:

There is a good deal of fantasy, imagination, and playfulness in your relationship. Melania, in particular, sparks Donald’s imagination and intuition. One way this quality is likely to express itself is in the style of your home, which is likely to be decorated and arranged in a very imaginative way.

Donald’s Pluto in Melania’s 12th house:

There is a deep emotional and psychic tie between you that may not be apparent in the early stages of your relationship, but over time you begin to work together very closely on matters of very deep, personal concern. Together you uncover a lot of previously hidden problems and limitations stemming from early childhood. You probe any fears, phobias, or guilt that limits your ability to live a happy, fulfilling life.

Melania’s Pluto in Donald’s 2nd house:

If your relationship is a long-term one, you will find that situations will develop where Melania is called on to provide considerable assistance to Donald. This assistance is of a tangible kind, perhaps financial assistance or providing tools or resources that are important to Donald. The transaction, however, may not be smooth and many complex issues are likely to surround it. Arrangements may not always seem fair but both of you need to accept situations that cannot be altered.

Melania’s Asc. Trine Donald’s Moon:

There is a strong feeling of family and kinship between you. You have a natural affinity for each other and feel very at ease and comfortable with each other, so consequently your friendship is likely to be very long-lasting.

Donald’s Moon Square Melania’s Pluto:

The emotional bond between you is very complex. Sexual attraction is strong and you find each other to be very magnetic or highly charismatic. But you also will find yourself becoming uncomfortable with various deeply ingrained habits and attitudes of each other as you learn more about each other. You are simultaneously attracted and repulsed by each other. You evoke intense emotional responses from each other and if you want this relationship to be a long-lasting one, you will have to be very careful because a blowup in the relationship can be triggered by jealousy, acts of unkindness, or simply the unwillingness of either of you to change deeply ingrained habits that are offensive to each other. In short, this is an emotionally intense relationship that blows hot and cold, drives you to emotional extremes, and challenges your deepest, most personal and important attitudes and habits.

Donald’s Mercury Square Melania’s Uranus:

You often say things to shock or shake up each other, and you can get very high-strung when you are together. You tend to set a fast pace. This provides a good deal of excitement in your lives, and you will find yourselves periodically jumping on a new bandwagon, experimenting with a new idea, or exploring new alternatives. However, the impatience with each other is likely to cause sudden arguments and anger to flare.

Melania’s Mercury Square Donald’s Mars:

The tendency to argumentativeness, verbal abuse, and mutual misunderstanding is very strong so please heed the following advice, especially if your relationship is a permanent one: try to avoid abusive language towards each other, and do not try to coerce the other person to accept your views. You enjoy challenging each other’s ideas, showing the weaknesses, inconsistencies, or superficialities in each other’s reasoning. While the intention is good, the net result can be hurt feelings and anger. Typically there is some truth to each other’s point of view, but a lack of real appreciation and respect for each other’s ideas triggers argumentativeness.

Donald’s Mercury Sextile Melania’s Saturn:

You communicate with each other very clearly and you are able to “talk each other’s language”. This astrological influence, for example, is an excellent one for a student-teacher relationship, scientific research, and business pursuits. It also facilitates successfully handling of day-to-day problems that arise.

Donald’s Venus Square Melania’s Jupiter:

You enjoy laughing, having fun, socializing, and going out together. You are great pals, but the relationship may not be serious enough to warrant a lasting commitment to each other. Consequently you both may decide to not marry even though you may love each other very much. If you do marry, you will allow each other a great deal of freedom, but you are likely to disagree on how to handle finances, budgeting, and investments.

Donald’s Venus Trine Melania’s Neptune:

You evoke in each other a greater sensitivity to music, art, and poetry, as well as feelings of compassion and sympathy. You find each other fascinating and interesting and you love exploring new dimensions of feeling and sensitivity through music, art, poetry, or religion. There is also a dreamy, romantic quality to the love that you have for each other.

Donald’s Mars Square Melania’s Neptune:

It is very difficult for the two of you to jointly accomplish practical, mundane tasks. You draw out the silly, childish, imaginative side of each other, and you often will simply not be able to clearly focus on practical tasks. If either of you has a drinking, drug, or psychological problem, it is likely that your relationship will highlight this problem; be wary of the tendency of both of you to over-indulge in these kinds of bad habits.

The sexual aspect of your relationship can be very confusing, for there is a very strong element of fantasy or dreaminess in it. Melania, especially, needs to avoid arousing or leading Donald on, or sending mixed messages.

Melania’s Uranus Conjunct Donald’s Neptune:

Together you have some unusual, unexplainable experiences of a supernatural or psychic nature. You also stimulate one another’s most inspired, imaginative sides, and you can get “lost in the ozone” or too “far out” together. Metaphysical or mystical explorations and a reawakening or change in spiritual beliefs come about as a result of your involvement with each other.