Uranus in Aries

There was a lot of fanfare recently about Uranus entering Taurus. 16th of May Uranus went into Taurus. However, on August the 7th, with Uranus at 02Tau34, Uranus goes retrograde.

Uranus will be retrograde for approximately 5 months. On the 7th of November, it will travel back into Aries. It will continue retrograde until January the 6th, 2019, when it will station direct at 28Ari36.

It will re-enter Taurus on the 7th of March 2019. However, it won’t be out of the retrograde ‘zone’, until it passes the point at which it first went retrograde: 02Tau34, which will be approximately April the 24th.

Uranus’ retrograde ‘zone’ for this period, lasts from when it first went past 28Ari36, which was approximately April the 21st, 2018, to April the 24th, 2019. So the effects of Uranus retrograde lasts about a year in total.