Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade

The Compatibility Report for

Dwyane Wade


Gabrielle Union

Birth Data for Dwyane:
Dwyane Wade
17 January 1982
Chicago, Illinois

Birth Data for Gabrielle:
Gabrielle Union
29 October 1973
Omaha, Nebraska


This Lovers Report is divided into 4 chapters.

     Chapter 1 compares your temperaments and personalities. The issues described in Chapter 1 become particularly powerful if you are married or live together. Idiosyncrasies or quirks in another person’s personality do not bother us as much if our relationship is a casual one. For example, if one person is neat and tidy and the other is sloppy, this is more likely to become a concern if you are married than if you are only seeing each other occasionally.

Pay close attention to the issues described in Chapter 2 because these are the most important themes in your relationship. For example, if themes of romance and sexual attraction are emphasized, then you can count on this relationship being a passionate one. However, if romance and sexuality are hardly mentioned at all, then this relationship will not be a passionate one. Note also that the material in Chapter 2 is presented roughly in order of importance, so that the material presented at the beginning of Chapter 2 is the most powerful.

Chapter 4 describes issues in your relationship of less importance than those presented in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 describes situations and circumstances that arise if you have a close, long-lasting relationship.

If a statement appears to contradict another statement, then your roles are likely to alternate. For example, a statement that Dwyane is more aggressive than Gabrielle, and another statement that Gabrielle is more aggressive than Dwyane, means that you alternate roles, with Dwyane sometimes being the leader and Gabrielle being the follower, and sometimes just the opposite. Also, read the statements carefully, as it is likely that a careful reading will reveal different kinds of aggressiveness or areas in which the aggressiveness is likely to express itself.

To make the most of this report, combine this astrological analysis with other things that you know about each other. For example, we have assumed that you are opposite-sexed (assuming that both of you are heterosexual, otherwise same-sexed). Physical attractiveness, age, religion, education, family and cultural background will affect your relationship as well. The material in Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of this report describes the magnetism between you, but does not describe your individual natures. For example, suppose that Chapter 2 makes little mention of romance and sexuality, but the Natal Reports for each of you indicate that each of you has extremely strong romantic and sexual desires. In this case, marriage is not likely to be successful! However, if romance and sexuality are not important to either of you, then the lack of passion in your relationship is not likely to be as much of a stumbling block.

Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of
the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of
students of astrology, these positions, along with other
technical information, are listed below:

Positions and Data for Dwyane:
Sun      position is 27 deg. 18 min. of Capricorn
Moon     position is  5 deg. 40 min. of Scorpio
Mercury  position is 16 deg. 03 min. of Aquarius
Venus    position is  3 deg. 16 min. of Aquarius
Mars     position is 13 deg. 11 min. of Libra
Jupiter  position is  8 deg. 13 min. of Scorpio
Saturn   position is 22 deg. 05 min. of Libra
Uranus   position is  3 deg. 29 min. of Sagittarius
Neptune  position is 25 deg. 44 min. of Sagittarius
Pluto    position is 26 deg. 53 min. of Libra
Asc.     position is 17 deg. 38 min. of Taurus
MC       position is 27 deg. 08 min. of Capricorn
2nd cusp position is 15 deg. 03 min. of Gemini
3rd cusp position is  6 deg. 11 min. of Cancer
5th cusp position is 22 deg. 31 min. of Leo
6th cusp position is 28 deg. 48 min. of Virgo

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Standard time observed.   GMT: 18:00:00
Time Zone: 6 hours West.   Lat & Long: 41 N 51      87 W 39

Positions and Data for Gabrielle:
Sun      position is  6 deg. 11 min. of Scorpio
Moon     position is 17 deg. 09 min. of Sagittarius
Mercury  position is 26 deg. 34 min. of Scorpio
Venus    position is 22 deg. 39 min. of Sagittarius
Mars     position is  0 deg. 04 min. of Taurus
Jupiter  position is  3 deg. 51 min. of Aquarius
Saturn   position is  4 deg. 36 min. of Cancer
Uranus   position is 24 deg. 14 min. of Libra
Neptune  position is  6 deg. 03 min. of Sagittarius
Pluto    position is  5 deg. 28 min. of Libra
Asc.     position is  9 deg. 10 min. of Capricorn
MC       position is  4 deg. 14 min. of Scorpio
2nd cusp position is 20 deg. 48 min. of Aquarius
3rd cusp position is  2 deg. 28 min. of Aries
5th cusp position is 28 deg. 07 min. of Taurus
6th cusp position is 18 deg. 27 min. of Gemini

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Standard time observed.   GMT: 18:00:00
Time Zone: 6 hours West.   Lat & Long: 41 N 15 31   95 W 56 15
Chapter 1
A Comparison of Temperaments and Life Styles
that Affect Your Ability to Harmonize with Each Other

Dwyane’s Sun in Capricorn and Gabrielle’s Sun in Scorpio:

Both of you are initially very careful about revealing feelings, motives and vulnerabilities; you are unwilling to reveal your depths to others initially. It takes time for both of you to trust and become open emotionally. Both of you have a natural suspiciousness and reserve, and both are disinclined to have casual relationships.

The difference between you is this: Dwyane has a much greater capacity for objectivity, emotional distance, and detachment than Gabrielle. Dwyane can be strangely aloof at times, especially when feeling threatened, while Gabrielle will seethe with emotion. Gabrielle is instinctive and passionate, and gets totally immersed in, and attached to, a lover. Dwyane may or may not feel as bonded, and even if Dwyane feels as strongly as Gabrielle, Dwyane may not be able to show the depth of feelings and emotional responsiveness that Gabrielle desires.

This is unlikely to be a light, frothy, “fun” relationship -but then neither of you really wants that anyway.

Dwyane’s Moon in Scorpio and Gabrielle’s Moon in Sagittarius:

You two are like night and day, emotionally speaking. Gabrielle is light, optimistic, and philosophical about life and emotional experiences, always expecting to bounce back and grow from a difficult time. Idealistic and forward-looking, Gabrielle tends to ignore or deny raw emotion and the dark, painful aspects of life. Dwyane, on the other hand, is an intensely, passionately emotional person who has little emotional distance or detachment. While Gabrielle is basically open, and confides and shares freely, Dwyane is very careful, even suspicious, and does not trust or open to just anyone. Dwyane is inward and private and can be quite asocial at times, whereas Gabrielle loves to go out and socialize or participate with people. Dwyane tends to brood and often becomes dark and silent, and Gabrielle may try to jolly or lighten Dwyane up, which can be helpful sometimes but is just as often intrusive. Gabrielle wants sunny weather all the time, while Dwyane loves a storm.

Also, Dwyane gets deeply attached to loved ones, and is very sensitive to any threat to the bond. Jealousy and being overly possessive can be problems. Gabrielle, on the other hand, is friendly, emotionally generous, not especially possessive, and needs space to move about without being scrutinized and questioned all the time.

Both of you have Venus trine or sextile Uranus:

Spontaneous play, sexual experimentation, and sharing a love of excitement and variety are important elements in your relationship. You both love rhythm, music, dancing, swimming, and being really alive in your bodies. You also both need and enjoy having many different kinds of friends and relating to them freely. You do not necessarily want to label or pigeon-hole these loving connections, or be limited in your expression of affection. So, a very jealous or possessive or demanding partner is not for either of you. Fortunately, you are likely to gladly give one another quite a bit of space, since each of you needs it yourself.

Chapter 2
Major Themes in the Relationship: What Brought You Together

Gabrielle’s Sun Conjunct Dwyane’s Moon:

If the two of you are not married, there is a high probability that you will marry some day! You have a natural affinity for each other, feel very comfortable together, and can experience a very nourishing and intimate closeness. Even if your personalities are very different, you understand each other very well and you are truly friends as well as lovers. If you have children, you will work well together as parents and Dwyane, in particular, will prove (perhaps to a surprising degree) very devoted to the family. Dwyane also helps, supports, and accepts Gabrielle, who gains much confidence and energy when the two of you are together. There is a deep, mutual appreciation of each other.

Gabrielle’s Sun Conjunct Dwyane’s Jupiter:

There is a tremendous amount of good will, optimism, and enthusiasm in your relationship. Dwyane draws out Gabrielle’s optimism and self-confidence and is able to assist Gabrielle in discovering new possibilities and avenues for growth. A shared vision, philosophy, or goal for the future gives vitality to your relationship.

Dwyane’s Venus Conjunct Gabrielle’s Jupiter:

You enjoy each other’s company immensely and you put each other in a happy mood. You make each other laugh and you feel very open, loose, and jovial around each other. You will also include others in your lives, expand your circle of friends, and allow one another a good deal of freedom, rather than being exclusive or possessive about one another. There is a great deal of generosity between you, and you may benefit one another financially and materially as well as emotionally. A wonderful friendship!

Dwyane’s Sun Square Gabrielle’s Mars:

This is a passionate relationship, but also a rather aggressive and combative one at times. Sex may be a bit rough, crude, or insensitive as well. You stimulate each other both in sexual and non-sexual ways, but you are also inclined to irritate each other. As long as you don’t end up fighting and competing with each other, you can accomplish a great deal together. However, the aggressiveness of this relationship is prone to foster anger and hurt feelings – so be careful not to incite hostility in each other.

Gabrielle’s Sun Square Dwyane’s Venus:

Gabrielle is very much aware of Dwyane’s beauty or attractiveness and finds Dwyane very persuasive and appealing. However, your personal styles, tastes, and preferred leisure activities are often not in harmony, and you need to make adjustments and allowances for one another’s differing personal tastes and desires.

Dwyane’s Sun Sextile Gabrielle’s Mercury:

The mental rapport that you two share is a big reason why you enjoy each other’s company and are good friends. Communication is open and harmonious. You work together very well on practical affairs, daily chores, problem-solving, and business activities.

Gabrielle’s Asc. Sextile Dwyane’s Jupiter:

Dwyane benefits, supports, or promotes Gabrielle in some way, assisting educational or career goals, or some other aspiration that Gabrielle has. Dwyane also provides Gabrielle with the extra impetus or enthusiasm needed when Gabrielle is discouraged. You both help each other see the humorous side of life.

Dwyane’s Moon Square Gabrielle’s Jupiter:

You enjoy joking and kidding each other, and you spark each other’s sense of humor. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to be serious with each other; the tendency to be light-hearted and jovial is too irresistible. Also, you are very supportive and encouraging to each other, but you tend to be overly optimistic about each other and make promises that you cannot fulfill. You encourage each other to be extravagant, sometimes too much so.

Dwyane’s Moon Trine Gabrielle’s Saturn:

There is a mature, stable, responsible tone to your relationship that makes you feel secure with each other. There is a great deal of trust and respect for each other. As you spend more time together, you will find that your tastes, priorities, and sense of what is really important in life becomes very compatible. If you marry and have children, you will work together well as parents, especially when difficulties and “minor crises” arise.

Gabrielle’s Moon Sextile Dwyane’s Mercury:

Long, friendly conversations are frequent in your relationship. You are able to openly share your inner feelings and concerns, and very often you may feel that there are very few other people that understand and appreciate you as well; this is true even in the early stages of your relationship. The deep level of mutual understanding and appreciation inclines your friendship to be a long, harmonious one.

Dwyane’s Venus Trine Gabrielle’s Pluto:

The romantic love and sexual attraction for each other is very compelling and deep. You wield a powerful, charismatic influence on each other and your love affair is a powerful one. This could be one of the most fulfilling, all-consuming relationships of your life!

Gabrielle’s Venus Sextile Dwyane’s Saturn:

There is a high level of trust in this relationship. Both of you are willing to make sacrifices for each other, but the sacrifices are hardly noticed because you love each other and it feels natural to give to one another. If you have children, you will find that you are able to work together very effectively as parents and meet the many trials and tribulations effectively. Your love for each other grows through the years and the respect and appreciation that you have for each other is very great indeed. This is a lasting, deep, meaningful relationship.

Chapter 3
Destiny and Final Outcome of Your Relationship

Composite Sun Conjunct Neptune:

The two of you idealize one another and your relationship. There is a fairy tale quality, a feeling of magic and enchantment, of uniting with your soul mate, that permeates your bond. A delicate and subtle rapport exists between you, which cannot be described in concrete terms except to refer to it as a soul connection. It’s an intuitive knowing of one another, and a sense of blending together spiritually.

However, because of the stars in your eyes you may not see one another very clearly. Your True Love may disappoint you with very human imperfections, flaws, and inadequacies – things you may take in stride with other people, but for some reason with this person seem like a terrible betrayal. If you can love one another unconditionally, including all of one another’s human frailties, you will fulfill the purpose of this relationship. Neither of you needs to be a saint or a martyr for one another -just be yourselves!

Another potential pitfall for the two of you is to encourage in each other excessive idealism, false hope, unrealistic fantasies, and an urge to escape into paradise. Try to keep your feet on the ground while at the same time pursuing the many dreams you will have together. As a couple, the ocean or seaside is very beneficial to you.

Composite Sun Sextile Pluto:

You are undeniably a powerful duo, and the way you relate to one another affects the people around you much more than you realize. You tend to evoke either great admiration or great envy, because of the intensity of your bond.

You cannot avoid learning one another’s deepest fears, desires, motives, and aspects of one another that few others have ever seen. You can’t hide much from one another. This won’t trouble you but instead will be the basis of an especially profound relationship.

Fateful, unexpected events which are very much beyond your control will shape your relationship to a significant extent.

Composite Moon Square Saturn:

The fate of this relationship is not especially promising, at least as far as emotional satisfaction, closeness, and intimacy is concerned. It is very difficult for you to feel and to stay emotionally connected and open to one another. You are oversensitive to criticism and lack of support from one another, and this could become a major issue between you. Through this relationship you are intended to learn about those aspects of yourselves that cause you the most difficulty, discomfort, fear, and insecurity, the barriers you have to being to close – and you evoke all of these things in one another. It is much more common to shut down and withdraw from one another in such a situation than to see it as an opportunity to learn about your weaknesses.

You will not be able to totally relax and “give in” to this relationship. Emotionally you will be forced to take care of yourself, and this can be quite fruitful, especially if you have been excessively childlike and dependent. Nevertheless, it won’t be a lot of fun. Ultimately, you both may just feel lonely in this relationship.

Composite Venus Sextile Uranus:

As a couple the two of you will attract a lot of unusual friends, eccentric or creative people who will make life interesting and entertaining. Openness to experimentation, especially regarding expressing yourselves sexually or how you derive pleasure and enjoyment, will play an important role in your relationship too. You’ll find that your interaction is always dynamic and changing, so that both of you are taken by surprise and cannot take anything for granted regarding each other. This keeps your connection fresh and stimulating, although you may wish for a little more peace and “sameness” at times.

Dancing, music, or rhythmic, graceful sports like skating or swimming are things you will excel in as a couple.

Composite Mars Quincunx Jupiter:

As a couple you will have to balance a certain tendency to over-estimate your resources and capacities. Somehow you foster in one another an unrealistic belief in your powers, prowess, or potential for success. You will generate a lot of positive energy and expectations which can then dissipate due to poor timing or becoming discouraged over having bitten off more than you could chew. Like the minor league player who will never feel successful unless he makes it to the major league, you’ll need to be satisfied with what you can do or achieve or create, rather than comparing yourselves to a rather grandiose standard. The “wannabe” syndrome is a rather discordant note in what otherwise may well be a healthy and positive pairing.

Composite Sun Conjunct Jupiter:

Enormous benefits, expansion, success, and growth come to both of you through the vehicle of your relationship. You’ll be blessed with unusual good fortune and fulfillment, both materially and in less tangible ways. Most of all, you will feel that you have plenty when you are together. Instead of seeing limitations, you’ll be able to see possibilities for an expanded life, opportunities that you may have missed before. Religion, philosophy, or higher education may become a focus in your relationship, even if neither of you is especially inclined that way.

You increase one another’s optimism and broaden one another’s viewpoints, opening up much more of the world to one another. Long distance travel or making connections to other parts of the world can be a part of this.

Essentially, your relationship is about increasing growth, freedom, and expansion in your lives. Much success and fulfillment are generated when you are together.

Composite Venus Square Pluto:

Undoubtedly there is a powerful attraction between the two of you which will be hard to ignore or resist. You are deeply fascinated, even obsessed, with one another, but at the same time a feeling of aversion or repulsion will be experienced. This is so because at some level you both realize that you are playing with explosives! The energies between you are intense and could compel you to do things you wouldn’t normally approve of or even think yourselves capable of. Breaking sexual taboos or mores, sacrificing other important relationships or values in order to be together, or discovering extreme jealousy and a desire to totally possess the other person – any or all of these could be part of the scenario. You will be totally involved emotionally; that much is certain.

Ultimately, one of the functions of this relationship is to change your attitudes toward relationship and love, at a profound level. You will experience great depths and find what you are truly capable of, through your interaction with each other. If you cannot successfully handle the intensity of emotion that will be stimulated, however, your relationship can easily end in ashes.

Composite Neptune Sextile Pluto:

Mysticism, supernatural experiences, psychic communication, or interests of an inner or esoteric nature will play a significant role in your relationship. There may be an unusual shared interest in secret things, mysteries, uncovering things which have been hidden. Your “psychic radar” and ESP are heightened, too, through your relationship and the “far out” things you pursue together.

Chapter 4
Other Themes in Your Relationship

Dwyane’s Sun in Gabrielle’s 1st house:

Dwyane embodies many of the qualities and attributes to which Gabrielle aspires, and consequently Dwyane is a very interesting and attractive person to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle’s Sun in Dwyane’s 6th house:

Gabrielle likes to perform chores and tasks for Dwyane, and you may sometimes feel like your relationship is more like an employer-employee relationship than a romantic one! This quality tends to be a positive one, though, for you are able to assist each other in very practical ways.

Dwyane’s Moon in Gabrielle’s 10th house:

Dwyane takes a great interest in Gabrielle’s career and reputation, and is likely to openly promote Gabrielle’s career, drawing recognition to Gabrielle and “advertising” Gabrielle’s services and talents. Dwyane may be less sensitive to Gabrielle’s inner feelings and personal needs.

Gabrielle’s Moon in Dwyane’s 8th house:

As your relationship develops, a powerfully emotional bonding develops. Your feelings for each other are intense and can also be rather complex. Jealousy is possible and if things go wrong, you can hate each other with the same intensity that you once loved each other. If you marry or pool your resources but later separate from each other, you will have an extremely difficult time disentangling your mutually owned property, and you are likely to argue intensely over proper division of your joint assets.

Dwyane’s Mercury in Gabrielle’s 1st house:

Dwyane is able to talk to Gabrielle in a very open, candid, uninhibited manner, and Gabrielle appreciates Dwyane’s point of view. This, however, can be taken to extremes, and Dwyane may sometimes try to persuade Gabrielle to agree with, and follow, a certain point of view.

Gabrielle’s Mercury in Dwyane’s 7th house:

Your conversations are lively. It seems that both of you can’t resist a debate with each other. Although you frequently disagree with each, fortunately you enjoy the lively exchange of ideas nevertheless.

Dwyane’s Venus in Gabrielle’s 1st house:

Regardless of how others view Dwyane, Gabrielle finds Dwyane to be a very attractive and a beautiful person. Gabrielle sees a great deal of charm and sweetness in Dwyane and is willing to go to great lengths to please Dwyane.

Gabrielle’s Venus in Dwyane’s 8th house:

Gabrielle stirs Dwyane’s romantic and sexual feelings. Gabrielle is exciting, almost mysterious to Dwyane. An intense, but emotionally complex relationship can easily develop.

Dwyane’s Mars in Gabrielle’s 9th house:

Dwyane challenges Gabrielle’s philosophical viewpoints and religious beliefs. There is the possibility that Dwyane will try to force individual views on Gabrielle.

Gabrielle’s Mars in Dwyane’s 12th house:

Gabrielle has a strong desire to know Dwyane in a very intimate way, and often pressures Dwyane to reveal innermost, hidden traits. Dwyane, in turn, reveals more to Gabrielle than to others. You enjoy times alone together, when you can be more intimate and less inhibited with each other.

Dwyane’s Jupiter in Gabrielle’s 10th house,
Gabrielle’s Jupiter in Dwyane’s 10th house:

Circumstances develop so that you are able to assist each other in career and achieving long-term goals. You take a great interest in one another’s ambitions and you promote each other’s talents. You can also be very successful in business activities together.

Dwyane’s Saturn in Gabrielle’s 9th house:

Dwyane causes Gabrielle to question personally-held philosophical assumptions, political ideology, and religious beliefs. In fact, Dwyane often relishes challenging Gabrielle’s views. If you have different beliefs, you will need to adapt to each other! Both of you will develop a more mature and realistic political, philosophical, and religious perspective through this relationship, although the learning process may not always be pleasant or easy. If either of you stubbornly clings to your own viewpoint, and is unwilling to learn from the other, you will gradually grow apart or create a rift in your relationship.

Gabrielle’s Saturn in Dwyane’s 2nd house:

Handling of finances is a major issue in your relationship, especially if your relationship is a permanent one. Deciding how to increase income, how to wisely spend money, and how to develop financial security becomes a big issue, and major problems can arise if either of you ignores or overlooks your partner’s point of view in these matters. You will learn a lot about handling money and resources and how to develop material security in this relationship, and hopefully any difficult lessons will not cause serious regrets. Gabrielle, in particular, should be wary of the tendency to be overly critical of the way that Dwyane handles finances and should try not to interfere too much with Dwyane’s decisions in this regard. Dwyane should try not to be overly sensitive to Gabrielle’s suggestions and should try to extract the useful, valuable suggestions and ignore the rest.

Dwyane’s Uranus in Gabrielle’s 11th house:

Together you become active participants in community, social action, and progressive ideas. Dwyane encourages Gabrielle to become involved in social and political issues, and you encourage each other to look beyond your personal lives and take an interest in issues of broader scope that affect your community, country, or the world as a whole.

Gabrielle’s Uranus in Dwyane’s 6th house:

Handling of daily chores and tasks can get very disorganized in your relationship, particularly if you live together or are married. Dwyane, in particular, may feel that is an endless battle trying to maintain an orderly life. Your daily routines change frequently and you often switch roles. For example, it is likely that sometimes Gabrielle may take care of cooking and cleaning, and then Dwyane assumes the responsibility, rather than one person always handling the same responsibilities. If you try to force a rigid system, you will find that it is not comfortable for either of you.

Dwyane’s Neptune in Gabrielle’s 12th house:

The two of you are likely to share a lot of secrets together. There is a great deal of fantasy and imagination that you share, and both of you may feel that it is inappropriate to bring this side of yourselves into the public. There is a strong spiritual or psychic bond that draws you together and there is an element of mystery to your relationship. You may share some very unusual, almost mystical, experiences together.

Gabrielle’s Neptune in Dwyane’s 7th house:

There is a great deal of fantasy and idealism in your relationship and both of you will need to work hard to maintain a reasonable level of realism and objectivity. Dwyane, in particular, tends to have an idealized view of Gabrielle, and this can result in bitter disappointment later when the cloud lifts.

Dwyane’s Pluto in Gabrielle’s 9th house:

Dwyane challenges Gabrielle’s philosophical and religious views. You are likely to find yourselves in enthusiastic, and sometimes heated, conversations about politics and social issues. These conversations are penetrating and deep, and both of you are likely to find them illuminating, although often uncomfortable as well.

Gabrielle’s Pluto in Dwyane’s 6th house:

If your relationship is a long-term one, circumstances will develop so that you will both feel that you need to work intensively together to meet your goals, and you will have the shared motivation and dedication to do this. Gabrielle, in particular, will work, without complaints, to get the job done. There is a mountain that you must climb together, and the chances are good that you will, indeed, climb it.

Dwyane’s Sun Square Gabrielle’s Uranus:

Your relationship is exciting, unpredictable, and stimulating. However, it tends to be explosive too, and there is the strong possibility that you will come together suddenly and unexpectedly, and will break up just as suddenly. If either of you is looking for a very stable, quiet, traditional, uneventful marriage with security, commitment, dependability, and predictability, then this is not the relationship for you! Together you will explore new possibilities and interests and break away from traditional, long-held beliefs and assumptions. Your sexual life, like other aspects of your lives, is exciting but not predictable and likely to vary from ecstatic to unsatisfying. You must be willing to be flexible and adaptable in all areas of life. Be wary, also, of letting your love for freedom and independence become a euphemism for being neglectful and inconsiderate of each other.

Gabrielle’s Asc. Square Dwyane’s Mars:

The two of you frequently approach work and goals in very different ways, and consequently you are inclined to step on each other’s toes. Gabrielle may feel that Dwyane is pushy or insensitive to all of the issues and concerns that are involved in a situation. You can work together very effectively, but it requires you to allow each other the freedom to approach problems in a very different way than you would. Very often you can accomplish more by working separately from each other on different aspects of a problem rather than attempting to work jointly.

Gabrielle’s Venus Conjunct Dwyane’s Neptune:

Your feelings for each other reach into levels of sensitivity and subtlety that is unusual for both of you. You become very dreamy around each other and if there is a romantic attraction between you, then you go through periods of dreamy romantic reverie together. You also evoke feelings of sympathy and compassion in each other, and you may inspire each other to write poetry or even evoke religious or spiritual feelings. You tend to let your feelings for each other cloud your perceptions and often you have an unrealistic view of each other. Your relationship exemplifies the old adage “love is blind”.

Dwyane’s Venus Square Gabrielle’s Mars:

This is likely to be a stormy and fiery relationship. The romantic attraction between you is very strong, but your feelings are often not in tune with each other. One of you (typically Gabrielle but sometimes Dwyane) may feel sexually aroused by the other and consequently be too aggressive in approach, while the other person feels great love and affection, but is not feeling as sexually attracted. Jealousy and possessiveness are also likely. Feelings can swing back and forth and you may not realize how much you love each other until you are away from each other.

Gabrielle’s Mars Opposition Dwyane’s Pluto:

This relationship is intense and can blow hot or cold, and in fact, is likely to go through extremes of happiness and fulfillment as well as frustration and conflict. At times you may feel like adversaries. You can end up in bitter power struggles with each other, and feel like your partner is trying to manipulate you. To prevent these problems, you must be able to accept differences of opinion and differing goals and ambitions. Dwyane, especially, must avoid dominating or undermining Gabrielle’s efforts. You can drive one another to extremes.

Gabrielle’s Mars Trine Dwyane’s Neptune:

You enjoy watching movies, reading novels, discussing music and the arts, and pursuing religious or metaphysical areas together. You work well together in any area that involves a strong imaginative element. The spiritual bond between you is strong, and as you spend time together, your ideals and your sense of purpose in life becomes more refined and intertwined.

Gabrielle’s Jupiter Sextile Dwyane’s Uranus:

You encourage one another to be free, to loosen up and let go, and there is a lively, exuberant playfulness between you. You will have a lot of fun and adventures together! By following your intuition and spontaneous impulses, you are likely to be unusually lucky together also.

Dwyane’s Saturn Conjunct Gabrielle’s Uranus:

Gabrielle often feels that Dwyane inhibits, disapproves of, or limits Gabrielle’s spontaneity, freedom, and need to experiment. In your relationship, Gabrielle often feels and acts like a rebellious teenager, with Dwyane playing the part of the disciplinarian, or authoritarian, restrictive parent.

Dwyane is the voice of caution and has a stronger concern for security, stability, and commitment. Gabrielle wants more openness and excitement, and this conflict can create a lot of tension between you.

Dwyane’s Uranus Conjunct Gabrielle’s Neptune:

Together you have some unusual, unexplainable experiences of a supernatural or psychic nature. You also stimulate one another’s most inspired, imaginative sides, and you can get “lost in the ozone” or too “far out” together. Metaphysical or mystical explorations and a reawakening or change in spiritual beliefs come about as a result of your involvement with each other.

Gabrielle’s Uranus Conjunct Dwyane’s Pluto:

Things are unlikely to become dull or predictable between you, as there is a strong current of intense change and constant renewal in your relationship. Your deepest desires for freedom and for new life and growth can be fulfilled in this relationship but will probably come about as a result of some radical decision and break from the past, a complete disruption of the status quo, especially for Gabrielle. You may never quite feel like you are on stable ground together, and this can be very exciting or very uncomfortable, depending upon your individual temperaments.