Jada Pinkett-Smith & Will Smith

The Compatibility Report for

Will Smith


Jada Pinkett-Smith

Birth Data for Will:
Will Smith
25 September 1968
Philadelphia, PA

Birth Data for Jada:
Jada Pinkett-Smith
18 September 1971
Baltimore, Maryland


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This Lovers Report is divided into 4 chapters.

Chapter 1 compares your temperaments and personalities. The issues described in Chapter 1 become particularly powerful if you are married or live together. Idiosyncrasies or quirks in another person’s personality do not bother us as much if our relationship is a casual one. For example, if one person is neat and tidy and the other is sloppy, this is more likely to become a concern if you are married than if you are only seeing each other occasionally.

Pay close attention to the issues described in Chapter 2 because these are the most important themes in your relationship. For example, if themes of romance and sexual attraction are emphasized, then you can count on this relationship being a passionate one. However, if romance and sexuality are hardly mentioned at all, then this relationship will not be a passionate one. Note also that the material in Chapter 2 is presented roughly in order of importance, so that the material presented at the beginning of Chapter 2 is the most powerful.

Chapter 4 describes issues in your relationship of less importance than those presented in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 describes situations and circumstances that arise if you have a close, long-lasting relationship.

If a statement appears to contradict another statement, then your roles are likely to alternate. For example, a statement that Will is more aggressive than Jada, and another statement that Jada is more aggressive than Will, means that you alternate roles, with Will sometimes being the leader and Jada being the follower, and sometimes just the opposite. Also, read the statements carefully, as it is likely that a careful reading will reveal different kinds of aggressiveness or areas in which the aggressiveness is likely to express itself.

To make the most of this report, combine this astrological analysis with other things that you know about each other. For example, we have assumed that you are opposite-sexed (assuming that both of you are heterosexual, otherwise same-sexed). Physical attractiveness, age, religion, education, family and cultural background will affect your relationship as well. The material in Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of this report describes the magnetism between you, but does not describe your individual natures. For example, suppose that Chapter 2 makes little mention of romance and sexuality, but the Natal Reports for each of you indicate that each of you has extremely strong romantic and sexual desires. In this case, marriage is not likely to be successful! However, if romance and sexuality are not important to either of you, then the lack of passion in your relationship is not likely to be as much of a stumbling block.

Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of
the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of
students of astrology, these positions, along with other
technical information, are listed below:

Positions and Data for Will:
Sun      position is  2 deg. 13 min. of Libra
Moon     position is  9 deg. 05 min. of Scorpio
Mercury  position is 27 deg. 56 min. of Libra
Venus    position is 28 deg. 13 min. of Libra
Mars     position is  2 deg. 10 min. of Virgo
Jupiter  position is 19 deg. 53 min. of Virgo
Saturn   position is 23 deg. 38 min. of Aries
Uranus   position is 29 deg. 47 min. of Virgo
Neptune  position is 24 deg. 26 min. of Scorpio
Pluto    position is 23 deg. 02 min. of Virgo
Asc.     position is  0 deg. 56 min. of Leo
MC       position is 16 deg. 46 min. of Aries
2nd cusp position is 21 deg. 20 min. of Leo
3rd cusp position is 15 deg. 53 min. of Virgo
5th cusp position is 23 deg. 18 min. of Scorpio
6th cusp position is 29 deg. 41 min. of Sagittarius

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Daylight Savings Time observed.   GMT: 05:46:00
Time Zone: 5 hours West.   Lat & Long: 39 N 57 08   75 W 09 51

Positions and Data for Jada:
Sun      position is 25 deg. 05 min. of Virgo
Moon     position is 14 deg. 45 min. of Virgo
Mercury  position is  9 deg. 19 min. of Virgo
Venus    position is  1 deg. 01 min. of Libra
Mars     position is 12 deg. 26 min. of Aquarius
Jupiter  position is  0 deg. 58 min. of Sagittarius
Saturn   position is  6 deg. 32 min. of Gemini
Uranus   position is 12 deg. 45 min. of Libra
Neptune  position is  0 deg. 40 min. of Sagittarius
Pluto    position is 29 deg. 23 min. of Virgo
Asc.     position is 26 deg. 01 min. of Scorpio
MC       position is  8 deg. 41 min. of Virgo
2nd cusp position is 26 deg. 46 min. of Sagittarius
3rd cusp position is  2 deg. 22 min. of Aquarius
5th cusp position is 10 deg. 02 min. of Aries
6th cusp position is  5 deg. 11 min. of Taurus

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Daylight Savings Time observed.   GMT: 16:00:00
Time Zone: 5 hours West.   Lat & Long: 39 N 17 25   76 W 36 45

Chapter 1

A Comparison of Temperaments and Life Styles

that Affect Your Ability to Harmonize with Each Other

Will’s Sun in Libra and Jada’s Sun in Virgo:

Will loves company and can talk endlessly with friends, and loves to hear others’ experiences and thoughts on any subject. Will is very accepting of different points of view and is disinclined to judge or even clearly evaluate what others say. Jada, on the other hand, loves to analyze and criticize, and is intolerant of illogical or erroneous thinking. Jada is more demanding of others and confronts others when necessary. Will finds these confrontations extremely uncomfortable and often embarrassing. Jada is much more exacting and demanding in all areas of life. At worst, Jada can view Will as wishy-washy, and Will can view Jada as prim and intolerant, but hopefully your appreciation of each other is much better than this! At best, your different natures can complement each other without annoying each other.

Will’s Moon in Scorpio and Jada’s Moon in Virgo:

Will is quiet, deep, and complex emotionally, and often hides feelings or jealousy, guilt, and other powerful emotions out of a fear of being misunderstood. Will needs passion, drama, and intensity in order to feel completely alive, and may intentionally or unintentionally stir up personal crises or emotional storms in order to have those feelings. There is an underlying attraction to anything secret, dark, and mysterious, including the hidden or dark side of people. Negatively, Will can be subtly manipulative and controlling, Positively, Will can be immensely loyal, a deep and faithful friend or lover.

Jada is quite different from Will in that Jada responds logically and rationally to situations, rather than irrationally and instinctively as Will does. There may be something in Jada’s background or in the way Jada was raised that makes Jada careful, shy, or restrained about being too emotional or sexual, and Will’s very intense feelings may be difficult for Jada to understand or enter into.

Also, Jada is quite self-critical and is therefore very sensitive to criticism from others, so Will should be careful of lashing out or being sarcastic when in a stormy mood, as this hurts Jada very much.

The two of you do share a tendency to probe and analyze yourselves and others, and a desire to change and improve yourselves as well.

Chapter 2

Major Themes in the Relationship: What Brought You Together

Sun Mutually Aspects Pluto:

This is a very intense and complex relationship! You may feel both deeply attracted and repelled by one another, and somehow unable to avoid one another. You draw out the inner, hidden side of each other and your interactions are invariably intense, direct, and never superficial. Powerful passions, ego drives, and the hidden darker side of your personalities are revealed through your interaction. If either, or both, of you cannot handle feeling so “exposed”, then the relationship will become very tense as you try to resist the intensity of this relationship. You spur and challenge each other to excel and you may become an unbeatable team, working for a lofty goal or very deep, personal, creative expression. Be wary of a tendency to be competitive or jealous of each other, for the fascination that you have for each other quickly turns to envy if you ever feel like you are competing rather than cooperating with each other.

Will’s Sun Conjunct Jada’s Pluto,
Jada’s Sun Conjunct Will’s Pluto:

Will is fascinated, intrigued, and sometimes even mesmerized by Jada’s inner qualities. You draw out each other’s deepest, hidden feelings, drives, needs, and ambitions. The uncovering of your inner needs and hopes is likely to cause both of you to undergo some major personality changes as a result of this relationship. You share a deep, inner bond; this is not a light or superficial relationship!

Asc. Mutually Aspects Neptune:

You tend to have a very unclear or stilted perception of one another, seeing each other through a haze of fantasy, glamour, or romantic imagination. You may be more taken with the image that you have in your mind of this person than the real none-too-perfect human being. You have trouble dealing with the prosaic aspects of life when you are together. You are also able to blend or merge emotionally with one another, and there is a great deal of sympathetic understanding and rapport between you. You “pick up” on one another’s moods very easily and may become confused by this at times, unable to distinguish or separate your own from feelings from those of your partner.

Will’s Asc. Trine Jada’s Neptune:

Will’s sympathy and charitable impulses are brought out by Jada and there is much mutual tolerance, sensitivity, and good will between you. You help one another in an unselfish way. If Will is a driving, ambitious person, Jada can help Will relax and let go of minor irritations and petty problems. If Will is a more relaxed or passive person, Jada will reinforce those traits.

Jada’s Asc. Conjunct Will’s Neptune:

The two of you have a very strong psychic or telepathic link, and there is a great deal of sensitivity, empathy, and understanding between you. Idealism and devotion are important elements in your relationship and both of you may gladly give or sacrifice much for one another. Will encourages Jada to be receptive and somewhat passive. Jada is easily swayed by Will’s emotions and moods, and this may be confusing or overwhelming, especially if Jada doesn’t have a solid sense of self. Will, on the other hand, idolizes Jada, and may have a very inaccurate picture of Jada’s true nature and needs. Also, both of you may be very indirect or subtle in your communications. Strive to be straightforward and clear with one another.

Will’s Sun Conjunct Jada’s Venus:

The warmth, appreciation, admiration and love between you is very strong, and you enjoy a high degree of harmony and congeniality in your relationship. You have much in common in terms of styles, tastes, and enjoyment of the same pleasures. In many ways Will embodies all that Jada finds attractive and beautiful, and Jada also makes a special effort to please Will. Will responds with much generosity, love, and loyalty. An excellent match!

Jada’s Venus Conjunct Will’s Uranus:

Your sexual attraction for one another comes in sudden, unexpected waves. At times, it is irresistible and you are likely to find yourselves unexpectedly becoming involved in a sexual relationship even before you have gotten to know each other very well. This sudden arousal of sexual interest, however, subsides as suddenly and mysteriously as it is awakened, and the inconstancy of the attraction and fascination for each other can put this relationship on a roller coaster ride.

Will’s Sun Sextile Jada’s Jupiter:

Your relationship has an upbeat, friendly positive quality that makes it fun to be with each other. You help each other laugh and take life less seriously. It is not unusual for the two of you to have a great deal of fun playing games or even while engaging in daily activities such as shopping, etc. You allow each other considerable freedom; you respect each other’s independence, and are more interested in enjoying a good time together rather than dominating or smothering each other. This astrological influence is a positive one that helps enormously when the more stressful and difficult influences described elsewhere in this report make themselves felt.

Jada’s Sun Sextile Will’s Neptune:

A strong feeling of sympathy and shared idealism is an important link between the two of you. Your ideals, intuitions, and religious aspirations are very harmonious and you work very well together, and are able to assist each other to grow spiritually, often in an unconscious way. You help each other to look beyond the immediate personal problems and concerns, and focus more on your higher aspirations and loftier ideals.

Will’s Asc. Trine Jada’s Jupiter:

Jada makes Will feel more optimistic and self-confident, and encourages humor, play, and freer self-expression in Will. You both feel more expansive and relaxed in one another’s company which makes the time you spend together easy, enjoyable, and rejuvenating.

Will’s Asc. Sextile Jada’s Venus:

There is a sweet, romantic quality to your relationship that makes it special for both of you. You feel very comfortable with each other and are likely to be friends, and perhaps lovers as well, for a very long time.

Will’s Moon Sextile Jada’s Mercury:

Long, friendly conversations are frequent in your relationship. You are able to openly share your inner feelings and concerns, and very often you may feel that there are very few other people that understand and appreciate you as well; this is true even in the early stages of your relationship. The deep level of mutual understanding and appreciation inclines your friendship to be a long, harmonious one.

Will’s Mars Square Jada’s Jupiter:

The two of you enjoy planning and designing methods for achieving success. You encourage each other to achieve your dreams and Jada frequently points out new avenues and grander vistas for Will’s talents and energy. However, the propensity to speculation and unrealistic optimism is also very strong, and many of your joint ventures are likely to prove wasteful, poorly timed, or extravagant.

Will’s Mars Square Jada’s Neptune:

It is very difficult for the two of you to jointly accomplish practical, mundane tasks. You draw out the silly, childish, imaginative side of each other, and you often will simply not be able to clearly focus on practical tasks. If either of you has a drinking, drug, or psychological problem, it is likely that your relationship will highlight this problem; be wary of the tendency of both of you to over-indulge in these kinds of bad habits.

The sexual aspect of your relationship can be very confusing, for there is a very strong element of fantasy or dreaminess in it. Jada, especially, needs to avoid arousing or leading Will on, or sending mixed messages.

Chapter 3

Destiny and Final Outcome of Your Relationship

Composite Sun Sextile Neptune:

Your relationship will have a mystical or spiritual flavor, and together your psychic perceptions and abilities will blossom. To begin with, you’ll quickly be able to tune in to one another telepathically, and be able to intuitively know what is happening with each other, even from a distance.

Whatever interests you have in metaphysics, spirituality, or the paranormal will also be brought out, and you will explore these together, even if you’ve only had a passing interest before.

Composite Sun Conjunct Pluto:

There is definitely an element of destiny or inevitability, something which cannot be resisted or avoided, in the two of you coming together. This relationship can take you further into your own depths than you’ve ever been before, and truly be life-changing for both of you. You have a profound and powerful influence upon one another for good or ill, and once joined, it will be extremely difficult to ever totally sever your connection. You really get inside each other. You may become one another’s psychotherapist in a manner of speaking, because being together dredges up a lot of your hidden agendas or motives and you become aware of many more facets of yourselves than you were ever conscious of before.

Together, you can also be an incredibly potent force in other peoples’ lives. Your charisma and influence as a couple far exceeds your individual powers. If the two of you are tempted to misuse this, you could be involved in manipulative games and power plays, Machiavellian exploits of all kinds. Using your powers creatively and positively, you could become healers or agents of transformation and renewal in the world.

Composite Venus Quincunx Saturn:

Caution, restraint, fear of disappointing or being disappointed, and periodic feelings of distance and withdrawal will characterize your relationship. Inevitably, something will come between you, be it other commitments and obligations, outside circumstances, or your own needs to be apart from time to time. Sexual inhibitions or an emotional fear of closeness also limits what you are willing to express with one another. If other indications and aspects of your relationship are positive and fulfilling, you may be able to overcome these insecurities. But without any doubt, it will take some committed effort!

Composite Sun Conjunct Mercury:

Yours is an intellectual relationship, among other things. Exchanging thoughts, studying together, sharing information, talking and bantering, turning one another on to new books or ideas, sparking one another’s curiosity and interest in the world – all of these are important aspects of your relationship. A certain detachment and the ability to think about and talk about what is going on between you are also highlighted. Put simply, becoming more conscious or more informed and educated is a significant reason the two of you are drawn together.

Composite Moon Conjunct Venus:

There is an especially sweet, tender, nurturing love between you which fosters a successful and fulfilling closeness. It is natural for you to take care of one another and devote yourselves to each other. You feel protective, caring, concerned with each other’s well-being, and seem instinctively to know how to make each other happy. The destiny of your love-bond is to make life sweeter, more comforting, more beautiful for you both. The urge to be a family and make a home together will predominate.

Your chances for a very loving relationship are high, because this love you share will soften many of the blows or difficulties life sends your way. Yours is destined to be a lasting love for one another.

Composite Mercury Conjunct Uranus:

Challenging each other’s usual modes of thinking, experimenting with new ideas or techniques, investigating “alternative” and unconventional methods, and continually discovering new, “mind-blowing” ways of seeing the world are essential aspects of your relationship.

You stimulate one another intellectually, so much so that both of you may want to talk simultaneously, breaking into one another’s train of thought with sudden insights and understandings. When the two of you brainstorm together, you come up with amazing and original ideas! This is certainly one of your purposes as a couple. At times you will find one another’s makes you feel tense and “wired”, in which case you’ll both need to take a bit of a break.

Chapter 4

Other Themes in Your Relationship

Will’s Sun in Jada’s 10th house:

Will takes a keen interest in Jada’s career and line of work. Will provides encouragement and support to Jada, but may become overly concerned and meddlesome with Jada’s affairs. Jada respects and appreciates Will but may feel that the focus of the relationship is often too impersonal and worldly-oriented.

Jada’s Sun in Will’s 3rd house:

Jada openly shares thoughts and ideas with Will, and the two of you love to share ideas, perhaps even gossip together.

Will’s Moon in Jada’s 12th house:

Jada likes to confide in Will, telling Will many events and circumstances from childhood that no one else has been told.

Jada’s Moon in Will’s 2nd house:

Situations arise that make it natural for Jada to provide material and emotional support for Will. By circumstances, Jada becomes a benefactor to Will, and this support engenders deeps feelings of love and appreciation for each other.

Will’s Mercury in Jada’s 11th house:

Your intellectual rapport is very good. You share lots of ideas and interests in community affairs, political or social issues, and various clubs and organizations.

Jada’s Mercury in Will’s 2nd house:

You enjoy planning financial strategies together, and Jada provides Will with lots of ideas on business ventures, investments, and practical application of job-related skills.

Will’s Venus in Jada’s 11th house:

You enjoy going out together and you will develop a love for the same friends, groups, and social activities. As a couple, you are outgoing and friendly, and will meet lots of new people and share many new experiences together.

Jada’s Venus in Will’s 3rd house:

Your conversations are generally pleasant and enjoyable. You argue with each other much less than you do with other people.

Will’s Mars in Jada’s 9th house:

Will challenges Jada’s philosophical viewpoints and religious beliefs. There is the possibility that Will will try to force individual views on Jada.

Jada’s Mars in Will’s 7th house:

Jada has a “take charge” attitude towards this relationship. Also, Jada comes across very strong, perhaps aggressively, at times. Will appreciates Jada’s direct, uninhibited approach, but there is a tendency to become combative and competitive with each other at times.

Will’s Jupiter in Jada’s 10th house:

Circumstances develop so that Will is able to assist Jada in career and achieving long-term goals. Will takes a great interest in Jada’s ambitions and is a great supporter and promoter of Jada’s talents. You can also be very successful in business activities together.

Jada’s Jupiter in Will’s 5th house:

The two of you enjoy playing games together, engaging in creative activities, hobbies, and you generally have lots of fun together. Also, Jada encourages Will’s creative talents and interests and enjoys promoting and assisting Will’s creativity, whether it be as simple as baking a cake or a major undertaking.

Will’s Saturn in Jada’s 5th house:

This relationship causes Jada to question personal skills and competence a great deal. Will feels that Jada is capable of so much more, and is inclined to feel that Jada is wasting valuable talent. Will would like to see Jada be more serious and less superficial in creative work. Over time, Will is likely to nag Jada to concentrate more on expressing unused personal talents. Rather than inspire Jada to do more, this may only serve to make Jada feel inadequate and dissatisfied with any accomplishments or progress made. With care and consideration, Will can, indeed, spur Jada on to greater self-mastery and development, but the process is more delicate than Will may at first realize. Great care – and unconditional love – is needed on Will’s part to achieve this.

Jada’s Saturn in Will’s 11th house:

Involvement with community, colleagues and organizations can become a critical issue in your relationship. Jada, in particular, is likely to question and criticize Will for involvement (or the lack of it) in various clubs, groups, or organizations. Also, you may both join an organization together, because of sharing a mutual enthusiasm, and both go through a period of disillusionment and sobering-up when the organization does not live up to expectations. Fortunately, these experiences are not likely to be extremely disconcerting to either of you, and, in fact, you will feel that you have both matured a great deal through the experiences.

Will’s Uranus in Jada’s 10th house:

Will has lots of original ideas on how Jada can best achieve career goals. Will is likely to encourage Jada to take a more adventurous, risky route, and Will often feels that Jada holds back by being too conservative and security conscious. However, not all of Will’s ideas are well founded, and Jada must have the ability to separate the really useful creative ideas from those that will only result in chaos and confusion.

Jada’s Uranus in Will’s 3rd house:

There is a spontaneity and quickness to your communications that allows the two of you to convey a lot of information to each other very rapidly. Jada spurs Will to develop new, creative ideas and you both enjoy the fresh, innovative ideas that come to you when you start brainstorming together.

Will’s Neptune in Jada’s 12th house:

The two of you are likely to share a lot of secrets together. There is a great deal of fantasy and imagination that you share, and both of you may feel that it is inappropriate to bring this side of yourselves into the public. There is a strong spiritual or psychic bond that draws you together and there is an element of mystery to your relationship. You may share some very unusual, almost mystical, experiences together.

Jada’s Neptune in Will’s 5th house:

Jada enjoys acting childish and silly with Will. You enjoy playing games with each other, and there is also a strong element of fantasy and imagination in your romantic and sexual life.

Will’s Pluto in Jada’s 10th house:

If this is a long-term relationship, Will will have a critical effect on Jada’s career and ambitions. Circumstances arise that enable Will to play a key role in helping steer Jada’s career along new lines, and to levels of greater stature and influence. Will can help Jada gain a whole new outlook on career opportunities and the best way to utilize personal talents, but this process is a complex and tricky one. The final outcome could be very successful or a failure, depending on how both of you handle the situation.

Jada’s Pluto in Will’s 3rd house:

Jada sometimes expresses ideas and opinions in a very forceful manner to Will, who inspires Jada to take a strong stand on issues, but Will may feel that Jada is too narrow-minded at times. The two of you can work well together in areas that require concentration or bold presentations such as research, marketing, etc.

Jada’s Sun Conjunct Will’s Uranus:

You inspire each other to try new things, experiment, and investigate alternatives. You may have met each other, for example, during a time period when both of you were breaking free from traditional values and exploring new possibilities. There is a lot of excitement and spontaneity in your relationship. The two of you may find it difficult to settle down into a stable life style – there will always be surprises and unexpected turns in your relationship. You encounter lots of new ideas, unusual people, adventure, and exciting times together. You both enjoy a good measure of freedom and independence in this relationship, but either of you may wish that there was more commitment, devotion, seriousness, warmth, and closeness.

Will’s Sun Trine Jada’s Saturn:

Jada is very dedicated and loyal to Will, with a strong desire to fulfill the responsibilities and demands of this relationship. Jada is willing to go the extra mile and make sacrifices without complaining, for the benefit of Will and the relationship. Will is encouraging and supportive of Jada, inspiring a sense of security and well-being. If the two of you engage in business activities or marry, you will find that you work well together on meeting the problems that arise and you can count on each other to be responsible and trustworthy. There is a deep sense of mutual commitment and dedication that holds your relationship together, even when you go through difficult times together.

Will’s Asc. Sextile Jada’s Pluto:

Jada brings to the light something hidden or beneath the surface in Will’s life. Suppressed feelings or ambitions, strengths as well as flaws, come out as a result of your relationship. You are unable to hide much from one another.

Will’s Moon Square Jada’s Mars:

The physical and sexual attraction between you is strong, but the tendency to frustrate each other and rouse each other’s wrath is equally strong. Although the attraction between you is powerful, you should think carefully before making a long-term commitment, because the tendency to argue and nag each other is an undesirable side to this relationship that both of you will need to contend with. The sexual aspect of your relationship has an almost aggressive quality to it. Some couples who have this astrological influence enjoy wrestling as a form of foreplay! Try not to be too pushy or demanding with each other, as this quickly precipitates arguments and hostile feelings.

Will’s Mars Square Jada’s Saturn:

In your partnership, Will is the eager, passionate, active and impulsive one, and Jada frequently puts on the brakes or tries to control, play down, and restrain Will’s desires and drives. This may be true in your sexual relationship, your approach to achieving goals, or both. Will is likely to feel very frustrated, angry or discouraged if Jada expresses disapproval or caution too often, and this can be a source of considerable friction between you. Jada feels overwhelmed and envious of Will’s intensity and assertiveness, but instead of trying to hold Will down, Jada should confront the fears and inhibitions that Will’s directness evokes.

Jada’s Jupiter Sextile Will’s Uranus:

You encourage one another to be free, to loosen up and let go, and there is a lively, exuberant playfulness between you. You will have a lot of fun and adventures together! By following your intuition and spontaneous impulses, you are likely to be unusually lucky together also.

Will’s Uranus Conjunct Jada’s Pluto:

Things are unlikely to become dull or predictable between you, as there is a strong current of intense change and constant renewal in your relationship. Your deepest desires for freedom and for new life and growth can be fulfilled in this relationship but will probably come about as a result of some radical decision and break from the past, a complete disruption of the status quo, especially for Will. You may never quite feel like you are on stable ground together, and this can be very exciting or very uncomfortable, depending upon your individual temperaments.

Will’s Uranus Sextile Jada’s Neptune:

There are times when you get very loose, inspired, crazy, and imaginative together, and you stimulate one another along artistic, musical, and creative lines. An openness to one another on a spiritual or psychic level also exists, and you “tune in” to each other quite easily.