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Here at Astrolreport we offer Astrological readings of all kinds; Natal readings, Compatability readings for Friendship, Romance or Business, Relocation readings, Forecasts and more complicated subjects such as Progressions and Rectifications.

In addition to information regarding how Astrology works and the readings we can do for you, we also provide thousands of readings of famous people and events,

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Astrolreport on CD 2014 Now Released!

Brand new, over 10,000 charts on the 2014 Edition of the Astrolreport Chart CD-Rom! That's all the names you see listed on the site, not just the hyperlinked ones.

Now you can purchase a complete copy of the Astrolreport Charts, for just $9.99, plus shipping.

Shipping anywhere in the world is $3.49, for a total of $13.48 US ($9.99 + $3.49).

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New - Now you can get your own Natal Chart Readings instantly with our Online Chart Service.

New - You can now order a Natal Birth Chart Interpretation for any famous person for whom we have a chart.  Click here to go to the Famous People's Natal Chart Interpretations page

Click Here to browse our pages of over Ten thousand Celebrities and Events.  Full graphical natal charts of thousands of famous people, events and places.  We're adding more and more charts every week.  We've now got over 10,000 charts online.

A horoscope forecast produced from a personalized birth chart is so much better than your average newspaper horoscope page.  Click here for your personalized horoscope forecast by email.

Have you met your 'Soul Mate' or 'Love Match'?  Or are you just looking for the ideal business partner?  Our compatibility reports are comprehensive analyses of the powerful forces at work in both your natal charts.  We have versions for friendship/business and for Lovers.  Click here for Compatibility Reports

What we offer; Professional and detailed astrological reports, delivered by email, usually within 24 hours or the next business day. Free graphical chart wheel with every natal report.  There are a number of example charts and reports for you to look at, just go to the Chart Shop

Our reports are professionally made to exacting standards, however, the accuracy of the charts and reports is only as good as the data you give us. Your exact time of birth is very important, as is your place of birth.

To purchase a report, visit the Chart Shop


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