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At Mid-day GMT, Mar 30, 2017, the planetary positions are:

The Moon is in Taurus at 12Tau25
The Sun is in Aries at 09Ari58
Mercury is Direct in Aries at 28Ari38
Venus is Retrograde in Aries at 01Ari52
Mars is Direct in Taurus at 14Tau39
Jupiter is Retrograde in Libra at 19Lib19
Saturn is Direct in Sagittarius at 27Sag45
Uranus is Direct in Aries at 23Ari37
Neptune is Direct in Pisces at 12Pis45
Pluto is Direct in Capricorn at 19Cap17

Astrological news today:
Moon Sextile Neptune at 12:34, Sesquiquadrate Saturn at 12:34, Conjunct Mars at 15:49.
Jupiter Square Pluto at 18:19. Moon SemiSquare Venus at 18:59, and Trine Pluto at 23:12.

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