Financial Astrology

Astrologers have been predicting the future for thousands of years. Back in those early days, the only people who could afford to consult an astrologer were Kings, Queens, Emperors and such like.

To be an astrologer back then you would have to excel at mathematics, have a good knowledge of astronomy, and a powerful telescope.

The main reason for consulting an astrologer was to determine the outcome of the next war, or whether a wedding to someone from another royal family would be successful for the kingdom.

Fast forward to the 20th century, and the computer age has brought the ability to predict the future in many more ways.

For the last 131 years, the best indicator of the world economy has been the Dow Jones Industrial Average:- Can we predict the future of the Dow Jones?

Here’s the Radix Chart of the Dow Jones from when it was first incorporated:

This chart has been used for statistical analysis of the markets, however, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has changed many times since its first inception. The constituent companies which make up the DJIA have changed 51 times since 1896.

Every time there is a change in the Dow Jones, it has to be re-balanced. Any chart cast for some time in the past is no longer valid. The only chart which will give any valid results today has to be a chart cast for the date of the most recent change.

The most recent change to the Dow Jones was on March 19th 2015, when they dropped AT&T, and added Apple Inc.

This is the newest available chart:

Now for some research into how the markets are doing using this latest chart.

Watch this space; more will follow soon.