Katie Couric & John Molner

The Compatibility Report for

John Molner


Katie Couric

Birth Data for John:
John Molner
21 January 1963
Chicago, Illinois

Birth Data for Katie:
Katie Couric
7 January 1957
Arlington, Arlington, VA


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This Lovers Report is divided into 4 chapters.

Chapter 1 compares your temperaments and personalities. The issues described in Chapter 1 become particularly powerful if you are married or live together. Idiosyncrasies or quirks in another person’s personality do not bother us as much if our relationship is a casual one. For example, if one person is neat and tidy and the other is sloppy, this is more likely to become a concern if you are married than if you are only seeing each other occasionally.

Pay close attention to the issues described in Chapter 2 because these are the most important themes in your relationship. For example, if themes of romance and sexual attraction are emphasized, then you can count on this relationship being a passionate one. However, if romance and sexuality are hardly mentioned at all, then this relationship will not be a passionate one. Note also that the material in Chapter 2 is presented roughly in order of importance, so that the material presented at the beginning of Chapter 2 is the most powerful.

Chapter 4 describes issues in your relationship of less importance than those presented in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 describes situations and circumstances that arise if you have a close, long-lasting relationship.

If a statement appears to contradict another statement, then your roles are likely to alternate. For example, a statement that John is more aggressive than Katie, and another statement that Katie is more aggressive than John, means that you alternate roles, with John sometimes being the leader and Katie being the follower, and sometimes just the opposite. Also, read the statements carefully, as it is likely that a careful reading will reveal different kinds of aggressiveness or areas in which the aggressiveness is likely to express itself.

To make the most of this report, combine this astrological analysis with other things that you know about each other. For example, we have assumed that you are opposite-sexed (assuming that both of you are heterosexual, otherwise same-sexed). Physical attractiveness, age, religion, education, family and cultural background will affect your relationship as well. The material in Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of this report describes the magnetism between you, but does not describe your individual natures. For example, suppose that Chapter 2 makes little mention of romance and sexuality, but the Natal Reports for each of you indicate that each of you has extremely strong romantic and sexual desires. In this case, marriage is not likely to be successful! However, if romance and sexuality are not important to either of you, then the lack of passion in your relationship is not likely to be as much of a stumbling block.

Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of
the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of
students of astrology, these positions, along with other
technical information, are listed below:

Positions and Data for John:
Sun      position is  0 deg. 59 min. of Aquarius
Moon     position is 14 deg. 20 min. of Sagittarius
Mercury  position is 28 deg. 00 min. of Capricorn
Venus    position is 14 deg. 09 min. of Sagittarius
Mars     position is 20 deg. 10 min. of Leo
Jupiter  position is 13 deg. 03 min. of Pisces
Saturn   position is 12 deg. 18 min. of Aquarius
Uranus   position is  4 deg. 33 min. of Virgo
Neptune  position is 15 deg. 29 min. of Scorpio
Pluto    position is 11 deg. 48 min. of Virgo
Asc.     position is 22 deg. 28 min. of Taurus
MC       position is  0 deg. 32 min. of Aquarius
2nd cusp position is 18 deg. 35 min. of Gemini
3rd cusp position is  9 deg. 24 min. of Cancer
5th cusp position is 26 deg. 39 min. of Leo
6th cusp position is  4 deg. 01 min. of Libra

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Standard time observed.   GMT: 18:00:00
Time Zone: 6 hours West.   Lat & Long: 41 N 51      87 W 39

Positions and Data for Katie:
Sun      position is 17 deg. 40 min. of Capricorn
Moon     position is  5 deg. 20 min. of Aries
Mercury  position is 23 deg. 14 min. of Capricorn
Venus    position is 24 deg. 12 min. of Sagittarius
Mars     position is 17 deg. 50 min. of Aries
Jupiter  position is  1 deg. 42 min. of Libra
Saturn   position is 10 deg. 03 min. of Sagittarius
Uranus   position is  5 deg. 40 min. of Leo
Neptune  position is  2 deg. 25 min. of Scorpio
Pluto    position is  0 deg. 08 min. of Virgo
Asc.     position is 11 deg. 23 min. of Libra
MC       position is 12 deg. 59 min. of Cancer
2nd cusp position is  8 deg. 33 min. of Scorpio
3rd cusp position is  9 deg. 29 min. of Sagittarius
5th cusp position is 16 deg. 07 min. of Aquarius
6th cusp position is 15 deg. 59 min. of Pisces

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Standard time observed.   GMT: 04:55:00
Time Zone: 5 hours West.   Lat & Long: 38 N 53      77 W 07

Chapter 1

A Comparison of Temperaments and Life Styles

that Affect Your Ability to Harmonize with Each Other

John’s Sun in Aquarius and Katie’s Sun in Capricorn:

Both of you invest a lot of time in work and career and your talents and interests complement each other nicely. Katie brings practicality, objectivity, persistence, reliability, and tenacity, while John brings greater ingenuity, sensitivity to current trends, an awareness of the complexities and intricacies inherent in any situation, and the ability to reach out to a lot of people. A problem in your relationship is that it may become very focused on outer things and not enough on each other, allowing you to become a bit detached and aloof from each other, and the domestic and romantic aspect of your relationship could be weak. Hopefully both of you have other astrological factors (which would be discussed elsewhere in this report) to provide warmth, emotional sensitivity, and romantic attraction to your relationship.

John’s Moon in Sagittarius and Katie’s Moon in Aries:

Both of you are somewhat uncomfortable with emotional neediness, dependency, and feelings in general. John often intellectualizes feelings rather than experiencing them fully and directly, and may filter personal experiences through a philosophical system that regards certain feelings to be “positive” and acceptable, and other feelings to be “negative”, unacceptable, and to be avoided. Katie may become annoyed with being told how one “should feel” in a given circumstance. In particular, John may try to humor or talk Katie out of Katie’s anger.

However, there is also much harmony and compatibility between you on an emotional level. Both of you crave personal freedom and a certain degree of independence. Neither of you wants to be completely “owned” by another person. You need respect for your individuality and you will respect one another’s right to make your own decisions, etc.

Also, both of you enjoy vigorous, competitive play or high-spirited intellectual sparring.

Both of you have Moon in hard aspect to Jupiter:

Both of you share a taste for lavishness, ease and comfort, and have trouble limiting yourselves, staying within a budget, knowing when to say “no”. Overeating, overspending, wastefulness, a disinclination to strenuous self-discipline, and/or emotional self-indulgence are your common “vices”. However, you are both generally cheerful, forgiving, tolerant and easygoing, and thus easy to be around.

You may reinforce one another’s tendency to lack firmness and restraint, but you’ll still enjoy one another’s company.

Chapter 2

Major Themes in the Relationship: What Brought You Together

John’s Sun Square Katie’s Neptune:

You must guard against mutual deception and misunderstandings. John tends to have a glamorous and unrealistic view of Katie, and Katie has a tendency to unconsciously capitalize on John’s imaginative and often simply erroneous perceptions. The tendency to be dishonest, hide things from each other, exaggerate, and spur each other to unrealistic hopes and dreams is very strong. Both of you must be able to distinguish fantasy from fact, and utilize the increased sensitivity and heightened imagination that you inspire in each other, without letting it cloud your ability to clearly and realistically see other and understand each other.

John’s Sun Trine Katie’s Jupiter:

The two of you really enjoy each other’s company! Katie has a great deal of confidence in John and is able to see John’s best qualities. You are very encouraging and supportive of each other, helping each other to be more confident, open new doors, and advance and grow in both inner and outer ways. This positive note of good will and harmony is also invaluable in helping the two of you overcome differences in temperament and other stressful aspects of your relationship discussed elsewhere in this report.

John’s Asc. Trine Katie’s Mercury:

You work together very harmoniously on daily tasks and you can communicate very clearly and openly to each other. You “speak the same language” and you have a knack for quickly understanding each other.

Katie’s Asc. Trine John’s Saturn:

John is a stabilizing force in Katie’s life, and offers steady, quiet support when Katie is in need. John may help Katie build a firm foundation and long-term security for Katie’s life. It is easy for you to be committed to one another, both as friends and as lovers.

John’s Mars Trine Katie’s Mars:

You are able to coordinate your efforts and work together very well on practical tasks. You make an excellent working team. There is a warm, stimulating, energizing quality between you, and you generate a lot of steam for anything you undertake together. You also discover your physical drives and desires are very much in sync.

Chapter 3

Destiny and Final Outcome of Your Relationship

Composite Sun Conjunct Mercury:

Yours is an intellectual relationship, among other things. Exchanging thoughts, studying together, sharing information, talking and bantering, turning one another on to new books or ideas, sparking one another’s curiosity and interest in the world – all of these are important aspects of your relationship. A certain detachment and the ability to think about and talk about what is going on between you are also highlighted. Put simply, becoming more conscious or more informed and educated is a significant reason the two of you are drawn together.

Composite Moon Square Neptune:

There is an aspect of the two of you being together that can be very tricky to manage. Even if both of you are decidedly realistic, practical, sensible people, when you are together you have a real blind spot. You cannot see certain problems in one another or in your relationship very clearly, and you may deceive yourselves or live on false hope regarding the effects of these problems – if you acknowledge them at all.

Emotionally you are extremely sensitive and “tuned in” to one another, so much so that you may be unable to distinguish your partner’s feelings and moods from your own. You absorb and take on one another’s emotions very readily. This blurring of emotional boundaries is the source of confusion or disorientation, and it may also give you the false belief that you can save, rescue, or fix the other person’s dilemmas. If, however, you can avoid that trap, the two of you have an enormous potential for spiritual development together. Essentially, in this relationship the spiritual or soul needs take precedence over the practical or material concerns.

Composite Venus Opposition Mars:

Your relationship is destined to always be a “hot” one. The sexual fireworks which are generated between the two of you are undeniable. However, certain difficulties will arise from time to time in this arena – among them: differences in how you each express or wish to receive affection, an element of conquest or dominance that evokes competitive feelings in the other person, or possessiveness because one or both of you feel you can’t get enough of the other person. It may be hard for both of you to get your sexual-emotional needs met, as one of you is apt to dominate. Imbalances of this sort can create a lot of anger in the neglected, “giving” partner. If, however, you can learn to take turns giving and receiving, and focus on truly joining, the two of you can have a very vibrant, passionate relationship.

Part of the purpose of your relationship is, in fact, to learn to balance your own desires and needs with those of your partner, and to be able to honor both.

Composite Venus Trine Uranus:

Openness, unconventionality, freedom from limiting ideas about how people “should” arrange their intimate lives, and willingness to experiment (sexually, or in how you derive pleasure and enjoyment) – these will inevitably play a significant role in your relationship with each other. You may be “breaking the rules” in some significant way, just by being together. The differences in your ages, races, or backgrounds may take people by surprise, for instance. Or in some other way you may not seem to fit together, according to “normal” standards. In certain significant ways the two of you do not conduct your relationship in the ordinary way. An unusual degree of independence and flexibility, and something totally different from other relationships you may have had, are part of what this connection is all about.

Composite Mars Sextile Uranus:

Together the two of you can be real trailblazers, and you’re meant to be. Progressive leadership, activism, or starting new enterprises – these are the kinds of joint endeavors the two of you will do together. You seem to others the kind of people who don’t conform or follow, even if as individuals you are rather conservative. You can generate a lot of initial enthusiasm and energy for anything you want to undertake together; sustaining it may be another matter. There is an inherent discontent and restlessness here, an urge to move on and do new things. On a personal level, this translates as an interest in variety, novelty, and experimentation in your sex lives. A need for excitement and physical adventures is also part of this.

Composite Venus Conjunct Jupiter:

Yours is destined to be a very rewarding, happy, and fruitful union. You will grow and prosper together, on many levels – materially as well as emotionally. Joy, laughter, and optimism are keynotes in your relationship, buffering any of the challenges you may face together. You will be generous, tolerant, and spacious with one another, allowing and encouraging one another to expand and grow. You are both willing to share your partner with the world, rather than clinging or stifling the other’s friendships and social urges.

Idealism, high-mindedness, and liberal good will toward one another permeate your bond. As a couple, you will be considered lucky by many, and indeed an abundance of good fortune will come into your lives via your relationship.

Composite Mars Opposition Jupiter:

Together you will take the kind of risks in life that neither of you may have dreamed of doing individually. You encourage, invigorate, and spur one another on to greater achievements. Partly through competition and egging one another on, each of you aspires toward goals that may well have seemed out of your reach before you two came together. Even in minor, day-to-day matters there is a positive, we-can-do-it spirit that infuses your relationship.

You will need to be very active together and are prone to get cabin fever, to feel cramped and unhappy together, if you are not tackling challenges or doing something rambunctious. Physical play and adventure are essential ingredients for the health and success of this relationship.

Composite Jupiter Trine Uranus:

The two of you will have uncommonly good fortune together in many ways. For instance, when you are together you spontaneously decide to do something that may seem outrageous or too “far out” or unbelievable to ever work, but because of your timing and openness, you get an incredibly lucky break. You are in the right place at the right time – with the right frame of mind!

Intellectually and philosophically, there is a great deal of openness, freedom, and experimentation in the context of your relationship. Idealism, utopian plans, community spirit, and concern for social improvement also play a significant part in what draws the two of you together.

Chapter 4

Other Themes in Your Relationship

John’s Sun in Katie’s 4th house:

John is able to confide in Katie, and your relationship is a very personal, intimate one. Katie brings out John’s softer side. You are drawn to live together and share a home together.

Katie’s Sun in John’s 9th house:

John takes a great interest in Katie’s philosophical or religious outlook on life, and Katie often assumes the role of teacher or mentor towards John.

John’s Moon in Katie’s 3rd house:

There is a natural smoothness and ease with which John can express ideas and concern to Katie, which fosters a warm friendship between you.

Katie’s Moon in John’s 12th house:

John likes to confide in Katie, telling Katie many events and circumstances from childhood that no one else has been told.

John’s Mercury in Katie’s 4th house:

John loves to discuss very personal issues with Katie, which promotes a very close, inner tie between you.

Katie’s Mercury in John’s 9th house:

Katie’s more philosophical or religious side is brought out in this relationship, and Katie tends to assume the role of teacher or sage. If John sympathizes with Katie’s views or is impressed by Katie’s wisdom, the relationship goes well but if John perceives Katie as being foolish or illogical, then a large gap in communication develops.

John’s Venus in Katie’s 3rd house:

Your conversations are generally pleasant and enjoyable. You argue with each other much less than you do with other people.

Katie’s Venus in John’s 8th house:

Katie stirs John’s romantic and sexual feelings. Katie is exciting, almost mysterious to John. An intense, but emotionally complex relationship can easily develop.

John’s Mars in Katie’s 11th house:

The two of you are likely to collaborate on community affairs, political activities, or intellectual endeavors. John encourages Katie to participate in social groups and contribute to society in greater measure. It is likely that the two of you will collaborate on committees or in some kind of business. Whether your endeavors are successfully depends largely on whether you can work together harmoniously; if you arouse anger in each other, you will end up being adversaries or competitors instead of partners in a team.

Katie’s Mars in John’s 12th house:

Katie has a strong desire to know John in a very intimate way, and often pressures John to reveal innermost, hidden traits. John, in turn, reveals more to Katie than to others. You enjoy times alone together, when you can be more intimate and less inhibited with each other.

John’s Jupiter in Katie’s 5th house,
Katie’s Jupiter in John’s 5th house:

The two of you enjoy playing games together, and engaging in creative activities and hobbies. You have lots of fun together! There is a childish, exuberant quality to your relationship and you put each other in a good mood. It is likely that you will work together successfully in joint creative activities.

John’s Saturn in Katie’s 4th house:

If your relationship is a long-term one and you live together, you can expect that this relationship will bring both of you face to face with personal habits of your own that must be improved, or at least adapted to the tastes of your partner. Issues such as tidiness and neatness at home, use of abusive or foul language, choice of foods, tastes in music and decor, approaches towards raising children, etc. come to the fore. At times you will come to an impasse and feel that you cannot come to an agreement on these issues. Katie, in particular, may become very frustrated by some of John’s deeply ingrained, personal habits. If your ethnic backgrounds or upbringings are very different, this problem can be severe. If both of you can be tolerant, open-minded, accepting of shortcomings in your mate, and willing to learn new attitudes, you can turn potentially frustrating situations into opportunities to mature and grow emotionally.

Katie’s Saturn in John’s 7th house:

John feels that Katie is a person who will be trustworthy, stable, mature, and committed to the relationship, and there is, indeed, a high level of security and stability that can be counted on in this relationship. Both of you feel comfortable making commitments to each other so if romantic attraction is also strong, then there is an inclination towards marriage. However, over time John may also find that Katie is critical of John’s friends and discourages John from participating in many social activities. It is also likely that the two of you will discover that you have different views of what marriage is and what the commitment of marriage entails, and you may find that you have to work hard at structuring your relationship in a manner that is satisfying to both of you. For example, one of you may have more liberal views on marriage and the other be more traditional and old-fashioned.

John’s Uranus in Katie’s 11th house:

Together you become active participants in community, social action, and progressive ideas. John encourages Katie to become involved in social and political issues, and you encourage each other to look beyond your personal lives and take an interest in issues of broader scope that affect your community, country, or the world as a whole.

Katie’s Uranus in John’s 4th house:

Katie challenges many of John’s deeply ingrained attitudes and many of the habits and personal tastes that are developed from early childhood. Katie often encourages John to break free from the past, although this encouragement is often subtle and not overt. Katie needs to be careful not to overlook the value of John’s heritage, and you both need to be able to preserve what is good in the past without remaining attached to habitual tendencies that are not fulfilling or healthy.

John’s Neptune in Katie’s 2nd house:

If you are married, you need to be careful about how you jointly handle your finances. John may encourage a joint investment that proves to be unsuccessful. John tends to be idealistic and impractical regarding your joint assets.

Katie’s Neptune in John’s 6th house:

John is often disappointed in the way that Katie handles problems and performs various chores and tasks. John is likely to feel that Katie is careless or sloppy. You approach many tasks in a very different manner from each other. This is not likely to create any serious problems, and can even add some interesting variety to your lives.

John’s Pluto in Katie’s 11th house:

The two of you inspire each other to become excited and even zealous about ideologies and social causes. John challenges Katie’s theories and any memberships with organizations, and motivates Katie to strive to reform and improve these organizations. You may become active together in politics or social issues.

Katie’s Pluto in John’s 5th house:

Your relationship is a spirited one. You love to do things together, and you will inevitably engage in creative work or play together – developing projects together or competing with each other. If romantic attraction is strong, you can become obsessed with each other.

John’s Sun Opposition Katie’s Uranus:

This relationship changes course suddenly and unexpectedly. There is a great deal of unpredictability to the relationship. At best, your relationship is exciting and unconventional, and at worst it leaves John frustrated by Katie’s unwillingness to be more committed and devoted to the relationship. The unpredictable nature of the relationship and the lack of constancy and security may cause either, or both, of you to feel very uncomfortable.

Katie’s Sun Sextile John’s Neptune:

A strong feeling of sympathy and shared idealism is an important link between the two of you. Your ideals, intuitions, and religious aspirations are very harmonious and you work very well together, and are able to assist each other to grow spiritually, often in an unconscious way. You help each other to look beyond the immediate personal problems and concerns, and focus more on your higher aspirations and loftier ideals.

John’s Asc. Trine Katie’s Sun:

Katie motivates, encourages, and energizes John’s self-expression, and can be very helpful to all of John’s projects and activities. When you are together, you both feel more positive, alive, and vital.

John’s Moon Conjunct Katie’s Saturn:

Together you can build a solid, secure relationship, a place of refuge and strength, but you must take care not to make it a prison with too much emphasis on commitment, responsibility, and duty. Katie, in particular, has a strong parental attitude towards John, providing stability and support, yet also restricting, disciplining, or criticizing John’s emotional, childish needs. Katie can be cool and indifferent towards John’s neediness. A pessimistic, heavy, serious atmosphere may develop between the two of you.

John’s Moon Trine Katie’s Mars:

You stimulate and arouse one another’s feelings and desires, the physical attraction between you is very strong, and you are quite harmonious and compatible sexually. You are also highly fertile together (assuming there are no organic or physical impediments).

John is very supportive of Katie, encouraging Katie to be direct, honest, and expressive of personal wishes and needs. John is also very “turned on” by Katie! This can be a very creative union.

John’s Mercury Conjunct Katie’s Mercury:

The striking similarity in your thinking – the way you approach problems and handle specific mental tasks, as well as approach broader, more philosophical problems – provides a good basis for mutual understanding, ease of communication, and enjoyable conversation.

John’s Mercury Square Katie’s Neptune:

You inspire each other’s imagination and you may find yourselves gravitating towards discussions of fantasy, poetry, art, theater, and religion. However, the tendency to lose a clear sense of proportion and become clouded by fantasies is very strong! You may also be inclined to conceal something or deceive each other. Little white lies can quickly foster a morass of confusion. Misunderstandings between you arise easily so try to be clear and precise in all important, practical communications.

John’s Mercury Trine Katie’s Jupiter:

Communication is open and harmonious. You are able to help each other incorporate new ideas and expand your perspective. If you have a close, long-lasting relationship, you will develop similar political, social, religious, and philosophical views. The similarity in your overall perspectives on life helps the two of you feel very happy to share your lives together. Your overall beliefs and aims are in harmony.

John’s Venus Conjunct Katie’s Saturn:

This is a deep and serious relationship. You feel very secure with each other and you both feel comfortable making a lasting commitment to each other. However, the relationship tends to highlight the importance of responsibility and loyalty to one another, and you may cut yourselves off from other people or from activities you enjoyed before you came together, and this is likely to eventually lead to feelings of boredom, constraint, and being restricted. The commitment to the relationship may eventually become burdensome, especially to John, who is likely to feel unappreciated and emotionally inhibited by Katie, while Katie may feel that there is a lack of acknowledgment for the efforts and sacrifices made for John. This can become a rather joyless union unless you can build enough time for fun and play into your lives and thereby not become burdened by the demands of the relationship.

John’s Venus Trine Katie’s Mars:

Romantic feelings are strong and you are very compatible sexually. It is unlikely that the feeling of being “in love” will ever fade completely, and it is likely that you will both see each other as someone very special and dear to you throughout your lives. Your relationship is definitely warm and romantic and very fulfilling for both of you.

John’s Jupiter Square Katie’s Saturn:

Katie often limits, burdens, or frustrates John without intending to or realizing it. There is a conflict here between Katie’s needs for security, stability, and order versus John’s desire for freedom, mobility, and expansiveness. How much, and in what ways, you spend money is probably a particularly thorny issue for you. Katie is more careful and restrictive or disapproving of John’s more relaxed, extravagant, or liberal approach.

Also, Katie often seeks to control or dominate John, and John may even take a subordinate role in the relationship for a time, accepting Katie’s “discipline”. Over time, however, John may find Katie’s subtle (or not so subtle!) criticism or constraints to be devitalizing and draining. And John, on the other hand, can make Katie feel like a perpetual wet blanket or miser.

Working together or going into business as equal partners is unlikely to work out well for you. It’s best if you can respect one another’s differing approaches and not seek to impose your own values or styles on one another.

Katie’s Saturn Square John’s Pluto:

In addition to the harmony and fulfillment you may both experience together, there is a difficult, darker side to your relationship as well. Your deepest fears or character defects are brought to the fore, and you must confront the very things you have avoided or tried to hide about yourself in the past. This can be a very painful process and you may begin to resent, try to control, or suppress your partner. You are much too serious and heavy with one another at times, and must be sure that you give equal time to play and to appreciation of the positives. Otherwise, over time, this relationship will weigh both of you down.