Predictive Astrology

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Predictive astrology is the art of forecasting a possible future using astrology. Remember, nothing is cast in stone; Astrology merely gives indications of what MIGHT happen. It’s up to the individual to use the planetary energies available to shape their own future.

Basic Forecasting


The most basic form of predictive astrology uses the daily transits of the planetary bodies (by this we mean all the outer and inner planets, plus the Sun and Moon), as they make aspects with the positions of the planets in the individual’s natal birth chart.

The moon traverses the entire zodiac in about 28 days, so very often it will make several aspects with other bodies each day, and these astrological effects only last a few hours. By contrast, Pluto takes 248 years to circumnavigate the zodiac, and so it’s aspect effects can last for months.

Advanced Forecasting

The Progressed Chart

By far the most accurate method of forecasting uses the progressed chart. In the progressed chart, each day after the date of birth represents a year in the life of the individual. Comparing the progressed chart against the natal chart shows up major trends in the life of the individual.

Transits to the progressed chart can indicate major events for the year of the progressed chart, while transits to the natal chart can indicate the exact timing of such events.