Grand Cross – October 2018

Around the 24th of October we have a Grand Cross in Fixed signs: It starts out on the 23rd with Sun opposite Uranus, and Uranus forming a T-Square with the Nodes of the Moon:

The Sun is just outside of orb of 1 degree with the Nodes.

By 18:15 on the 23rd, the Sun has moved to within 1 degree of orb with the Nodes:

At around 15:55 on the 24th, the Moon joins in:

It is said that a Grand Cross between the Sun, The Moon and the Nodes is very powerful, and can cause major natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

The peak of this formation is at around 17:41 on the 24th with the Moon at 01Tau11, Sun at 01Sco13, North Node at 01Leo11, South Node at 01Aqu11:

Or it could be at 17:45, when the moon has moved to 01Tau13, exactly opposite the Sun:

This is a very powerful aspect, there are only 2 minutes of arc difference between all these points. The moon continues its journey and by 19:30 it has moved out of the 1 degree orb of the Grand Square, but Uranus is still there, and the configuration will continue until the Sun moves away at around 15:51 on the 25th:

This T-Square between Uranus and the nodes will last until around the 21st of November.