Astrological Compatibility

Astrological Compatibility, or Synastry

Have you met your ‘Soul Mate’ or ‘Love Match’? Or are you just looking for the ideal business partner? Our compatibility reports are comprehensive analyses of the powerful forces at work in both your natal charts. We have versions for friendship/business and for Lovers. Visit the Chart Shop for compatibility reports.

For thousands of years, Astrology has been used to compare people’s relationships with each other. Astrolreport’s detailed compatibility reports give you a substantial insight to the complex relationship you share with another person.

As described on the Natal chart page, each person is represented by a chart of the planets and houses at the moment of his/her birth. By comparing and contrasting the interrelationships of the planets and points of two separate charts, the astrologer reveals the many ways that two people relate to each other.

All relationships have areas of conflict and discord as well as areas of agreement and harmony. Through understanding astrological compatibility, it is possible to cultivate and encourage the positive and harmonious aspects, while minimizing the negative and discordant aspects of the relationship.

There are two versions of the compatibility report, one is for friends or business acquaintances, the other is for lovers.

Visit the Chart Shop for compatibility reports.